Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I've Been Hexed!

It's official.
Either I am truly A.D.D
I've been Hexed!

Somewhere along the way I just know that some evil quilting demon fairy
has cast a spell that causes me to start a project....
work like a crazy person on the project...
then when it's almost done...


I'm suddenly struck with a New Idea....
and right then and there....I can't resist...
to switch gears!
That's gotta be it!

Speaking of Queens....the real deal that is...
Please if you will...raise your hand for a Queenly wave
(don't forget - a bow or a curtsy will do....it's only proper)
 and join me in saying
Thank you to our crown jewels!
First, her Majesty
Thank you
for making my hexie crown curl
for the inspirational moments I encountered getting ready for this
Hexie Blog Hop!

Cheering us on is her lady in waiting
She has been a most exuberant and sparkling cheerleader.
Debby gave us some very good tips about posting...
as in
show your stuff...
keep it short and sweet...
make it FUN!

I love to show my stuff and it will be FUN!
I'm pretty sweet.
Keep it short?
If you've been here before...
or if you're brand new...
I tried..haha
It's not in my DNA

So get comfy...you can get up now...no bowing necessary
(tho I sure do enjoy a sweet little curtsy)

When the hop was announced I thought it would be the perfect time
to make my BFF from first grade some potholders.  
She only asked me for them
about a year ago  
about 2 years ago  
awhile back.
She said the ones I made her years ago were worn out.
(they have to be vintage by now...it was years...I didn't even remember them)
She even sent me a picture...
I have searched high and low for that picture...
but alas...
no can find...
(which is probably a good thing...they were pretty very extremely sad)

I started designing with fabrics I thought she would like...
they would match the 'tablerunner' I made her...
the tablerunner that I made instead of potholders when she asked...
the tablerunner I still have because I don't want to send it until I make her potholders...
(it's a vicious circle)

I've worked on these English Paper Pieced Potholders for a couple of weeks.
I love the hand work.
When I arrived at work on Monday 
(as in Monday about 14hrs BEFORE I'm due to post..haha)
I just had to layer, quilt and bind two potholders.

That's all.

I love what I've done so far....
but to tell you the truth...
I wasn't really jazzed up!

I should have walked straight back to the classroom....
But oh no....
I spotted some Halloween fabric...
and had an idea.
Would I be crazy to start something

I struggled.
The little voices in my head had quite the debate....

 Even the potholders to be knew they were doomed...
I love them so much, I want to make them into something a little larger...

In all honesty....
I wanted to

So there went the Halloween fabric...it just scurried into the classroom and begged to be cut....
Out came the
Hex N More ruler by JayBird Designs...
(I've been anxious to try it out for months!)
I cut a strip....

I made a little 20".....
Does it matter?
It was FUN!

But wait...I wasn't done...I still had 4 hours left til closing....LOL
What about Mug Rugs?
Hexie Mug Rugs?

These oh so cute little goblins were just too cute not to use...

So I cut cut cut.....

And then cut some more....

Then I stitch stitch stitched....

batted...and turned....
And now we have just the cutest little table ensemble.....

...a sweet spooky mat and 6 mug rugs....just needing a wee bit of quilting.

Wonders of wonders....
it's only August and I have a birthday gift ready for October!
My friend Nancy in Wyoming and I share the very same day....
She LOVES Halloween - in fact she made the wooden "BOO" you see above.
Oops...drats...I think she might also read my blog...
just pretend you're surprised Nancy, OK?

Poor Doris....
by the time I ever 
when I finish her potholders...
I hope she'll still remember how to cook.

And would you believe...I have another...
cute little Hexie Mug Rug that completely missed the photo session.
(and those potholders thought they had problems...)

Thanks for stopping by.
Please be sure to visit the Madame and Debby
as well as all the great
holding court today.
Below you will find the full schedule.
Be sure to give them all your royal attention.



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  1. You are soo....funny. I like that!

  2. You have been hexed in a good way, my friend ... ;) Love the Halloweenie Hexies ... :) Pat

  3. Oh, what fun! Love your hexie Halloween projects. Spooktacular!

    You are a Hexie Queen!

  4. That Halloween set is very fun! Love the fabric!

  5. You are tooooo funny. Love your Hexies!

  6. What a fun way to be hexed. But with your looooong text I had to spend a looooong time here. So I invite you to do the same on my blog. It's in Norwegian, by the way, hm. But don't worry, I have English texts at the end of each and every blog post. AND it's my hexie day in a week!

  7. That blogpost was hard to read. Well.... from my bowing position anyway (never curtsied in my life)! You have really been knuckeling down those last hours! I love all your projects. Those poor pot holders..... The really crazy Halloween set... All of them. You did well!

