Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I SEE You....It's September! What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Where DID the summer go?
It can't possibly be September!
But alas, it is...and here we are... 
Day 1 of the 
See You In September Blog Hop!

It seemed like it was forEVER ago that we signed up to participate in this hop
sponsored by the wonderful as always
along with the help of Head Cheerleader
Be sure to visit them soon and give them a cyber-hug for all their hard work!

Summer may have started in June...
but for me it really began July 1st with the first ever
coast to coast
Row by Row Experience Shop Hop.
There was no summer vacation for the Spouse and this little Mouse!

All my summer sewing plans went pretty much by the wayside...
NOT that I wasn't sewing...
Oh My...I Never Stopped!

I completed 8 different samples of our shop row by row pattern
"All Tied Up With A Bow".
These are four themed kits we offered
Dog & Cats Chrismas
(as I ran out of samples had to be made...but I'm only showing you 4)

We'll call this project ONE.

The Row by Row shop hop was a total summer success!

We might be in Florida...
but we definitely are not on the tourist route.
However the shop hop changed that this year....
and we are grateful...VERY grateful!

I spent every shop working day
cutting endless kits!
I can cut them in my sleep.
I can sew rows in my sleep.
Actually...I can't do either...but it sure would have been nice!
We had over 300 hoppers
Cut and sold over 250 kits!

Per the rules...the hop ended yesterday, Sept 2nd.
We can not make our designs available via internet/email or sell our patterns until November 1st.
So I invite you back at midnight on the first of November...
the pattern for our row as shown above
will be available here as a FREE download!
Mark your calendar!

Project 2
It's no secret...we've met and made some of the sweetest friends
by way of the local donut shop.
Alas...the shop closed last January...
but we kept in touch with an August-Bride-To-Be....
and of course...
nothing says "Make A Quilt"
like a wedding!

Their colors.... see them above...
Lime Green and Shocking Pink!
I gave them their choice...
bed quilt or lap.
They chose a queen size quilt for their bed.
The only request our dear bride had...
was to include their initial...
in the center of the quilt.
Leighann came to the quilt shop....
I let her suggest fabrics...
she didn't care...
as long as it was pink and green...
but she did Love that plaid you see!

Here's the quilt done
Of all the fabrics, naturally the plaid had the least on the bolt.
Isn't that always the way?
But we made it work!

The bride and groom held their 'country wedding'
in a transformed working barn!
Yards and yards of pink, green and white tulle
was suspended from the rafters...
wrapped around poles...
hundreds of twinkling lights were strung up!

We were so touched that they included the quilt in their wedding decor!
It was a beautiful afternoon for a wonderful couple!

Project 3
When this hop was first announced...
I started making hexies with mini gingham check from Riley Blake.
I made oodles.
I had NO idea what I would do with them.
As it turned out....
they are still sitting safely in their little project tote...
waiting to grow up and be something.

I had another idea to make a baby quilt of gingham.
I wanted it a little bit modern.
And then the row by row shop hop happened.
So the baby quilt...

I love it even more!
I'm really into little quilts...
this makes me smile!
The 6" blocks shrank down to 3-1/2" finished.
I think I'm calling this
"Gingham Bubbles"

The blocks are very easy to make.
Choose your "bubble" fabric...
-cut 3" squares for each block
-cut 4 background squares at 1-1/4" for the 'corners' - attach, flip, press - (trim excess) - done.
-Sew background strips to two side as shown - sizes given are CUT size!
Easy peasy!

Here's how I laid them out - of course you can have fun arranging your bubbles any way you want!

Border (or not) as desired.
I added a scrappy of each 'mod' touch.

The mini measures 18"x24".
It took me 6 hours and two full bobbins to quilt.
I did echo quilting with my walking foot.
I'm in love!

But wait!
There were SCRAPS!
And truth be told....
I love the scrappy projects
(if that's possible)

I cut the left over gingham into 1-1/2" strips...
added 1-1/2" strips of the Riley Blake grey Shades...
(ok...the Shades wasn't really leftover...but we can just pretend...)

I made 2" Finished double rails...
7-1/2" tall x "not a clue wide" because I wrote it down wrong in my notes...
 and the quilt is at the shop...
I am not...Aaaaaack! 

No get the idea.

Quilting detail below

There were 4 rail blocks leftover...
so naturally....a pincushion was born.
Isn't it darling?

