Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2014

I am so thrilled to be entering a quilt
for the very first time in
Amy's Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2014
happening now, over at Amy's Creative Side.

Everyone has a chance of winning some 
pretty nifty giveaways from the festivals awesome sponsors!
So when you're finished here...
remember to check out the Festival link for more details.

Thank you so much Amy Ellis for giving all of us a chance to participate!

This quilt festival isn't about 'judging'...
it's purely for inspiration
and to share what we love...quilting!

Be sure to click the link above (or below...they are everywhere) to visit the Festival...
it's a feast for the will feed your creative spirit!

I am entering just one quilt....
and very excited to share our girl...
"Magnolia Blossom"

I made this as a memory quilt after we lost our sweet
"Magnolia Blossom" early last year.
(aka: "Maggie" to her friends)

It was the first time I'd ever tried a more realistic portrait quilt
completely from scratch.
I worked from a few different photo's of Maggie...
below was one of the last ones I had of her, only a day before she passed.

I made a sketch...

I found a free wallpaper design online of magnolia blossoms,
scanned my sketch, and imposed it over the wallpaper
to get a feel for the design.

I then dug into my stash....and played.

Originally started for the "Say It With Flowers" blog hop last year,
you can read more details here - it remained as you see below,
for almost 8 months.
(photo'd on a piece of the purple batik used in the skinny border)

The machine applique stitching was all done...
but the top was in 'lim-bone' after the first border.
I really didn't want to make it much larger...
just didn't know how I wanted to end it.

And then....
On Jan.23rd, the one year anniversary of Maggie's passing...
 I received the most exciting email of my life!
Ricky Tims had chosen our sweet girl
to be included in an article he was writing for
"The Quilt Life"

I was over the moon!
Alas...the quilt was not done
but of course I wasn't going to let this chance of a lifetime
pass me by!

So on that Jan 23rd...a day I dreaded,
knowing the memories would make me weepy...
I hustled and bustled like a crazy woman...
dancing and smiling all the way...
and by late afternoon
Magnolia Blossom was finished, save for the binding
which was finished that evening.

The overall quilt measures approx. 20"x 24".

I used batiks for the background, borders and binding.
Lot's of scraps from my stash for the applique design.

Bob stippled the center on his longarm...
I stitched all the ditches and borders on my trusty ole Pfaff.

There's a lovely label on the backside...
you can see that and read more about Maggie's "Coming Out Party"
just click on the image below

I was not sure which category to enter my quilt.
There is a category for small quilts...she fits there....
one for applique...machine or hand...plenty of that...
one for yourself with fabric...I did...
Then I saw the perfect spot...

Maggie will be listed in...
Original Designs Quilts

Because not only IS this design straight out of my head....
Maggie was definitely an original!

Photo Credit: Ricky Tims 2014

Maggie's quilt was professionally photographed in La Veta, Colorado by
The Man Himself...Thank you Ricky Tims!
What an honor...I am so blessed!

Photo Credit: Ricky Tims 2014

Voting for your favorites will begin May 23rd
Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2014

There are so many awesome quilts...
I hope Maggie gets a few votes...
but really and truly...
just getting to share our girl in "The Quilt Life"
and now with you...
that's winning enough!


  1. What a sweet way to remember such a beautiful pup!

  2. What a wonderful quilt and tribute. Original, indeed. Beautiful, for sure. Worthy of recognition and professional photography. Lovely, Lynn.

  3. What a beautiful memory quilt! And how fun that it was included by Ricky, making it even more special.


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