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Christmas in July Blog Hop

Sew excited to be a part of the
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My most favorite things to make lately have been Tray Mats!
I am simply obsessed!

We've never been ones to worry about placemats - 
I guess because we don't have an actual dining table to eat our meals at.
(I kid you not! 
Got rid of it years ago when all it did was gather 'stuff' 
and there was never any room to eat on it anyways - LOL)

Since it's just the hubbs and me, we relax at dinner time and watch tv as we eat.
I know, I know....
-we should be talking to each other...
-we should be paying attention to our food...

But remember now, we work together 24/7 - we ride to and from work together
Believe me...
We talk plenty!

And about the food?
Oh My! 
No worries there!
I enjoy and savor Each and Every Bite!

Ok, back to our mats!

I love making mats for our wooden trays - they keep our dishes from flying around....
But mainly....

Our trays allow for a 10-3/4" x 18-1/2" finished mat.
You can make yours any size - adjust what needs adjusting and just have fun!

Here's a quick peek at how I make ours!

1) Focus Fabric (cats) - cut one strip 6-1/2" x width of fabric
2) Accent strip (green) - cut 2 strips 1" x width of fabric
3)Outer Border (red) - cut 2 strips 2" x width of fabric

The Accent and Wider Border strips are sewn ONLY to the top and Bottom!

You can sew these in place working with the Whole Width of Fabric
Cut the fabrics for the width you will need
(as in my case: 18-1/2")

Press seams - layer with your choice of batting and backing.
Quilt as desired and bind using your favorite method.

I quilt simple vertical lines most of the time.
I LOVE to use Painters Tape as my guide - No Marking! MeOwZa!!!!

Place tape on center of mat

Stitch on each side to start.
It's better to stitch a bit away from the tape to keep from stitching THRU the tape
(ask me how I know! Ha)

Move the tape (remember that little space) and continue quilting.

Once you have quilted across your mat using the tape - you can go back and  "eyeball" another quilting line down the center between previous quilted lines.

All quilted and ready for binding.
I cut 3 strips at 2-1/4" using the accent fabric.

These mats were trimmed and binding was attached on the backside,
then flipped to the front for quick machine finishing.



Dinner is Served
Christmas In July!
(and BTW it was deeee-licious even if the stuffed zuchinni was just a tad overdone!)

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The Thimble Mouse and Spouse

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Today-Tuesday-July 24

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  1. Gosh, those are cute! You can have any season or holiday ready to go in just a couple of hours, I'm guessing, once you've made a few and gotten the hang of it. I love tape as a guideline, and I first used it in hand quilting! Dinner looks good, too. =)

    1. Thanks Susan and you’re so right...easy and fast for any holiday, season, reason, or just because!!!! A fun mat makes even a tuna sandwich feel special!

  2. Perfect Christmas gift, thanks for sharing. Love your post, it had me smiling all the way through. Heading over to follow you 😊

  3. Tray mats are fun to make. We made a batch last Christmas for everone.

  4. Fun post! What a great way to enjoy your favourite fabrics everyday!

  5. Cute mats! I think tray mats are a great idea. And I know what you mean about not having much to talk about sometimes; my husband and I are together so much we experience the same thing.

  6. Oh what a nice read!!! Your mats are just adorable too!

  7. Great idea! What a lovely way to spruce up the tv trays.

  8. These are really, really cute. I can see making these for Holidays or just for everyday. Thank you for sharing. (My husband and I are both retired and together 24/7 so sometimes we just enjoy the quiet.)

  9. Your tray mats are super cute -- what a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  10. cute... I love the little mice sledding on the ribbon candy! Great idea with the placemats (traymats)!

  11. We have a dining room table that no one eats at, but it makes a great cutting table because it is one of those high tables. Watching TV and eating is perfect for us two oldies, but we don't have mats for our trays. That needs to change after seeing the beautiful mats you made...love it! Painter's tape is one of my favorite ways to get those straight lines, too. Thanks for sharing how to make the mats and for hopping along with us. Lynn, I knew your post would give me a smile this morning and you did not disappoint! :O)

  12. My husband and I also eat dinner watching tv. We enjoy doing that. We don't use trays but I like the idea. I'll be on the lookout for some. Our kitchen table is a junk collector. Just last weekend it took me 15 minutes to put everything in it's proper place.

  13. Great tray mats! Love your Christmas kitty fabric. This would have been perfect for my husband and me a year ago when, like you, we ate in front of the tv. We have moved our dinners to the table now since our new dog likes to help himself to anything within reach! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  14. this is a wonderful idea. it is only my husband and i now also. and after a long day at work my husband likes to eat in front of the tv. a tray with a mat would be perfect. thanks for the great idea
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  15. Great project and good idea for using painters tape to mark the lines. I laughed at your zucchini comment because it's always so easy to over cook that particular veggie. I usually roast it with lime and olive juice but it's so frequent that it's over done here too!

  16. Good Morning! I had to giggle right out loud - we talk plenty! Blah blah blah. HAHA! I love this idea. We don't eat at the table either and haven't for years and years. In fact, the table hosts plants year round except for Christmas Eve and any other time we have people over. We just use a lap desk but I love the idea of trays instead. Hmm, and these mats are just perfect for keeping the tray nice and clean. Fabulous! Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. Yep, your in good company...cause we never use a table either. Love your tray mat! I'm really going to have to look into a tray. My lap usually serves as my tray! LOL!! Such cute kitties to don the holidays!

  18. I understand totally, don't ever use the dining room cause it's too much work to keep it clear. We do use the kitchen table but need to slide the lap tops out of the way before we can eat ( each meal ) Can't use trays due to 2 very spoiled dogs that have right of way to the couch. Only place they don't bother us is the kitchen table. The only real rule that they follow.
    Love the ease of those tray mats. Will definitely resize a bit and make some placemats. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I love your tribute statue, fabulous.

  19. Those mats are just the cutest done up in those cat fabrics! Thx for sharing your process with us on your day.

  20. This was a delightful and funny post! Your useful mat will be fun to use and it's the perfect size.

  21. What a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. I love your tray liners, such a neat idea!

  23. Place mats or tray toppers - same thing! And you've come up with a very festive way to celebrate the holidays.


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