Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Ya'll

No tricks...just treats
The spouse and I have been away on a much needed vacation down in St.Pete Beach, FL....just a rocks throw from here in the grand scheme of things. We didn't get back until late last night and though I tried to stay up until midnight my time to let Mr.Random pick our winner for the "Chocolate" Moda Charm pack - I just couldn't keep my eyes open. 
So here we go.....entering the numbers.....hitting "Generate" and we get Lucky #5!
Let's see who #5 would be....
Looks like Lucky Mary Ann!
Congrats Mary Ann...your charms will be mailed soon!

Meanwhile...after 11 days's kinda hard getting back into the swing of things. I even got dressed twice this morning, forgetting it was Halloween....couldn't leave home without my orange socks.....
...that's about it for a costume...LOL

My friend Sandie is one of the gals that took over our shop while we were gone and she is just the most thoughtful person I know, ALWAYS thinking of things I wish I'd thought of. She left the spouse and me Halloween Jaguar cups no less....and lookie lookie what's in Mine!!!!

Can you believe Sandie? That's a friend!!!....lots of Weight Watchers 1pp candy - English Toffee and Pecan Crowns!!!! What you can't see in the bottom are sugar free Werthers "apple caramels"- yummy...I'm having one now.. and sugar free gum! 
(oh dear....gum....I love gum....but I can only enjoy it in private - I tend to get carried away chewing gum.....Bob says when I chew gum...I'm like a ....well...
you get the picture....)

Bob told me his cup was loaded with sunflower seeds. He just went out to the store for a few supplies and I thought I'd sneak a peek....
...D'you see any sunflower seeds???? Hmmmm???? Didn't think so....but thanks Sandie (I know you'll be reading this) for hiding my Reese's in Bob's Jaguar cup! LOL

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween...if you're into the spirit that is.

On a more serious note - anyone out there that's been effected by Storm Sandy - we're thinking good thoughts for you and hoping that you'll soon be back to some kind of normal. I just can't imagine what kind of devastation is out there. We were lucky here in Florida and I am so grateful for that, but my heart just breaks for those out there whose lives have detoured....changed...or worse. 
Prayers for all.
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse  >"<

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Midnights Hallows Eve

Yey! It's my day! 
It seems like forever ago I came across Soma's Whims & Fancies post looking for designers for her Halloween Paper Pieced Blog Hop. I just love to paper piece and thought this would be fun. I wrote to Soma and asked her if I could play along and was just so happy when she said YES! Thank you Soma!

I knew right away I had to put a big ole Black Cat in my design....after all, our very own Midnight 
would be very put out if I didn't make HER the focus of my very first Blog Hop Block!
Here it is.....
As you can see Midnight is looking at the face...easy peasey....and maybe she's 'wicked' and maybe she's not.
Click HERE for the PDF pattern
Click HERE for the Layout & Fabric instructions.

This of course is the 'basic black cat' block - you are free to embellish it as you like. In fact I hope you will and perhaps share your block on The Thimblemouse & Spouse Mouse Pics flicker group ...I would so love to see it!

I did decide to put add a few finishing touches to my block ~ in fact I turned it into a little wall hanging. I'm not sure I should show you (of course, you KNOW I Will - lol) because I really would like to see what YOU add to YOURS without being influenced by MINE...then again, maybe this will INSPIRE you and that's okay too!
I added little yellow button eyes...spent an evening embroidering whiskers, nose and mouth
 and a runaway spider web
..and if there is a spider web...there must also be a spider...
I think she's a "Mummy Long Legs"....haha

The stripe accent border was cut 1-1/4"
The bats on purple border was cut 2-1/2"

Today is also kinda special not only because of this truly fun's also my Birthday! I'm not telling how old...but let's just say I asked for this day to post my block so I would remember
Also I thought it would be fun to celebrate it with YOU and even MORE fun if maybe I gave away a little something...
Oops...Been There...Done That...This Contest Has
(edited 3/10/2013)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Passing Thru

My Mom has been back at her ALF for over a week and things are going pretty good with her - I'm so glad.
The Spouse and I have been crazy busy at work....and it really helped that our friend Sandie gave us a hand
At the moment we're enjoying enduring a few days off madly Fall cleaning at home...I can't wait to be done because when we finish...we'll be treating ourselves to something REALLY GOOD....more about that next week.
Meanwhile Hi Ho,Hi's back to the dustbuster I go....with a little help from Mia of course
or not.....

