Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day Mes Amis

Wishing you All a Beautiful Day!

First and foremost...sending everyone here in blogland
but especially to

She surprised  me with this
New Wonderful Blog LOOK!
Isn't it spectacular?
Didn't she just nail 'tail' us?
I'm still so overwhelmed and absolutely
in LOVE with our Mice!
And she made us both names tags....
mine's at the bottom...

Isn't he just the cutest?
I just want to poke his cute little round tummy!

My heartfelt thanks Dear Madame
I feel so grown up now!
You are the best!
(Gush Gush Gush)

Valentines Day started early....
My dearest darling "Spouse" arranged for a special visitor to the shop yesterday.
That's "Jaxson DeVille"
mascot supreme with the Jacksonville Jaguars

(our very own NFL Football team - as in here in "Florida"...
lordy no, "we the mice" do not own a

It's always a delight to see Jaxson...
of course the 'treats' he brings to share are pretty awesome too!
can you say 'weight watchers worse nightmare?"
oh...but what a way to go!!!!!

Jaxson gave us both the most beautiful Roses...
I quick found a vase...
but then I needed I pretty 'something' to put the vase on.
Can you believe I hadn't made anything Valentine-y?

I thought about a quick 10 minute table runner because
right now I'm in 'crunch mode' at the shop
(inventory, retreat prep, classroom remodeling once we FIND the classroom
..........and I really have no business starting a new project....

Did that STOP me?
What do you think?
(of course if you noticed the opening picture for todays post...
you already know my answer...ha)

Just a partial view up close.
I'll be back with a tutorial and clearer pictures...
when I locate my 'real' camera.

Earlier this week I mugged some rugs....
and posted this on our Facebook Page

Yikes...I did it again.
Started writing this 'quickie' post
at 10am this morning...
it is now almost 4pm.....
I guess it's time to wrap it up before Valentines Day is no more.

But before I go....
Be sure to click over to Madame Samms...
She has oodles of
you don't want to miss.
Dear Madame and my sweet friend
are hosting this oh so sweet blog hop.
Be sure to visit...and tell them I sent you!

The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Your new look is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the little mice. How very appropriate. Love you sweet little mug rugs!

  2. Great new look, Lynn! The little mice are adorable and so right for your blog.

  3. You both make the cutest little mice. You'll have to rub Bob's tummy, I don't think it would be appropriate for me to do so LOL Love your new blog look. So glad you had a great day...looking forward to your tutorial, such pretty mug rugs too!

  4. Lynn your new blog look is wonderful and how sweet of Madame Samm to design it for you too.

  5. Oh, my dear "sista" your new blog is adorable....slimmed down just like the trim new you! Madame Samm is masterful, so the two of you are a great match.


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