Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Catching Up

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of a quilt top I designed using "Good Vibrations" from Windham Fabrics. It was fun and fast and easy to do using simple 5" cut squares and 4-1/2"finished 4 Patches. I used a bundle of 7 fat quarters with the addition of 1/2yd background fabric for the 4 patches - and of course a bit more fab for the borders. 

I had hoped to have this top quilted by now (ok...who am I fooling? ME? Quilt? That's the Spouse's job and the good news he has his little mouse paws full of customers quilts - the bad news...I still just have a "top"). I promised I would post some simple instructions here so if you have a fabulous fat quarter bundle of at least 6 fabrics you can give this little quilt a try. Remember you will also need 1/2 yd 'background' and fabrics for borders - that's all listed below. The quilt as shown is approx 51"x60".
To simulate this layout...I will show you the fabrics I used and you can see where I placed them in the picture above. Use your own fabrics in place - I can't wait to see what you come up with!
* * * * *
Cut 5" squares in the quantities as follows: (I used 5 different could even use just 4 and make the grey row and zig-zaggy row just ONE fabric)

From two more coordinated fat quarters (Red - Black) I cut 2-3/4" x width of Fat Q strips (6 from each fabric) - and the same from my 'background' fabric (the little notes on white)...if you cut strips from full width of fabric (44"/45") you will only need to cut 3. 

Combining the Red+Background strips I made 20 4-Patches. Same with the Black+Background:
Follow the layout from the picture of the quilt top above to make your center.

For the Borders: (this is what I used) - measurements cut width of fabric - when piecing for lengths needed - I pc'd on the straight edge (not on the bias).
Border 1: 1/4yd (Black music print - different than all the fats used) - cut 4 strips@ 1-3/4"
Border 2: 3/8yd (Grey - same as used in center) - cut 5 strips @ 2-1/4"
Border 3: 3/4yd ( Black - same used in 4 patches) - cut 5 strips @ 4-1/2"

Binding: 3/8 - 1/2 yd (depending on the size you like to cut - mine is always 2-1/4")
Backing: 3-1/4 for straight horizontal piecing
* * * * *
Maybe one day I will learn how to add a 'flicker' group so you can add pictures if you happen to make anything I've shown you - I would SO LOVE to see your creations! Maybe today will be the day...let me see if I can figure this out....don't go away....

Well's done...we have a flicker group and I hope you'll show us your stuff!

(please somebody leave a comment and let me know I'm not the only one who thinks 'out loud' and 'in print')

That's almost all...just a quick update on Mom...she's still in the hospital *sigh* - spirits are still good and she looks wonderful...but these dang ole meds just aren't getting the job done. One day we're happy - the next at a friend Kornelia said it's a "Roller Coaster Ride" - and both Mom and I are so ready to leave that amusement park!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse 


  1. I like the way you have used your fabrics here and I like the restricted range of colours. The ziz-zaggy patches really give the quilt a zing.

  2. Oh Lynn, this is beautiful. I love those prints with musical notes on them. I love to play music :-)


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