Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Ponderings....

I love Sundays...a day to least it should be...we rarely do.
The 'spouse' does let me sleep in an extra hour or two which is so absolutely marvelous...and makes for a much happier 'mouse'.
Our Sunday morning ritual includes a light brunch at our favorite bistro. After that it's usually errands accomplished that we can't do during the work week. But alas...sometimes it's 'work' - and today was the day to lock ourselves in back at the shop for a couple hours of uninterrupted sewing time. 
Bob had a quilt to to the longarm he went.
I gathered some patterns for applique tracing...but once gathered...lost the 'urge' to trace...haha. So instead I played with 4 patches. The squares have been sewn in 'twosies' for so long it was nice to have the time to put them together.
One of the aides who cares for my Mom at her ALF is having a baby! In fact...looking at the calendar...her little bambino is probably here. Her nursery colors for her first little 'girl' are brown and pink and green. I have a yummy print that's been waiting for just the right project...and in my head...a simple setting...
Sometimes it's good to let things sit in your head for awhile. If you have the luxury of time and a design wall...put your arrangement up - look - walk away - then come back and look again. Sometimes it helps to take a picture of what you think you want to do and then ponder awhile. 
I wasn't "in love" with the idea in my head once I laid it out as you see in the picture above. And I'm so glad I haven't cut the yummy print up yet (I just placed the 4-patches over the yardage to get a feel).
I've since returned home and glad for the picture...still pondering. I've done laundry...still pondering. I've played with EQ (Electric Quilt - a great program for your computer to 'build' all kinds of quilts which I do and I ponder a LOT there too - ha).
I wore myself out pondering and like Scarlett O'Hara says "...tomorrow's another day" so I'm taking a cue from Ms.Midnight...

 I'll stretch out and be lazy...Sunday is almost over's time to ponder about supper...but lucky me..the spouse has that under control!
Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting.
Lynn "The Thimblemouse" - >"<

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  1. Pondering is a good thing in my book, Lynn. Sometimes I get my best inspiration just staring out at the lovely scenery from my upstairs deck. That baby quilt will come together as it is supposed to if you let the inspiration muse have full rein. Good luck!!


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