Friday, December 28, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Busy day at the quilt shop today, but scooted out for a  quick visit  and wanted to share a 'sweet' Pink Smile with you from my favorite Gal. 

Pardon the 'cookie crumbs' and the 3 Muskateer smudges...yes, my visits bring a smile to my dear Mom's face...but really, truly...I can't compete with the chocolate. :)

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Believe

By now in some parts, Christmas has come and gone...I hope it was a Wonderful day for you. It sure was for me.
I hadn't planned on blogging today but I just had to share this picture with you.
We spent a lovely afternoon with my Mom and the Spouse clicked this of many.
Not the best 'quality' you say? Surely I could have shown you a 'clearer' one you think?
THIS is the picture that has put a smile in my heart today (and some happy tears too)... I'm so anxious to print it and frame it.
We took several pictures BEFORE this one...several more AFTER as well. Every one of the others came out Clear and Bright. In fact, now as I'm thinking about it - when I checked this picture, I had Bob take another...I almost "deleted" this one....I'm so glad I didn't...because here's what Bob said 

"...I checked to make sure it was a good shot, and just as I was getting ready to click, I say the 'haze' form and 'move' right over you and Mom".

It gives me goosebumps every time I think of his see, that was NO haze.
I believe with all of my heart, that my dear Daddy joined me and Mom for a picture today .
Yes, I'm sure those of you out there with keen camera skills will have a more logical explanation.
But I don't want to hear it - I don't need it's Christmas Day after all...and...
I Believe

don't you?

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Merry Christmas

From Our House To Yours...
Blessings to Our Friends in Blogland

Lynn & Bob
and the "kids"

Ho Ho Ho

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Holiday Intermission

It's the day before Christmas...and all thru this house...there's very little quilting...
just a Holiday crazed Mouse...
 enjoying time off...
with her sweet loving Spouse.

It's Monday and time to link up with Bonnie to share our Easy Street progress. Click here to see who's linking up over in Quiltville today. No!
I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Friday morning step 5 of Easy Street was posted - I eagerly printed it out - then returned to my last ditch efforts to get ready for Christmas.
Ever since step 4 was posted over a week ago - it seems like I just 'blinked' and all of a sudden it's Christmas Eve. 
I still want to share something Quiltville related for us Bonnie followers (why does an image of hundreds of quilters marching, holding rotary cutters up high and proud come to mind when I say that? ha). 
Since my street is closed about we take a little
Look familiar?
If you've been lucky enough to catch Bonnie Hunter on her Quilt Cam, you may have seen this little quilt on the back of her chair. 
You're probably gosh, that Thimblemouse is one bold little rodent - swiping Bonnie's picture right off her blog!
Well...I'll share a little secret with you...the picture above was taken in our shop classroom - before that little quilt went to live with Bonnie,
it started life here in Florida...looking like this...
Gives a whole new meaning to 'quilt in a bag' dontcha think? lol

Yes, I made that little quilt for Bonnie and it just tickles me that she likes it.
I've been wanting to write this post for months - this seems like the perfect time.

In the early days of Quilt Cam, Bonnie needed to take a quick 'break' but didn't want anyone tuning IN to see an empty chair, so she pinned a little hand lettered sign to the back of her chair with a 'be right back'. 
I smiled when I saw it and thought "gee, she really needs a little quilted sign" - and then promptly stored the notion in my little mouse head for awhile.
One day soon after - a friend brought in bags of scrappies for our on-going-never-ending-no-matter-how-many-I-stuff  pet pillows. I grabbed a pillowcase and started stuffing. Little bits and snips started turning into BIGGER bits and I couldn't help myself...I started sorting out the bag....
What treasures...what fun...and I thought "I really need to Bonnie Hunter these" (that's my term for her scrap users method)
a Light Bulb Moment!
A quilt for Bonnie - made from this own little challenge...can I do it - should I do it?
Why not!
So while Bonnie was away on a Bali 'high' - I planned and I played - oh how I played... 
Inside the bag were also rail blocks already sewn and the remains of others...
They'd make a perfect background for the "Intermission" and that red scrap with hints of cheddar just said Bonnie to me....
There was some very long strips of the blue just asking to play along...
I found a font I liked...printed up the letters mirror image, then traced them onto Heat n Bond Feather Lite.
The blocks below were already pieced together when I found them...oooo and that little black print- I see more letters ... 
Fun Fun Fun!
As I mentioned, Bonnie was sending us wonderful posts from Bali on her blog while I was playing away - her pictures from the Monkey Gardens just made me LOL. I wanted to include something on this quilt to remind her of Bali...I couldn't resist the monkey...I'm glad Bonnie has a great sense of humor!
There was a blank space above the 'Cam' and I had to fill it. Thinking about her obsession love of vintage machines...I poked around her photos trying to decide which machine to include. 

