Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maggie Gives 4 Paws "UP" for Annual "Pets on Quilts Contest"

Very early this morning... about 3am to be exact...insomnia struck so I took advantage and caught up a bit on my blog reading. I stumbled across the most FUN contest..starting August 1st!
It's called "Pets On Quilts" 
Woof! Woof!

Maggie is sooooo excited about this contest...she's been hounding me all day to find her favorite "Dog on a Quilt" picture (which just so happens to feature her "Highness"..imagine that) and indeedy...I found one.
  The contest starts August 1st - so check back here then to see the pic that Maggie's approved. 
There's also a category for quilts with 'pets' and I found the perfect little wall hanging I made that was inspired by our Midnite- (our Miss Catness Supreme -she made her first appearance here in the "Pondering" blog on Sunday).
Do you love your pets? Do you have an entry to share? Click on the badge on the sidebar to visit our friends at Lilypad Quilting and CATch the scoop on how you can enter your furry and quilted friends.
Don't forget...come back here August 1st to check out our entries and be sure to leave a comment if you are entering the contest....Maggie and I want to visit you too!

Lynn "The Thimblemouse" >"<


  1. Wonderful post -- thanks so much for the shout out! We appreciate our PR Angels!
    Thanks for helping me with the trial linky party, too! I've only had one person have a problem with it, so I think that's pretty good! :)

    1. Glad to help however we can Snoodles - I'm new in blogland and thrilled that I could master the 'linky' - ok, I guess one linky doesn't a master make...but you know what I mean. Here's to a GREAT PETS ON QUILTS Contest!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the fun.


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