Oops! Almost forgot - Congrats to our Sneakie Peek Halloween Hop winner Debby who said:
I too think this will be a wicked kitty. 
Just found your blog thanks to Stichin by the Lake's link to your cord holder - which I will be making. 
I had so much fun getting caught up on all of your posts. looking forward to new ones. Have fun at the quiltfest.
Oh yeah have to thank stitch-n-frame for link to the Lake that got me to you

Debby was chosen with good ole Mr.Random
and she will be getting a little pkg of fabrics to make her very own foundation pieced block that I've designed for the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Halloween Blog Hop...going on now! Hope you've been enjoying the wonderful designs...thanks again Soma from Whimsies and Fancies for a super good job on a super fun Hop! If ya'll haven't checked out the daily offerings be sure to visit Whimsies and Fancies NOW
My block will be posted on Oct.23rd and I'm so excited to be included....

OK...I REALLY have to get back to cleaning...can you tell I'm procrastinating? I think I'd rather hand stitch the binding on a Triple King Sized Quilt (if there were such a thing)...ANYTHING other than cleaning....oh my!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Catching Up

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of a quilt top I designed using "Good Vibrations" from Windham Fabrics. It was fun and fast and easy to do using simple 5" cut squares and 4-1/2"finished 4 Patches. I used a bundle of 7 fat quarters with the addition of 1/2yd background fabric for the 4 patches - and of course a bit more fab for the borders. 

I had hoped to have this top quilted by now (ok...who am I fooling? ME? Quilt? That's the Spouse's job and the good news he has his little mouse paws full of customers quilts - the bad news...I still just have a "top"). I promised I would post some simple instructions here so if you have a fabulous fat quarter bundle of at least 6 fabrics you can give this little quilt a try. Remember you will also need 1/2 yd 'background' and fabrics for borders - that's all listed below. The quilt as shown is approx 51"x60".
To simulate this layout...I will show you the fabrics I used and you can see where I placed them in the picture above. Use your own fabrics in place - I can't wait to see what you come up with!
* * * * *
Cut 5" squares in the quantities as follows: (I used 5 different could even use just 4 and make the grey row and zig-zaggy row just ONE fabric)

From two more coordinated fat quarters (Red - Black) I cut 2-3/4" x width of Fat Q strips (6 from each fabric) - and the same from my 'background' fabric (the little notes on white)...if you cut strips from full width of fabric (44"/45") you will only need to cut 3. 

Combining the Red+Background strips I made 20 4-Patches. Same with the Black+Background:
Follow the layout from the picture of the quilt top above to make your center.

For the Borders: (this is what I used) - measurements cut width of fabric - when piecing for lengths needed - I pc'd on the straight edge (not on the bias).
Border 1: 1/4yd (Black music print - different than all the fats used) - cut 4 strips@ 1-3/4"
Border 2: 3/8yd (Grey - same as used in center) - cut 5 strips @ 2-1/4"
Border 3: 3/4yd ( Black - same used in 4 patches) - cut 5 strips @ 4-1/2"

Binding: 3/8 - 1/2 yd (depending on the size you like to cut - mine is always 2-1/4")
Backing: 3-1/4 for straight horizontal piecing
* * * * *
Maybe one day I will learn how to add a 'flicker' group so you can add pictures if you happen to make anything I've shown you - I would SO LOVE to see your creations! Maybe today will be the day...let me see if I can figure this out....don't go away....

Well's done...we have a flicker group and I hope you'll show us your stuff!

(please somebody leave a comment and let me know I'm not the only one who thinks 'out loud' and 'in print')

That's almost all...just a quick update on Mom...she's still in the hospital *sigh* - spirits are still good and she looks wonderful...but these dang ole meds just aren't getting the job done. One day we're happy - the next at a friend Kornelia said it's a "Roller Coaster Ride" - and both Mom and I are so ready to leave that amusement park!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Blog Hop!

The Halloween Blog Hop has BEGUN! Sorry I'm a bit behind getting this post out but you can easily join in the fun anytime now. Thank you Soma from Whims and Fancies for hosting this wickedly fun treat! 

Every day during the month of October, there will be a different blog you can visit to find a new foundation pieced pattern for a 10" block. Pick your favorites ~ or collect them all ~ it's your choice. I can't wait to see what everyone has designed...already the first one from RuthieQuilts is driving me batty with delight!

My block will be posted on October 23rd. Take a 'sneak peek' by clicking HERE ~ be sure to read that post closely, there's a little give away you might win if you post a comment on THAT page by midnight Oct.15th.

On a personal note...Thank You All for your prayers and kind wishes for my Mom. As I write, she's still in the hospital...I was so hoping she would be back in her own bed by now...but alas the Doctor needs to try some new antibiotics as the first ones were not doing the trick. Keep those good thoughts coming... Thanks.
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


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