I saw her "Magenta" Featherweight...I let out a Yahoo when I read that she'd bought it at our Jacksonville QuiltFest in 2010!
Now those of you expert on 'all things Bonnie' - know this machine, so dear to her heart - suffered a tragic demise....I'd completely forgotten...and now I'm so glad it's 'memorialized' on her little quilt. Click here to see Bonnie's machines...scroll to her "Featherweights"'ll find sweet "Magenta"
Ok...back to the quilt...
A little embroidered message to let us know she's not really gone....
The spool blocks....
I had sooooo much fun making those spoolies. At the time Bonnie was kitting and sewing her 3" spool blocks. I had to include some! These are 2" blocks...and shhh...don't tell....but I paper pieced them.

The quilt back...found a nice chunk of fabric and inserted the 3 center strips (they were already pieced).
I made a larger "Spool" for a hand written label. 
(Between the time I mailed the quilt to Bonnie and before she received it - she mentioned on Quilt Cam that we should really 'hand write' our labels..."whew"...I'm glad I usually do..and did...heh heh)

My little Thimblemouse 'signature'...
I can't believe I only thought about adding the 'mouse' to my quilts this here to see what gave me the idea.
I'm so glad I acted on a 'whim' and made this little quilt. I know I'm not alone when I say
"Thank You Bonnie for your time...for all that you generously share and give to the quilting world. We are so lucky to have you!"
* * * case any of you were wondering...there were a few scraps that actually made it into the pet pillows

Thanks for visiting...hope your
Christmas is Merry and Blessed
Christmas Mice
happy holidays pictures
Happy Holidays
The Thimblemouse and Spouse

>"<           >"<

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This is SO Me!

A few weeks ago while catching up on my reading list here in blogland, I came across a post from Barbara at Cat Patches inviting any and all of us to join her for the 
2013 New FO Challenge. 
I hadn't a clue what this challenge could be, so I read thru her post...the more I read...the more I smiled...thinking this is EXACTLY the kind of challenge I was born for! (Plus I'm in love with the Challenge's just so cute, dontcha think?)
You's all about STARTING a new project each month! You don't even have to finish it!  I LOVE to start new projects! It's the finishing that kind of hangs me up... (how many UFO's do I have? oh puleeeze...let's not go there...unh uh!).
So without further adieu...I'm joining Cat Patches Linky Party - giving you a little preview of what I will start hope to start in 2013. I'm sure there will be more projects calling my name...I just haven't found them yet.
1) First and foremost, the Spouse and I really need a quilt for our King size bed! You see, when it's chilly (and gets brrrrr-chilly in Floreeedah) our 'kids' love to snuggle on the bed at night, which means our queen size coverlet doesn't cover "it" when all those furry bodies take up residence (i.e. Maggie and the cats - I wasn't talking about Bob). I'm really tired of having my butt hanging out and catching cold. (tmi? sorry...haha). I've only ever made two King size quilts...neither one was for us. This will be a utility quilt...something simple and BIG! No idea yet what the design will be.

I'll number the rest of my dream projects, but they really truly are not in any particular order...what moves me and when remains to be seen.

2) This sweet little wall hanging has been screaming my mom's name for quite awhile now. First published in QuiltMaker magazine (I don't remember when) - I have wanted to do it forever! My copy of the magazine is buried who knows where - but lookie look! Martingale has just published a new book "Eye-Catching Quilts" - Favorites from QuiltMaker Magazine....and the pattern for the posies is in there. Fate. 
(I probably should start this sooner than later, Mom is 93 after all...I want her to enjoy this for a long long time!)

