Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb NewFO - WHaT WaS I THiNkinG?

The last post was all about the 'finishes' of February.
Today...this is probably more of the "real Me"
I love that Barbara of Cat Patches has this wonderful
NewFO Challenge each month.
It's all about "starting"....
At least ONE NEW Project a month...
As in..."you must start...but you don't HAVE to finish!"
Yep...I really found my niche when I found Barbara!

We started the year, by making a list of things we would like to start each month.
Sorry, I can't help it, but I truly LOL every time I look at the list-
I haven't touched it! Not even close!

Earlier in Feb. I did get away for a few days for one of our local guilds annual retreat.
I was the only 'vendor' - the group was small and I just KNEW  I'd get some sewing time to myself when classes were going hot and heavy.

My friend Sandie gave me the PERFECT Traveling Project Bag a few years ago...
Lookie initials even (in Teal & Black cuz I'm a Jacksonville Jaguars Fan -That's a true friend).
I packed it up...
Yes, the "View" inside the bag - oh exotic box "Sacs de rangement" - I forgot those were there..haha...another giftee from Sandie - more 'project' bags that I would could fill.

So here's what I packed..... remember...I was only going to be away for 2 days and 2 nights....and some of that time I was sure to be supposed to spend 'working' in 'selling our wares'. But hey...I just knew there would be plenty of 'free' time to sew....
In my mind (where I sometimes exist in a pure fantasy world)
...these were the projects I was going work on...
"The Learning Curve" ruler by Linda Warren...and her great looking pattern "Dotty" - I picked this ruler up from Linda at spring quilt market last year and I've been wanting to play with it for...well...for a year now...

Next a couple designs from JayBird Quilts using her oh so awesome "Hex N More" ruler....
Surely I would find some time to 'hex' around.....

Then for some pure simple "In the Dog House" fabric had JUST come in the day before I was I downloaded the free pattern from the Benartex site and quickly made myself a kit....
Isn't that just the cutest? Woof Woof

Red Roosters "Mango Tango" just sent me over the edge...I'm such a Red, White & Black kinda gal....
Wow...I even had a few pcs already sewn and cut...SURELY  I could whip this together in all that free time I was going to have ...
And when all the above projects were finished....
(remember...2 days...2 nights - welcome to my mind, aka the land of "make believe")
...I might just tackle this great Moda kit
(which now that I think about it - I believe THIS was on my original list - yes! I just was #4! 
Well yey me!)

What did I get done started touch take out of the bag to work on?

Not a Blessed Thing!

I suppose this doesn't technically qualify for a real 
NewFO entry....
But surely it should count...I got everything 'kitted up'...that's a start...Right?
Thankfully, the weekend was a HUGE success in our vendor booth.
The gals attending kept me SO busy, cutting and selling and making change,
in the moments it was quiet enough to actually sew...
I was just too dang tired.
I did set up my machine...I even threaded it...and turned it on...just so I could say I did.
But the only bit of sewing happened late on the last night in our hotel room - sitting and laughing with my friends...I finished the binding on a little wallhanging for Mom....
....I've shown this before, in fact I think it was on last months NewFO post...
but then it was only started...
this month it's finished...darn
I think that's a whole other 'challenge'
...well pooh!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<
PS...Don't forget to hop over to Barbara's Cat Patches and take a look at the linky party to see what everyone else has been up to.
And one last thing...
Oh my, I was holding on to this picture so I could show it with this post and I almost forgot to show you... 
I won the drawing for last months NewFO post...isn't it darling????
Thank you Barbara!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OPAM February Finishes

As I've been exploring blogland, I kept coming upon this badge in some of my favorite sites
I was intrigued.
What did it mean?
The number kept changing...Who  was Counting?
And What exactly was being counted?
I'm so nosey...I had to find out what I was missing out on.
And then one night, I came across a post, inviting any and all to be an
... well, you know, I couldn't resist...
(even tho I still didn't really have a clue if I was even OPAM material).
A little click here...a little click there
and I discovered 
They are the hostesses with the mostesses
both in charge of the
OPAM year long party!

