Thursday, October 31, 2013


Welcome to the last day of the 
Wicked 3 Blog Hop!

Thank you
for brewing up such wickedly good fun!

I have been a little lax in the blogging department
 as of late....
But it's time to dust of the cobwebs
and zoom up my broom....
and show you the happenings...
from my sewing room!

I have had this panel since last Halloween.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays
and yet it seems to take me by surprise every year!
this year is no different
but I'm so glad I had a chance to make something for this hop.
At least now I have a head start for next year!

Using the panel above
I decided to make placemats.
I think they came out pretty dang cute.

The little hexie mug rugs were made from
a coordinating fabric
and can be found here.
They were made for a dear friend.
(oops...I wonder if she's noticed they haven't arrived yet
 - guess she'll be ready for next year too)

The placemats were easy to make.
My panel blocks were trimmed to approx 15-1/2"x 19".
(Trim yours according to your panel choice)
I centered each block Right Side Up on a large piece of batting.
I added simple border frames - sewing thru the batting as I attached sides, top and bottom.
(see above for the size strips I cut)

As you can see above...sometimes I measure and pre-cut
(first two pictures)
and sometimes I just sew it on and cut later
(yep...that would be the "don't worry" pic)

Once the borders have all been sewn on and pressed...
I square it all up
and run a machine basting stitch around the edge.
This keeps the batting and top fabric together nice and toady tidey.

Now press your top,
then flip it over and center over your backing fabric

With a rotary cutter and ruler, trim backing even with top edges.
(no matter how hard I tried...I couldn't take this pic
without a reflection....
and then...
I got a little silly....)

Ok..just one more...
I just couldn't help myself...
but you have to find humor wherever you can....

Speaking of witch which
I promised Marvin I would share his Halloween picture

Ok...back to biz....
The hardest part for me is sewing those openings closed
so that they are nice and straight 
( are NOT allowed to go back and look at the pic
of the finished mats to see if  my edges are straight...
Unh Unh...Don't Do It!)

So now when I trim as shown above...
I leave a little extra 
(if there is extra to leave)
when I trim near the opening....
It's probably mind over material matter...but I think it helps.

Don't forget the corners!

Now turn Right Side Out and PRESS!
Sew opening closed and quilt as desired.
(well darn...I forgot a close up pic on one finished placemat)
I'm sure you get the idea!

If you're looking for more Halloween Ideas
(you know...for NEXT
click here for a really sweet
foundation pieced wallhanging
inspired last year by Ms Midnite.

Thanks for sure to visit all the
Thimblemouse & Spouse -you r here

Why-Knot-Kwilt  (Princess Wicked)

Sew We Quilt (The Queen of Wicked)

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse

PS...sorry to be a wee bit late in posting...
midnite struck and of course...
I turned into a
you know I'm making that up...
the truth?
I was almost ready by 10pm...
but dear Spouse kept asking
As in When were we going to partake in one of our favorite traditions...
some call it


  1. Love how your panel magically turned into placemats! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a lovely post! really cheery! love all of your rugs and thanks for great tip about leaving that bit extra to get a straighter seam - usually I just embrace the wonky or do the only unpick three times rule. Love your hand shadows too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You made me laugh! I loved your post (the shadow pictures where really creepy). And your projects. It is so nice to see that other people use the "don't-worry" approach! And you are so right. It turned out better than fine in the end. I am in awe that you managed to do that with your resident ghoul pestering you about dinner too. Magic! Thank you.

  4. Love the placemats!! Thanks for the little how-to as well :)

  5. I love your placemats - what a great use of a panel!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such cute placemats. Thanks for sharing and have a wicked Halloween.

  7. That is fabulous panel fabric and I think making placemats is the best way to enjoy all of it, bit by bit. Thanks for the steps to show how you made them. Enjoyed seeing everything today.

  8. The placemats are sew much fun! and those mugrugs are a delight! Love the humor in your post!

  9. Your placemats turned out great. I love them.

  10. fantastic post, I will certainly be a copy cat, if not a black cat tonight.

  11. What a great post and wonderful projects! Your placemats are really fun, and thanks so much for the tutorial.

  12. Wonderful placemats - and I love the mug rugs! blessings, marlene

  13. Love the mug rugs. I have to find some of that fabric. Awesome.

  14. What cute placemats and thanks for all the tips! :)

  15. I just love your placemats and that panel was so perfect for them.

  16. Great placemats.... I love making something fabulous from something simple. I also like the hand shadows and Marvin's disguise. Happy Halloween!!

  17. Oh your posts are always so interesting....very nice!

  18. Such an interesting site, and the material used in the pieces are lovely

  19. Glad to see you're back. I've missed your humorous blogging. Love your site. Hope everything is going well. Happy Halloween.