3) Last fall, or maybe it was summer - time just flies by sooooo fast - I entered a super fun "Tabby Block Lotto" hosted by Jennifer at Sew Hooked and I was shocked and totally thrilled when I WON ALL THE BLOCKS! I definitely have to do something with these.

4) I am in lust with this kit from Moda, featuring  "Marmalade" (just the name alone is so yummy) - a fabric line designed by Bonnie (Cotton Way)& Camille (Thimble Blossoms).
When I saw their pattern Flower Girl - I knew...just knew I had to start this quilt! With any luck, I'll get this quilt done while we still have a few kits left in the shop :)
5) My friend and quilt designer/instructor extraordinaire
Sunnie Malesky is graciously sharing some of her beautiful
 quilts for a trunk show at our shop and I fell in love with her 
I hope I can get my garden planted by spring time....or summer...maybe late fall... lol

6) I absolutely adore Loralie Designs. These "Fast Women" bring a smile to my face. I saw some brilliant mug rugs using her panel blocks...I have these gals...I'm sew gonna mug them up! With any luck they'll be great Christmas pressies for next year!
* * * * *
I'm getting really excited now for the New Year to start! And speaking of....I just realized there is at least ONE more (known) project I've forgotten to list - which will kick our King quilt into 2nd place - (how easily plans change, I haven't even finished this post yet..haha).
Through one of my BFF's, Holly....I discovered Planet Patchwork - they're hosting a 
???mystery quilt??? 
on New Years Day! It's called 
I can't resist! There's a clue every hour until the quilt is complete. Guess we know where I'll be on January 1st! Maybe you can join me ! Let's Party!
Til Laters'
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"< 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Geese? Did She Really Say MORE GEESE?

I think when this mystery quilt is finished, I will call it
 "Oh My Lucy-I'm Going Goosey".
Bonnie Hunters' Step 4 of Easy Street, so eagerly anticipated - brought 64 MORE flying geese to the sewing table.
Don't get me wrong - I really DO like flying geese. But now I'll confess, I've always done them in...ah... let's say, lesser quantities...paper and then...mostly 'then'.
Paper piecing is NOT an option with the numbers of geese we are working with. And tho it might sound like I'm whining - really I'm not. In fact, I think these geese are really starting to grow on me...I feel feathers sprouting. 
So here we go...step 4....make 64 more purple flying geese with 'teal' wings, this time.
By Saturday afternoon all my geesies and wingies were cut - and I must say, they went a bit faster - loving the EZ Angle and Companion rulers! (I think we are friends now... finally). I love my 'SortKwik' - that's the pink stuff ... I always forget about it until I'm well into a project - but after step 1 came and went I 'remembered' and now it's always handy - makes separating those itty bitty pieces so much easier. You can usually find it at an office supply store - just be sure whatever you use states on the container that is acid free and non-staining.
(and Yes, there is a similar product made just for us quilters...and yes, we've even sold it in our shop, but truly this works the same, costs less, and I really rather my customers spend their money on our wonderful fabrics and notions and quilt books and all those other fabulous things you can only find in a quilt shop)
As I started to work on the new geese, I was having some issues with 'tension' - and that perplexed me since I hadn't changed any settings. See how those wings were just waving at me? (I really think they're taunting me!)
I wasn't amused.
Fiddled and faddled (my blog, I can make up new words)...and finally deduced that the tension was fine - but my threads...a different story. I use whatever thread I have ready to go...really doesn't matter what color...but I had changed my bobbin and lo and behold, the top thread was different - and NOT user friendly with it's bobbin mate. Once changed...everyone played nice and 'flat'.
Do you see the 'ta-da! Spot ON!' and the circle? I was sooooo excited that finally....finally...a kazillion geese later... seams were sewn and going exactly where they were supposed to! 
I didn't get very far with this step yet. Some geese are flying...four have found 'buddies'...but I really feel like I've made progress in honing my flying geese skills. In fact, I hope there are MORE geese coming down the Street...(did I really just say that out loud?) I'm getting my geese groove on!

I promised to show what my FWB (Friends Without Blogs) were up to. Last Saturday we had a 'sew-in' at the shop with members of the Jacksonville Modern Quilt Guild. One of the gals was working on her Easy Street and I was thrilled when she posted a picture of her progress on our FB shop page.
Candi isn't going as scrappy with her fabrics but oh how they sing! Candi also showed me a picture of her completed Orca Bay - dang, why didn't I get a picture? It is Awesome!