So...what does OPAM mean?
I'm so glad you asked.
One Project A Month
Isn't that clever?
It's really a fun 'challenge' ~ to finish at least ONE project a month and on the last day of the month to write a post and show what you've done.
I really liked that idea...I like anything that will motivate me to finish something.
So here they February Finishes.
Lookie Look...I had Three!
That's kinda exciting...even tho many have more...and most of my OPAM party pals are already in the double digits for the year totals to date.
But I'm happy...I have Three
And at least this month,
I made it to the party on time!

Thanks for stopping by...til 'laters....
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project Quilting Challenge 4 - Wish Upon A Star and a mini tute

I was sew excited when Kim over at Persimon Dreams announced "Wish Upon A Star" as the Project Quilting 4th challenge. I just love anything STARS when it comes to quilting and yet strangely enough I don't have one star quilt....and one week later with the challenge due today....I still don't have a star quilt..
I was star struck with ideas....
I've been in absolute starry eyed love with wonky stars ever since I came across 
Elizabeth Hartmans
 I just love her blog Oh Fransson!

So I punched up a little sparkle of my own in EQ...
but I just knew no matter how hard I wished
I wasn't going to make a whole quilt this week.

Ok then...maybe a mug rug?
That sounded do-able....
...another EQ fantasy....
or maybe something like this...
Of course...spending all my time trying to make a decision...left me with no time for even a mug rug.
Ok then, plan C...
 a "Pincushion"....
afterall, Kim said we had to have at least ONE star...
but Saturday night arrived....
still nothing done...
so I hid in my sewing room while supper was cooking....
dug down into my scraps....
and I DO mean scraps!

Cut out little 1-1/4" squares....
Made up 4 star's one
(See Oh Franssons! super tutorial to make your stars...
remember now, mine are super mini)

Sewed my little blocks together...

Layered with 2pcs of batting and backing....
Sewed around the edges through all layers leaving a small opening for turning 
(so sorry, no pic - another one of those caught up in the moment and anxious to finish)....
turned right side out...
handstitched closed.
Whipped a little pinback on the back...

and Ta-Da! 
(I just love these Ta-Da moments)

A super cute little pin that's a pincushion too! 
Only 2-1/4" square, 
it's just the perfect size
 Now just maybe I can keep the pins out of my clothes, my body and the washing machine!

Thanks again Kim at Persimon Dreams...
I know my project is teeny and tiny...
but if not for the challenge it wouldn't be anything at all. 

I hope ya'll will try some wonky stars...I'd love to see what you're inspired to do! about a Wonky Star Pincushion contest? Anyone?
Leave a comment if you're interested in could be fun!
Maybe there could even be....a Prize!
Yeh...I Like it!
(dontcha love the way I just brainstorm out loud?)
Keep tuned in and just maybe it will happen.

Til 'laters...thanks for stopping by and have a great super fantastic week!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

PS...No, I didn't forget...I'll be back soon with the "KiDees" and their stories - MeOw!
For now? I need me some ZZZZzzzzz's!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's About Me (and my 'KiDees") - Blog Hop

I've been watching the clock....tick tock, tick tock....
...Just waiting for midnight to strike so I could share this post.

So without further adieu....

I bring

Ain't she I a hoot?
Debuting my new red glasses (I only wish my real ones sparkled...maybe next time). 
How 'bout those danglers...I'm talking about the earrings...what were you thinking?
All of our 'kidees' insisted on being part of this project.
How could I say no?

Jaxson with his very own mousie pincushion and Marvin with his thimble...

Lookie look...I even found a  shiney little mouse 'hair comb'
(yikes what happened with this close up? I think I need a change of moisturizer!)