  20. Great projects and your DH must be WICKED to expect dinner!!!!

  21. Ohhh, I love em! What a wicked fun way to enjoy a Halloween meal!

  22. Cute, cute placemats! I love them! My granddaughters and grandson would love them, too. Great idea for next Halloween. Thanks for sharing your post!

  23. I love your placemats. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  24. Those husbands can be so inconsiderate. Doesn't he know that posting your wickedly awesome placemats was way more important than dinner! Loved your usual. :O)

  25. These are such cute placemats. Great fabric!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  26. Oh Lynn, you're just a hoot and a half ! Whoooo but you think to wave into the acrylic ruler ? I nearly spit my coffee out when I read "Oh look a spider " LOL hahahahahahahaha

  27. What? Your husband thought there should be food prepared on an all important day such as thus? Must be a guy thing... Thank you for sharing the steps on these placemats, I love seeing things done step-by-step. Happy Halloween!

  28. I like you mug rugs...they are so neat. I think I am going to steal your idea for next year. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and tell Marvin, he looks great in glasses.

  29. Your projects are all just wonderful! Really Halloweeny (is that a word or a food?) You gave me a smile this morning! Love the reflections, too!

  30. I love your placemats and may have to look for a Halloween panel to make them for me. They are adorable! This is my first time on your Blog and have enjoyed it. Happy Halloween!

  31. Men! Imagine wanting dinner on the table, LOL. I know my husband has eaten what is late for us several times in recent day pushing away from the table about 7. Hey, I was busy! What fun you had with that panel piece----love the hexies that coordinate too. Well done, Lynn.

  32. You have made me laugh and I loved this post!! Dinner?? Uh, if it's a problem, you know where the kitchen is, and while your there, could you make me something?? ;-)

    Thanks for the ideas - I wondered why I had to buy that hexagon ruler, now I know!! Perfect! And just way to much fun!! More ideas for the holiday I just seem to love, yet do not seem to get things finished for.... This has to change, because looking at these posts through this hop, way to much fun that I am missing out on!!!

    Here is to a new year of being ready for this day today - HALLOWEEN!!! And making it really fun and all the laughs!! Oh, I mean, scary stuff.... yeah, scary things - that go bump in the night!!


  33. Well another to do project. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly loved the story. Imagine the wickedness of making him wait for his supper. I know when you get going sometimes you just can't stop.

  34. Cute projects and good tutorial. Happy Halloween!

  35. Those are all so cute. I enjoyed the shadow puppets too!

  36. Wonderful placemats that look easy to make. Thanks for sharing and providing the tut! Marvin is just too cute too:)

  37. Omg, you are too funny! I love all your projects and I had a ball reading your post.

  38. Lynn--lovely placemats and thanks for the tutorial! Your post is too funny and Marvin is super cute! Thanks for sharing your lovely work.

  39. Happy Halloween. Your posts always make me smile. Great place mats. Thanks for the tutorial. Thanks also for sharing.

  40. great placemats and love those hexy coasters - thanks for sharing - hope your husband got fed eventually !!

  41. a wicked gift to give, thanks for showing us how you made them.

  42. Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  43. How could I have missed your blog until now? Maybe finding it today was my treat for Halloween. Love your wicked projects and commentary. Thanks for the link to the cute little cat PDF, I already grabbed it. Looking forward to more of your posst.

  44. I loved reading your post. Love those placemats. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Your post is Wickedly clever. I adore all the Wicked projects you created and shared how to make them. Thank you for joining this Wicked Fun Hop. BOO-tiful...

  46. What a great post and lovely fun wickedly cute placemats!

  47. Oh what fun!! Thank you for sharing such fun projects!!

  48. Wellll...I know why you forgot the close-up of a was because of those pesky finishing seams that we weren't allowed to look back on!!!! I'm glad to hear that someone else thinks about that last seam - it always drives me to drink! Love the placemats and to think they came from one panel - adorable. Thanks for another fun blog entry; always a joy for me.

  49. You should have cast a spell on your husband until you were done with your project. ; ) Your placemats and coasters are beautiful.

  50. Super fun posting...luv the panel and the hexie coasters are adorable. Thanks for sharing in this spooktacular blog hop!! Happy Haunting, Pauline

  51. Love your projects but I think I love your ruler shadow play the best, lol!

  52. Hi Lynnnnnnn I can always depend on you for not only a wicked display of projects…check…but also to be entertained, check…and always leave with a smile…check..

  53. what wicked place mats ... the perfect think to put Dinner on..... ;0)
    thanks sew much for sharing
    in stitches

  54. Fantastic placemats! You made me smile this morning! Thanks for your awesome post.

  55. Love your placemats. Thanks for the tut. I love learning something new. The hexi mug rug are fun! thanks for sharing.

  56. You are very funny! I have heard of this thing called "dinner" but I still don't understand it. Ha ha. I love the placemats! And I did not go back and check to see if the edges are straight. They turned out great!!!


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