My friend Gail has picked out her 'paint chips' - I'm anxious to see her colors...but so far she's kept them a

Click HERE to see my other neighbors on Quiltville's Easy Street - Bonnies Monday Link Up is Always SO much FUN!

I had a couple more things I wanted to tell you about  but I think I've kept you here long enough. If you follow'll find out later this week about my early Christmas gift picked up today...oh heck, here's a sneaky peaky...I'm soooo excited I have to share. 
This morning the Spouse hooked up our trailer and off we went to pick up this awesome Vintage Singer 401A! Yep, that's my honey...oh and Bob too! haha 
There will be more better pictures down the road - but I just had to take a quickie clickie inside the trailer - look - he's 'almost' smiling.  I know he's thinking "we have NO room for this machine" and he would be absolutely right! But when you hear the 'deal' and see 'all' that came with it - you'll agree, I couldn't pass this up!  Bonnie KNOW what I'm talkin' about! 
But for's time for me to make like a 'geese' and (wait for it....)....FLY!
OOPS...I almost forgot...
Congrats to our Blog Hop Winner! 
Mr.Random picked #78 (sorry, my copy looks pretty funky)
Yey Nanbonn44! Your panel will be shipped on Tuesday morning!
Thanks to everyone who played along!

Til 'Laters....
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<
I'm always excited to get new followers...but I never ever will make that a requirement for give-aways and such. You either want to know where I'm going...or not. But if you KNOW Santa personally - put in a good word for me, will ya? I''ve been good...and yes, I got my 401A - but I'm hoping he'll still surprise me with 100 followers by Christmas Day.
Yikes!!!! Just realized I forgot to include this 'greens'...almost all cut...still hunting up 13 more :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pillowcases for Sandy Hook

It's a busy Sunday morning, but I just stopped in quick to check out what was happening in blogland. I found this post from Selvage Blog and wanted to pass it along ASAP. 
Please Help If You Can.

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

P.S. For our local quilting friends - we will be mailing a group package of pillowcases and would love to include yours. Please bring your finished pillowcases to Country Crossroads by Wednesday, Dec.19th.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Street Step 3 - Some Eats and Mom

"Whew"...I thought I'd never get here...but I finally found my way down Easy Street for step 3! This post will be short and sweet because I have asparagus waiting to be panko'd and baked (oh my, it is wonderful!!!) Let me see if I can find the link....(I'm so easily distracted, but we're talking some really lip smackin' spears here)....
Ok, I'm back and pretty quickly I might find the link I needed to visit my Pinterest account and that's sometimes trouble...I get there and start looking to see what everyone is pinning...and then I forget why I went there...but this time, I "focused" click HERE to see this sooo deelish dish from Slender Kitchen - it's what I'm making tonight. Yum!
Panko Parmesan Asparagus from 
Now back to the subject...which was....oh right...Easy Street - Step 3.
The first original colors (just like Bonnies...well sorta)...let's see, we have Purples and Teals. I added some Aquas because I just couldn't make up my mind...did I want just Teals? I loved the Aquas too and decided they really wanted to play together...
All 64 patches are done...fini...complete...YaHoo!!!

Here are the patches for the 2nd version I'm making with Jo Morton fabrics...which reminds me, I never did show you a pic of those flying this pic you'll see "two" - there are 4 more made in the 'wings'...(the rest are in a "holding pattern"...but they will be made....eventually...maybe).
I'm NOT trying to guess what Bonnie Hunter has up her sleeve - but enjoyed laying these blocks out just to see what I could make when it was 'picture time'.

I think I 'promised' to show you my 3rd version 'next time' - which is technically 'this time' - so here is Step 1 - because that's as far as I've gone. I think I was just in love with the four patches - all that 'spinning' amused me (I'm easily amused)...if flying geese had been FIRST...there would be NO version's 2 or 3...haha. I'm really going for something different....and still waiting for inspiration....this IS a mystery, after all.
The dotted fabric WAS my 'constant' - the multi solids, my background. Then Bonnie confessed that our 'constant' was done with this step- over with - finito... and my first reaction was "What??? But I LOVE this fabric!". So now I'm debating and pretty close to deciding that my "dots" will be my new background - the solids my new 'constant' - that of course opens up a whole new gaggle of geese you can understand why I'm going to let the geese stew a little well as step 3. I'm waiting for one of those 'light bulb''ll come...I am patient.