It was a challenge to find fabrics that would work for this project. I was determined to use only stripes and plaids that would really show off the "Bias" theme.
I raided my stash...ok, you're right...I own a quilt shop - I have a LOT of stash, but really and truly with the exception of a few of pieces, it all came from my personal booty!
That gold and red check that became "Jaxson" is from South Seas Imports and about a hundred years old (ok, maybe not that old...but it's at least 15yrs if it's a day)...the teal stripe (background) and purple/green stripe (border) and "Marvin" fab - those fabrics are part of my special treasures...left behind given to me by Jan Mullen when she taught at our shop many years ago-I use them sparingly! But I think my absolute favorite is my dress - that is so me...when I'm on a quilt that is - one of my favorite oldie but goldies from Free Spirit.

I am really REALLY pleased with how this turned out....over 25+ hours of planning and searching and cuttin' and fusin' and stitchin' and re-stitchin' (oops...not going there with this post)....
but worth every minute!
And.....every smile!
I think maybe yes!
Especially if you compare noses!

This "All About Me" wouldn't be complete without one very special girl...I think you know who I mean...yes, I'm talking about sweet can't see her, but trust me, she's there.
Keep tuned in because in the coming days, we'll take a closer look at this little quilt and the 'KiDees' that inspired it! Learn who's the secret of Willy (yep, he'd be the re-stitchin we're not going to talk about this time, lol) and find out where Maggie's hiding...maybe you can already guess...she's still always close to my heart!

Thank you Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt & Marlene of Stitchin By The Lake for this blog hop and the most fun I've had creating in a kitten's age! Thanks also to Amy Bradley for creating this pattern for the hop - I hope you'll enjoy my little furry additions.

Be sure to visit the other super fun Bloggers also 'revealing' their "Me's" today - I can't wait to check them out....won't you join me?

Today - Thursday, February 21
Thimblemouse and Spouse (you're here)

Thanks for visiting...hope you enjoyed...
cuz afterall...this was 
All About ME!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's All About Me - Blog Hop - It's Almost Time!

I am sew's almost time for the
  "It's All About Me" Blog Hop 
brought to you by those 
AMAZING Cheerleaders 

The Fabulous Amy Bradley designed a super special pattern for those of us 'hoppin' and I can't wait to share "ME" on Feb. 21st. 
Yikes...that's only three more days to finish up pull myself together ....then again, you know what they say about deadlines
I'll be back on Thursday with my super fun 'reveal' - until then, be sure to visit ALL the Fantastic Bloggers taking part! 
Here's the schedule, and trust me, you don't wanna miss a ONE!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Time for Quilters Show and Tell - A Valentine for Mom

A few weeks ago I "Dared To Dresden" and told ya'll I'd be back with a pic of Mom's "Valentine" when I finished it.
It's now hanging on Mom's wall - yes, finished in time for Valentines Day!
She loved it!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Furever In Our Hearts

Happy Valentines Day Dear Friends

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilting and Girlyfriends..What More Does A Gal Need?

Just returned this afternoon from a most wonderful weekend with quilting friends. 
I set up our little 'shop' on Friday morning to tempt and tease the retreaters...they came, they saw, they ooo'd, they aaahh'd...and they kept me so busy ringing up their purchases, I didn't even touch one of the 32 projects I'd packed to work on. 
Wow, huh?
In fact...I was so busy chitting, chatting and making change....I didn't even remember to take pictures...except for two....
On Saturday morning once classes had started again, I had a few minutes to myself so I wandered out of my "shop" to find a surprise...Dana from was set up to pamper us quilters if we so quick as a bunny, I wrote up this note, posted it on my door and treated myself to a 'gel-mani' - I love it!
Ha Ha Ha
Surrounded by quilts and quilters...not to mention awesome teachers like Karen Stone and Susan Brubaker Knapp....and THAT'S my first picture? I silly or what? But sometimes a gal just needs to set priorities! LOL

This morning before we finished packing to leave...I did have the presence of mind to get an actual quilter related picture snapped...yes, dear spouse joined us last night as well...and of course I had to include him in this sweet photo Op with the Fabulous Karen Stone.
What a sweetheart Karen is - I only wish I'd been able to enjoy her 4 days of classes...I know her students had a blast! Then again, I was lucky to take a class from her the last time she was at our retreat - hmmm...wonder where I put the ONE block I almost finished then...oops...sorry Karen, you're a fanTAStic teacher and I learned sooooooo much from you...but I also learned that year, that while I LOVE teaching...I'm not the best student on the planet! hahaha

