Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Ya'll

No tricks...just treats
The spouse and I have been away on a much needed vacation down in St.Pete Beach, FL....just a rocks throw from here in the grand scheme of things. We didn't get back until late last night and though I tried to stay up until midnight my time to let Mr.Random pick our winner for the "Chocolate" Moda Charm pack - I just couldn't keep my eyes open. 
So here we go.....entering the numbers.....hitting "Generate" and we get Lucky #5!
Let's see who #5 would be....
Looks like Lucky Mary Ann!
Congrats Mary Ann...your charms will be mailed soon!

Meanwhile...after 11 days's kinda hard getting back into the swing of things. I even got dressed twice this morning, forgetting it was Halloween....couldn't leave home without my orange socks.....
...that's about it for a costume...LOL

My friend Sandie is one of the gals that took over our shop while we were gone and she is just the most thoughtful person I know, ALWAYS thinking of things I wish I'd thought of. She left the spouse and me Halloween Jaguar cups no less....and lookie lookie what's in Mine!!!!

Can you believe Sandie? That's a friend!!!....lots of Weight Watchers 1pp candy - English Toffee and Pecan Crowns!!!! What you can't see in the bottom are sugar free Werthers "apple caramels"- yummy...I'm having one now.. and sugar free gum! 
(oh dear....gum....I love gum....but I can only enjoy it in private - I tend to get carried away chewing gum.....Bob says when I chew gum...I'm like a ....well...
you get the picture....)

Bob told me his cup was loaded with sunflower seeds. He just went out to the store for a few supplies and I thought I'd sneak a peek....
...D'you see any sunflower seeds???? Hmmmm???? Didn't think so....but thanks Sandie (I know you'll be reading this) for hiding my Reese's in Bob's Jaguar cup! LOL

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween...if you're into the spirit that is.

On a more serious note - anyone out there that's been effected by Storm Sandy - we're thinking good thoughts for you and hoping that you'll soon be back to some kind of normal. I just can't imagine what kind of devastation is out there. We were lucky here in Florida and I am so grateful for that, but my heart just breaks for those out there whose lives have detoured....changed...or worse. 
Prayers for all.
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse  >"<


  1. How nice to be able to have a little get-away! (I'm green with envy, since the hubster and I would love to head down to FL and toast a day or two, just lookin' at the ocean. LOL) Love the socks!

  2. WHOO HOO! Thanks for picking me, Lynn. If it snows again in 2013 on my BD, you, Bob and Gail are invited to come up party and play with me!

  3. Glad you had a nice holiday, Lynn. Great socks and halloween treats - yum! By the way I loved your cat patchwork in the previous post, lovely work.


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