Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Time To Let The Cat Out of the Bag - Tammy Bag Blog Hop - My Day

I'm SEW excited to be participating in the
Tammy Bag Blog Hop
featuring this awesome pattern
expertly designed and
so generously shared with us
blog hoppers
by the
equally awesome and oh sew generous

It's been eons since I've made a bag and I'll let you in on a little secret...
I jumped into the hop....
(because it's what I do)
but when I really REALLY started thinking about making this cute little bag...
I got a little 'bag shy'.
I can follow a pattern and the Madames' instructions were spot on...
thankfully very easy to follow...
but I'd never tackled a metal purse frame closure before....
(so made me just a wee bit nervous)

I Did It!!!!
Woot Woot!!!!

Isn't it just the cutest little bag you ever laid your
baby blues on?
(just noticed...the daiseys are really white...ah...I see my camera has a mind of it's own)

Dear Madame asked that we take a few different shots of our bag... it up and take a peek inside....
Here Goes....

da dumm...
da dumm...
da dumm, da dumm, da dumm....

It's ..........


Oh My!
So that's where he went.....
This is "He Who Has No Name"

Actually, I still call him "Baby"...
C'mon Baby...time to wakie uppie....

H.W.H.N.N. is Mia and Jaxson's little brother...
an absolute charmer...
and if we had room at the "inn"
there's no doubt he'd have a real name by now.
But alas...we must find him a 'furever' home...
tho the truth...with each passing day...
our hearts are growing more and more attached. back to some serious
of course, I would never keep a cat in a bag...
so here is what my bag

Sewing Stuff!

...the nifty "thread bed" ended thimble (the only kind I can use)....oops, I see a little baggie of hexies that I promised my friend I would stitch up by this Saturday....a poker/pointer/turner 'thread heaven'....tweezers...ripper de-stitcher...2 FriXion gel pens...a little wooden painted needle holder a dear friend made me years ago....and a quilted needle/pin holder that I made with scraps from the bag.

Thank You Madame Samm!
Again you've challenged me to create...
I just LOVE my Tammy Bag!!!!

To see MORE wonderful Tammy Bag creations...
please click the picture below for the full
schedule of hoppees.
(usually here I would insert today's line-up....but my computer is being a bit finicky and won't let me copy and paste the list properly....ok...I'm sure it's operator error -me- and not my computer...but that sounded so much
Updated...I couldn't stand not listing my bag lady friends hopping with me I played around a little more and here we go (thanks Lisa from In the Boon Docks...I snitched this list from

Thursday July 13th
Les @ Les Quilts
Marlene @ Stitchin by the lake
Lisa @ In The Boon Docks
Anjeanette @ by Anjeanette
Kristen @ Meadowbrook
Marica @ Englating
Lynn @ Thimblemouse & Spouse
Gingini @ Gingini's Crafts and Quilts
Linda J @ life, quilts and a cat too
Nicole @ Ninis Patchwork Blog
Judith @ How ART you?

Don't forget...leave your comment on
Madame Samm's page
for a chance to win something really special
from sponsors Riley Blake and DOVO Scissors.

One last Update (promise)...If you would like to make 
your OWN Tammy Bag...
well guess are in luck!!!!
You can purchase Madame Samm's pattern 
at Craftsy!

I'll end with a few quick pics of my little needle/pin holder...
I was going to let
"He Who Has No Name"
end the show....
but I can't find him for a picture....
he's probably asleep in another

I made my 'fabric' with scraps from the bag...
and thought I was so clever, quilting it as I went to batting...
of course forgetting I would be stitching again when I added the felt....
Stitched thru all layers...this is where the folds will be
(I put the little velcro closure in the wrong spot...
so I had to fold it up 'my way'
But it works...that's all that matters.

Thanks for stopping's been ages since I've written a post.
It looks like I'm taking a wee summer break....
but I will be back for the next blog hop if not sooner.
Sometimes life just has a way...of well...getting in the way....

See you sooner than later....
I hope.

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Your Tammy bag is beautiful! What a sweet model HWHNN is, and he looks sew sweet in your bag! Love the needle holder. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful bag but I must say I really love the contents - the fluffy one peaking out of the bag - so darling !!!

  3. Such a great Tammy and I love what you did to the pckets! So cute! And the furry friend inside, awesome!

  4. Oh, what a joy to read this post! I love your kitten, your Tammy and your prairie points! :D

  5. Great bag - I love the prairie points you added!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Your right....this is one of the cutest bags i have seen!
    I love the praire points idea. :-)

  7. So very cute, with the first "guest". The Tammy look lovely too....
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, I really like your fabrics. Fantastic job on your bag. And made even more precious with your fur baby!

  9. So sweet your bag and your kitten.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Gorgeous Tammy! I love your choice of fabric and colors!

  11. Oh your bag came out wonderful.....Love the colors they are my favorite...and well the little baby inside he just went to well with the design, great job.

  12. Well, your photos are not loading and the last one is only loaded about 1/3rd of the way.. but once I clicked on that partial photo, they all show up on the pop out. Blogger is being his little self this morning over here on your blog.