  8. Oh!!! You have always put several smiles on my face and I am not disappointed at all this time. I am so stunned over all the projects you have made during so short time.
    Thank you for sharing and I love your posting

  9. What fun!! I love your hexie table topper - thanks for sharing!

  10. Love it!! Your presentations always spellbind!

  11. Okay, I admit it. I am happy you gave in. Those halloween themed items were lots of fun to see and probably to make.

  12. I said to make it short and sweet, but I was spellbound and read. Every. Single. Funny. Word. What a trip you are! Great projects. I think I'm going to pull out my Halloween fabrics and see what I can do with them just because! So glad you brightened things up (irreverantly, btw) at the start of the Hexie Hop. Always fun to see you strut your stuff.

  13. Thanks for sharing all your fun.

  14. Dear Lynn
    Hey, your post is just sooo funny, I head to read and re-read it, smile! Great tablerunner, you are ready for Halloween. And you know what, I love your flexibility, I sometimes try to get organized myself but then, uppps, to much ideas and flexibility and the creative chaos begins again!
    Thanks for sharing

  15. lol what a great post! And your projects are all wonderful!

  16. Potholders - nice; table topper - cute; mug rugs - L.O.V.E. them!!! they look just perfect...think I'd end up putting my coffee cup beside them just so I could keep gazing at their super cuteness! So glad you followed the right kitty voice. Thanks for your inspiration.

  17. Oh so very cute!!! Your posts are so interesting.

  18. Oh I love how your hexie set came out. Just great and fun! Make me smile again and again. And I love those potholders too.

  19. Missy( bike) and I just returned from a tour, now coffee in hand and my oh my look what I see...lot's of hexies staring back at me... ARE YOU kidding me.....all of this is no time flat...LYNN, I just love your halloween one....you know we have wicked coming up very soon....you will have to show this again with something new of course....I LOVE everything about this post, mostly YOU

  20. I literally laughed out loud reading this. I am sure I can relate - but it is in my creative genetics. My late grandmother and mum started to hexi quilts for my sister and I almost 30 years ago. My sister and I are now learning to EPP so we can help finish them before our daughters (now 3 and almost 2) are old enough to help. Hopefully something pretty doesn't cross my path too often and distract me for to long.

  21. You are so creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  22. Those hexies are perfect for the fun fussy cuts you made with the Halloween fabric. I like the potholders too.

  23. Your poor potholders!~ Love the Hallowen table topper and matching mug rugs!

  24. That evil quilting spirit hits me all the time, so I can relate (I LOL'd on your whole post.) I love how you switched gears and came up with that very sweet mat and mug rugs. Love it!

  25. Your posts are delightful and soooo inspiring. When asked the kitties made you do it!

  26. You sure do work really well when you are under a deadline! Love all of the hexies and the Halloween one will be a perfect Bday gift. Thanks for sharing today!

  27. Love the Halloween fabric. Eventually she will get the potholders.

  28. I love what you made with the Halloween fabric. Great post.

  29. Wow what can I say to that! Your projects are delightful and your blog is uniquely entertaining:)

  30. Halloween Hexies have scared me into thinking about doin some!

  31. Love to come here for a laugh! Your mug rugs are to die for. So cute!

    bevwalks at aol dot com

  32. What a hilarious post - sounds a lot like my house while I try to design a project and it doesn't go as planned :) The halloween set is adorable!

  33. Oh, come on, finish the quilting already. Don't wait for the last minute. My b-day is the 18th of Oct., what's yours?
    Love your hexie projects but please, make a couple of pot holders for Doris.

  34. Awesome ideas! Those pot holders are sooooo cute! I would use them as wall hanging instead, so nothing would mess them up... Great job on the Halloween-themed mug rugs!... and thanks for the laughs!

  35. all I have to say is LOL! Love your Halloween set!

  36. What a fun post! I enjoyed reading it! I'm sure I found it so amusing because I could relate to switching gears and last minute deadline finishes! Your Hexie creations are fantastic. I like the Hex N More ruler, I need to check it out! Thanks for inspiring us today!!

  37. Your post is great. I love your hexie projects. Thanks for sharing.

  38. You my friend are HILARIOUS! I can't get the image of the two cats on your shoulder in the fabric store out of my head. Definitely made my morning. Your Halloween set is just the cutest and your friend is super lucky to get that as a birthday present! So great to meet you on this blog hop, Nicole @ Modern Handcraft

  39. You crack me up! Great post and great projects! So much fun.
    xo jan

  40. Your blog is too stinkin' cute. Love the Halloween set. I like to decorate for Halloween too. This gives me a new idea. Thanks for the fun.

  41. All of your projects are so cute and you sound like you have so much fun doing your thing. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  42. I am sew glad you didn't finish the pot holders. That Halloween set is much more fun!

  43. I always So enjoy reading your blog:) You make me smile!!!
    Love your projects even the poor neglected ones:) Remember you ar enot teh only one that does this... it is not a disease and there is no cure but it is a lot of fun!!!!

  44. Looks like you had lots of fun there! I love the Halloween creations and I am sure the pot holders will be finished one day....

  45. Love the Halloween hexies! Your blog is sew much fun to read. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Terrific, funny blog post! Thanks for the fun.

