Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"OOPS" ~ A New Idea Is Born (aka The Great Creative "Cover-Up" )

A few nights ago while finishing the binding on a very special quilt...I saw "it" "OOPS!" There amongst all the beautiful machine quilting....a BLOB of thread! Eegadds! How did we miss that? Do I dare cut it? If I trim it will I have to give the quilt back to the 'spouse' for fixin'?  Can I squish the quilt in my teeny machine and re-quilt it myself?

With the deadline to the post office just hours away....I decided the quilting on the front was very secure...thank goodness the BLOB was on the 'back'. And thank goodness the 'back' of the quilt was already pieced 'creatively' ~ code for a 'mish-mash' of fabrics...a very FUN mish-mash of course. 

So what do we quilters DO when we want to COVER an OOPS? Time for an "Applique!" I thought maybe a heart...or a I moved to the sewing room to search thru my stash. After much looking and poking thru bits and pieces I found nothing to suit me. Then I spied it...a bag full of fabric 'circles'...all pressed and turned pretty...waiting for a project I just HAD to do once upon a time (tho I have no idea what it was anymore). 

There must have been 200 little circles...the size of a large spool of thread (ahh...I'm remembering now...tracing circle after circle onto freezer paper...cutting...pressing...gluing...wish I could remember the pattern...or where the pattern was now because I really must have loved it to prepare all those circles). 

I found the PERFECT little circle...and a new idea was born! How could I never have thought of this before? I've gone by "The Thimblmouse" for as long as I've been stitching/quilting/designing patterns.

Now this sweet little mouse hides the BLOB...but you'd never guess ('s a don't tell on me). And from this day forward...I will sneak a little 'mouse' in/on my finished will be my 'Signature' ~ I've always wanted one of those..haha 

The hunt for more mouse fabric is ON!


  1. Love it...leave it to you to come up with a creative coverup!

    1. Oh Darlene...I think I'll get you to write my TITLES from now on...THAT would have been a great one...hahaha

  2. OK, do you want us to keep an eye out for you when we stash dive? Or do you just plan to stock the store, lol? BTW, I do have some Mickey Mouse fabric but that likely doesn't count!

    Mary Ann

  3. Leave it to you to come up with something very creative! Love it!!! And I, too, will be on the hunt for cute mouse fabric.


  4. Oh, very clever. I'll keep a look out for mouses on fabric. (Saying "mice on fabric" doesn't sound right in this instance).

  5. Love it, so neat that you have your own creative signature. Good for you. ThimbleMice
    Nancy in Sunny SC


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