    But I have to tell you that those prairie points on your tammy are awesome! Gotta make my next one with those!

  13. Lynn I love your daisies but those prairie points - well, just perfect is all I can say! I wish I'd thought of that. :) blessings, marlene

  14. Oh Lynn....just love your Tammy bag...great fabric choice.

  15. Adorable -- love the points! And that kitten is so precious! You're absolutely right, by the way, I DO need to buy this pattern!

  16. Beautiful Tammy! I love your fabric and colors.Great pics.

  17. Your bag is fabulous! I so love the colors.Thank you for participating in the hop.

  18. Haha! We have a SWHNN at our house, and have been trying to find HER a home....LOL Love your bag!

  19. How did you stuff that kitty in there with all that other stuff ? LOL Love the colors you chose C-U-T-E !

  20. Love your bag and the photos with the sewing machine and especially with the the kitty!

  21. Lynn your little nameless kitty is adorable! He must be small to fit inside the bag. Your bag is great and I love those prairie point accents too.

  22. Your bag is beautiful! I LOVE the colors!!! And that kitten is just adorable!

  23. nice bag. love the black and yellow combination

  24. What a great way to start my day by strolling through this post and enjoying the view of your bag, the needle holder, and that that kitty! The fabric and those cute little points as trim are just perfect for this bag. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  25. without a doubt you know how to shake our world....I soooooooo love your bag, with its prairie point and that very lifelike feline lol. it is your needle case too..what an absolutely delightful pattern... you rock

  26. Your bag is sew sweet! Awww ... what a cute kitten. He is hiding in your bag so you will keep him forever. He knows a good place! Thanks for showing all you sewing tools. I love checking out what is everyone's sewing kits. I use thread heaven all the time. I have never seen on of those open ended thimbles ... and I have a hard time finding a comfortable thimble. I think I am going to looking for one of those. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  27. I love the bag fabric choices and who can resist that little kitty face in the bag? Awwwwww. I am surprised he sat still for the photo though!

    Such fun seeing what you will come up with, Lynn.

  28. Love the prairie points! Your bag is gorgeous and deserving of a top spot today.

  29. You made the most adorable bag! So cute! I love the prairie points on it! I had great ideas to make a needle keep that matches, but alas, I ran out of time. Great job!

  30. I love HWHNN in the bag. What an adorable little kitten. I will give him a furever home, but you would have to bring him to Michigan.

    sentrings (at yahoo dot com)

  31. Love the prairie points and extra details...and that kitty? awwwwww!!

  32. Lynn, Your bag is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fabrics that you used and the colors. The addition of the prairie points is so creative and adds so much to it. i really love it!

  33. Such a cute bag and kitty! Thanks for sharing.

  34. The preirie points and buttons are sew cute - Great job!

  35. Great Bag. All your projects are always great.

  36. I love your bag and your kitty! I really like the way you put the points on your bag, it really makes it yours!

  37. Cute colors, kitty & pin holder. Clever bag indeed.

  38. What a wondrful addition he who has no name made to your already wonderful bag. Like the needle/pin holder too

  39. You have put a large smile on my face, but your bag is so smashing. Thanks for sharing

  40. Great bag but I esp love the furry one:) Adorable!!!!!
    At our house there is always room for one more...ok not really since we have 6 now. Gets busy around here sometimes:) but they are better than tv:) haha!

  41. Ahh... love the little kittie in the bag, congrats on 35 years of marriage.

  42. Your did a fantastic job now that you left the cat out of the bag! hehe! Thanks!

  43. I love the bag , your choice of fabrics is perfect , love it!!! The kittie is pretty darn cute too ;-)

  44. Love your bag and the fabrics you chose. Lovely work!

  45. I love your Tammy bag too gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing the funny pictures *lol*
    Liebe Grüße
    in Germany

  46. Rosemary B here: Wow very cute bag! Love the colors and the kitten too

  47. Love your bag and the colors you used. LOL Love the pictures with Baby sticking out of the bag. Too darn funny.

  48. I love the fabrics that you used for your bag and the cute kitten!

  49. Looks like little nameless would like to call Tammy his furever home. Can't blame him. It is fantastic.

  50. Cute post, lovely bag and no name is adorable! Jane

  51. Lynn, I love your bag. It is adorable, and your model fit in just perfectly. You did an awesome job.

  52. I love your bag.The black and yellow makes a lovely contrast. We all need breaks now and then. For some (like students) summer is a time to relax. For others, like gardeners, summer is a very busy time.

  53. That is letting the cat out of the bag. I know the bags are big and you were able to fit the kitten in there, how great is that. You did a great show.

  54. What a cute Cat in a Bag post!! Yep, he skedaddled as soon as the coast was clear!! Sweet baby! Sweet bag, too. Love the prairie points and buttons on the front.

  55. The prairie points are the perfect addition to a sweet bag! Congrats on being one of the chosen.

  56. Lynn, your Tammy bag is gorgeous...luv your color and fabric choices. The prairie points are awesome...and the sweetest little kitten fits perfect inside...thanks for participating and inspiring us with your creativity, great job!! Happy stitching, Pauline


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