But wait...there were "ends" of the rail strips....
can't let them go to waste....
selvages and all!

Add a scrappy of binding fab from the quilt...
Pincushion back!
I can't decide which side I like better!

So there you have it.
My summer sewing.
Rows and Rows...Quilts Big and Small...and a Pincushion!
I still can't believe it's September!

Be sure to visit these remarkable bloggers below...
they're sew excited to show you what they did this summer!

Thx for the visit!

 Wednesday, September 3
Sew Incredibly Crazy
Bumbleberry Cottage
u r here ->Thimblemouse and Spouse <-thx 4 the visit!
Mad Quilter's Disease
In The Boon Docks

Here's the rest of the show!

Don't forget to tune in each day!

Thursday, September 4
Grandmama's Stories

Thursday, September 11

Friday, September 12

Thursday, July 24, 2014

College Days Blog Hop - Tickle Those Ivories Tutorial

Welcome to my day!

Thank you
Soma of Whims and Fancies
for organizing such a fun hop...
hopefully you've been following along...
such amazing blocks!

I relived so many sweet memories of my college days
as I worked on my 10" block to share with you today.
As a "Music Major" there was no doubt
my block would "sing"....

My 'instrument' was Voice...
I remember a few semesters of opera....

4 years of singing with friends....

I loved playing the piano...
although I was a much better singer...
than a tickler of the ivories.

However, it's a lot easier to imagine a block with a piano theme....
after all...I didn't think an applique of "vocal chords" held that much appeal!

This is an extremely photo packed tutorial today...
thanks for your patience...
it might take a bit to load...

(We could sing together while we're

The finished block above and below
show my 10.5" block sitting on assorted prints...
this is just for the pics...

The block is made with two primary fabrics:
I've been saving a fat quarter of that grey music print
for just the right project.

For the white piano keys...

Little scrappies of solid black and dark grey are used for the black keys.

You'll also need a wee strip of a contrasting color for the 'shadow strip'
more about that when you get to that step.

Time for Class!

When stitching the 'corner'
you will notice I changed my 'stitch' setting to a straight stitch...
just a plain, regular ole straight stitch.
It took a little longer to keep switching back and forth...but worth it.
I zigged and zagged along the edge of the grey fab...
STOPPING at the "corner" with needle DOWN...
changed setting...stitched down the 'corner'...
pause with needle DOWN...
turn around...stitched back UP the corner...
needle down...
switched back to zig-zag and continued the edges.
(sounds confusing...but when you do's pretty simple)

Next you will need to prepare your G-Clef.
To print pattern for G-Clef
click the image above or HERE

Thanks for the visit!
I hope you will tickle the ivories soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Skinny Sunday - Chocoholic Anonymous

Can't help it...
I LOVE Chocolate!

True confession:
There is always a bag of Dark Chocolate M&M's in my freezer.
It sits right next to the bag of Midnight Milky Way Minis, keeping company.
(nothing worse, than lonely chocolate)
Not a day goes by that I don't enjoy a wee bite of one or the other
(ok...another confession: sometimes....both!)

The nice thing about Weight Watchers...
nothing is *off limits*
as long as you don't go
As long as you know when...
Enough is Enough!

Thankfully I can be very happy with 2 or 3 points plus of my
Dark Obsession...
I realize not everyone can do that...
but it helps me 

I just stumbled upon a new (to me) website today....
If you are a Chocoholic too
but want to 'be good'
then you must visit 

I do believe she is my new HERO.
Be forewarned...
her sweet images will make you swoon!
Be sure to click on the
*nutritional info* link
that accompanies each recipe...
there you will find the "points plus" values.

She is without a doubt a *sweet find*...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We Interrupt this Skinny Sunday....

Sorry sweet followers....
there will be No Skinny Sunday today.

There has been
here in usually Sunny Florida!

On Saturday we returned home from the shop
to find a
in our mouse house!

Still trying to dry out...
See you next Sunday!

UPDATE...Sunday morning...
Lemonade from Lemons....
Sometimes we forget what we have...
It takes a little shaking up to remind us...
Going thru soggy bottom boxes...
I rediscovered my Moms China...

No mood to cook last night...
but dear friend Crystal brought homemade Mexi Bean Salsa
and very *special* Jello to our shop earlier in the day.
Looks pretty sweet on those Nautilus plates dontcha think?

It's so good to have friends!


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