To see what everyone else is up to these days on Easy Street...give a clickie HERE!

Before I go (asparagus IS breaded and baking and we're counting down the minutes...just in case you were wondering)....I would like to invite you to a HERE for yesterdays post and a chance to win a prize as we help Quilting Gallery celebrate their 5th birthday. Be quick though - the deadline to enter is Dec.15th.

And last but NEVER least....clicked a pic today of my sweet Mom and thought I'd share.
When I first saw her today...she was a little out of spirits...but after 2 Berry Oreo Cookies and 3 Three Muskateers....I scored a SMILE. I told her I was going to share her picture with my quilting friends. She couldn't imagine why anyone would want to see her...haha (but between you and me, I think it tickles her Pink! )
Mom is sitting in her ALF 'living room' in front of a Christmas quilt I made a few years ago. I'm a little embarrassed  I can't remember who designed the's on the tip of my tongue...I just can't spit it out (dontcha just hate that?)..but it's a cute jolly Santas panel surrounded by pieced pinwheels, simple framed blocks and lotsa borders...ho ho ho. Since the fabric is long gone I can't hang the quilt in the shop (that would be a tease)... I was glad to share it with Mom and her friends...I hope it makes them smile.

Thanks for stopping it's time to eat! "Chow"

Until Laters,
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

P.S. Supper was ready before I could get this post finished...the Spouse made our favorite awesome Glazed Salmon (I'd share the link for the recipe but the author now charges to access her blog - I'm so glad I copied it down when it was still free - sadly I don't visit her anymore - and since it's not MY recipe, I don't feel ethical writing it down here)...we also had Baked Butternut Squash  and the Asparagus case you're wondering...haha
  I'm a 'weight watcher' and this was a 10pp meal - worth every bite! I'm thinking maybe after the holidays I might add a "My Fav Eats" page to my blog - with my favorite recipes that are WW friendly...maybe even ask those passing by here to submit some of theirs too...(and this from a gal who never liked to cook - I still don't, not really...but I sure LOVE to eat!)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Hop Party and Give Away

Guess Who's Having a Birthday?
Quilting Gallery is turning the Big "5" and Michele is throwing a humdinger of a party!
The fun begins December 10th and you can celebrate along with  lotsa Blog Hoppin' Fun!
Click the badge below for more info.
Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Before you go - don't forget to let us know you were here! Leave a comment below for a chance to win this beautiful panel made by Benartex Fabrics!
We'll let Mr.Random do the picking - don't delay - deadline is midnight Dec.15th.
(Please remember that Anonymous comments can not be accepted...after all, we want to know who you are! If you are not a registered blogger don't forget to include your email addy - you can't win without one!)
* * * * * *
I wanted to share with you a little gifty/pattern I'm working on but 'eeks' and 'yikes' - I've been so busy launching geese (my friends on "Easy Street" will understand that) -  I've run out of time to get my 'tute' together. 
 But I can show you a pic of a nifty 'cord keeper' my friend Lauri made.
If you've been following my blog - you will remember I posted a tutorial to make these "cord keepers" - they are super for holding various computer cords, Ereader cords, get the idea. They're sooooo easy to make - and would make great stocking stuffers!
Lauri enlarged hers to accommodate her Kindle charger...I think she got very scientific and used her cereal bowl for a larger circle - heh heh. Yes, you can make this any size!
If you're new here - or just plum forgot - you can find the original tute HERE

Now don't forget:
1)Leave a comment for a chance to win the "Mountain Majesty" panel - that's all, just a comment.....nothing special...a simple "I was here and I think you're awesome" will do ~ LOL.
2)Take a peek at the 'cord keepers' if you missed them before or just wanna peek again
3) Hop over to the PARTY  - and see who else is joining in the fun - rumor has it there are OVER 150 Bloggers ready to Party Hardy!!! (a full list will be available after midnight (EST) Sunday night.
Til Laters....
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<
Updated 12/16/12:37 A.M. - The contest is CLOSED - Check back Sunday night for the Winner
Thanks to everyone who came to play - this was fun


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