I did get a little binding stitched last night on the dresden heart wallhanging for my Mom...but I didn't even think about taking a picture... too busy stitching and laughing and watching "Big Bang Theory" & "House Hunters" with my gal pals Marti, Holly and Sandy....while Bob was fast asleep in the adjoining room (he's such a party animal). It was a much needed weekend of smiles and friends and memories made
I'm so blessed with the best spouse in the world and the dearest of friends
O.M.Gosh...that's right - I did take another picture...actually the spouse snapped the shot - hmmm...probably should have asked my girls if they minded me sharing this...oh well...too late now....I'm on a least they weren't in their jammies...

My Roomies
I love you girlyfriends!

And I can't forget the other "Sandie" - she's my rockin' BFF who spent her birthday at our shop on Friday so Bob could help me set up at retreat...and who also volunteered to work tomorrow so we could have an extra day to re-cooperate. 
Happy Birthday Dear Sandie! 
You know I loves ya too!!!!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Fun Friday Find

On my way out for a couple of days of fun and friends. I've been awake since 4am ...I guess I'm excited to get away...or maybe it was the fact that Marvin decided he wanted to play.
Just popped on to see what was going on - and found this wonderful Heart Potholder Tutorial from the gals at A Spoonful of Sugar!  
Yey, one more thing to add to my list of must do's this weekend! I think I've packed enough projects for a month!
Happy Quilting!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge - January

I'm a little behind posting my January NewFO diddies...but better late then never they say...
I was so excited to join this group - it's all about starting at least one project a month (I'm pretty good at that) ...and even better- we don't really even have to finish...anything (I really excel in that department - hmm...probably not something I should so easily admit...but what the heck, we're friends, right?)
I seem to remember posting a list of things I wanted to get started and yikes...guess what? Not ONE of those things is here! 
(another secret - I don't always stick to 'lists')
Here was my January....
This little 21" wall hanging was started and finished in one week's time for Project Quilting - Season 4 - Challenge 1. It's Wonky Square in a Square...and eventually will hang on my Mom's wall.
Next up...I Dared to Dresden...another challenge...and I actually started "two"different "dresdens" - only one was finished in time....
It's a little rug for my mug and I love it to pieces.
(click Tutorials & Freebies at the top of this page - you'll find links to make your own Wonky Squares and the Mug Rug too)
What I started and am still working on....
With any luck, I'll finish it in time for Valentines Day...another pressie for ma Mere!

Project Quilting - Challenge 2 was using our favorite color and white....
I started and finished in a little over 24 hours. There's something to be said for a 'challenge' - I wasn't in the mood for sewing...but once I got going, it really helped my aching heart.

Speaking of hearts...I had the brilliant idea to do a Valentine Block Swap with some very dear friends.
I even set the deadline to mail as Feb.2nd.
It's now Feb.4th and guess WHO has missed her deadline?
Here's the one and only block I've finished....
Only 11 more to make....oh my!
Thankfully, I'm getting ready to run away for a few days of playtime...I'll be working too - setting up a little vendors space at a local retreat. I know I'll have some sewing time there...I'll take the supplies for the heart blocks...I will should might get them done. I'm packing up tons of projects to take...if nothing else, next months NewFO post should have plenty of STARTS!
Thanks so much to Barbara from Cat Patches for hosting the 2013 NewFO Challenge!
Click HERE to visit her linky party - see what everyone else is doing!

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back next Sunday night after retreat..then again, I might just sneak in here before that...we shall see.
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not Everyone's A Fan....

Early in the was apparent that Marvin, Soxie and Jaxson had no desire to join us in watching 
Super Bowl 47 - I guess they didn't realize 'birds' were involved.


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