  47. These are just too cute! Great ideas--great use of that halloween fabric.

  48. *chortle* those potholders do have big problems. Oh, well. One friend gets a gift, even if it wasn't the one you started with.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Love the Halloween mugrugs, darling. Sew cute!

  51. Your hexie projects turned out really well....love the fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  52. Funny blogpost as usual *lol*
    Yor hexiprojects turned out really great.
    Well done!

  53. fun creations you made with your hexies and triangles.

  54. You always make me smile , too funny and your projects are wonderful !

  55. Ever since I caught the hexagon fever, I get distracted by new ideas on how to make hexagons too. So I guess I'm hexed too. Thank you for sharing and I love your feline devil and angel.

  56. What a lovely story you told about your hexie dilemma. Add the pictures and your truly wonderful projects and I just can't say what a great read this was. Thanks for making me smile.

  57. Love your post, as usual. great projects too. Thanks for sharing them all. vickise at gmail dot com

  58. Thanks for the chuckle...You really did a great job, not just with the potholders, but I love that Halloween
    mug rugs. So cute!
    Well done.


  59. Ha ha you are so silly. Thanks for always making me smile :) I love your projects great job.

  60. I just loved reading your blog....sure made me smile at the end of a long day.

  61. very cute with the fussy cutting! :)

  62. Fabulous mat and mug rugs! Nancy's going to love them. Hilarious post.

  63. Thank you to our crown jewels and a little curtsy to Lynn! I really enjoyed your post today. It was so cute with you changing your mind over and over! That's sort of how my quilting day goes and it's nice to know that I'm not alone! Thanks for the idea of a hexie potholder as well! I've started making potholders for my MIL and I bet she'd like one made of hexies!

  64. You just crack me up! Love the table topper and its accompanyment of mug shots, oops, rugs.

  65. You are SEW entertaining ! I read the whole thing ! ha ha, oh and yes MAM, your everything is all too cute !

  66. You did say you like to "strut your stuff", right? You did it up beautifully, as always. Besides, your post is just too fun to read. Thanks for your wacky ways!! Loved your Halloween items - it won't be long. Don't worry too much about the potholders - they are way to lovely to USE - make your friend something ugly to use for actual cooking and make these hexies into a mug rug or something!

  67. OMG you are too funny...I love the count Dracula and the others too...you did a great job both with hexies and entertaining me.....Hugs to you my friend i can always count on you for the wonderful sense of humor you have....

  68. Great job on everything. Finishes are difficult for me. One of those must-do things that can be boring. I love the potholders and table runner. They are phenomenal. Of course, the table ensemble is terrific, too. I enjoyed reading your blog. The hexies are definitely stars. Thanks for participating and inspiring.

  69. Whaaaa haaaaa haaaa..... Thank you for the chuckle. Your post made me smile and I love your hexies.

  70. Love everything you did! Keep the photo of yourself. You look like your element! I wish I could have raining hearts!

  71. Very sweet and you are a hoot - thanks for my morning chuckle!!

  72. Too funny!! What an adorable Halloween table ensemble! Love it!

  73. You are just too funny!!! And I can totally relate! I love your Halloween ensemble. You are very creative. Thank you for sharing.

  74. You really had fun with this one, huh? Your Halloween ensemble is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Oh I love your hexies. Especially those Halloween ones. I never thought of hexies outside of those little hand stitched guys! Hummm... I just might be able to handle this! LOL!

  76. Love your projects. I especially love seeing different ideas for patterned fabric like the Halloween stripe. Love how you cut it for the hexi!

  77. THX for the entertaining post, Lyn. You are a stitch, trying to stitch, LOL. Who would have ever thought that potholders, lovely as they are, could talk!?

    I love the Halloween idea and the matching mug rugs! Well done.

  78. Your work is always so much fun to see. Love your hexies and the fabrics you chose.

  79. Such great starts. Love each and everyone of them.

  80. What an interesting post. I love playing with my Hexs and More ruler too. It is great. Your Halloween ensemble is wonderful.

  81. Love your creations and your post. I like that ruler too and may have to get one! Thanks for sharing.

  82. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE that Halloween centerpiece. Great job on all your projects, finished and not so finished!

  83. Hiya!!! What a great post!!! Can I be your new friend??? I just LOVE that table topper and mug rugs. So very cute. And the potholders aren't too shabby either. Hope you get them done soon. Thanks for sharing. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  84. bwahahaha I woulds have gone Halloween, too!!!

  85. Love the Halloween fabric, your friends table will look great this fall.

  86. Ha Ha you have described me to a T! Love your enthusiasm and your wonderful projects!

  87. You are hilarious! I have those same beings on my shoulders!! Great hexies. The Halloween ones are so cute with the borders on them.

  88. My aunt loved the spiderweb block.. didnt think about it being a hexie until now.. I should have done something like that in honor of her.

  89. Great story and greater pincushions.


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