Wednesday, January 29, 2014

She Who Sews - Day 3 - Mary Pat and Me

Welcome to Day 3
of this 2 for 1 Blog Hop

Today be sure to visit all of us
Who are Sewing

January 29
 Thimblemouse and Spouse (you are here)

I'm especially excited to share my blog post today with my dear friend
Mary Pat from Quilting Quietly.
Mary Pat joined in her first blog hop when we woke up with Kona.

She is hooked!

Last week I convinced her to play
with one of the great panels from the
"Handmaids" line by Quilting Treasures.

Being a very good "handmaid" herself...
I didn't have to twist her arm too much!

Lookie Look at the Awesome Organizer
Mary Pat maid made....

Did you notice the yardstick 'hanger?'
Isn't she just so darn clever?

Yes...there are pockets to hold stuff

To get inside Mary Pat's head and learn
a little bit more about her project...
to visit MP AND leave her a comment
on her very own page.

Now about those fabric bowls you may have noticed up above...
Let me tell you...
I had a BLAST making them!
I think I know what all my friends are getting for
Christmas this year....
They can hold stuff...
(and boy howdy...stuff I got!)

Mary Pat and I Love our Stuff!

Or...if you just wanna have fun...
and who doesn't want to have fun????
You can....
Nest Them!
How cool is that?

I found the great tutorial for these bowls...
or 'baskets' if you prefer....
at one of my favorite haunts....
A Spoonful of Sugar

I won't go into all the details of making these bowls
(the tutorial link above is really all you need)
but I'll share a few of my favorite bowl making tips!

You will need to make templates for different sizes...
I'm always on the run...
so I use "templates" on hand....

Besides....these templates are way more fun!

Instead of cutting out circles and then sewing/gathering....
I like to stitch on the marked line with the two fabrics and batting sandwiched together.
Now trim out the circle close to the stitched line.

Then I'll ziggy-zag around OVER crochet cotton
(remembering NOT to catch the cc...don't zag when you should zig)
and don't forget to leave
"tails" - you'll need them for pulling
your cc when gathering.
(of course a better photographer would NOT have cut
the Tails outta the

Pull to gather and tie a knot to hold.
(and a better photographer might have even shown you the knot! ha)

Here was the first one finished....
Can we say

You should give them a try...
you'll be addicted...
 and maybe your friends will all get them for Christmas too!

Now before I go...
I know you would be disappointed
if I didn't show you what happened to the little scrappies
left over from when I trimmed those circles.
Yes...I put the 'batting' bits in our dog/kitty bags...
there were some perfectly good little "almost triangles" remaining...
and you KNOW how much I LOVE my muggie rugs......


I used up every bit...
including the yellow binding strip that was left over.

Now I can Sew & Drink my Coffee Too....

and Remember the Fun when
She Who "Sewed"

Thanks again dear Madame Samm
for yet another amazing blog hop challenge!
Be sure to visit
Sew We Quilt
to say sign up for some fabulous giveaways.
visit our Cheerleader/ Heavenly Head Handmaiden
Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks
for the full blog hoppin' schedule
which also includes.....
some of the greatest Door Stops!!!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Awesome the yardstick hanger. Such sew-weet fabric baskets and much rug. Such cool photos! What a yummy post. I'm really loving this fabric!

  2. The little baskets and the organizer looks so handy and "sew" cute. Thanks for the little tut on how you made the baskets! :0)

  3. I always enjoy your humor, great post! Those baskets are so yummy and I must have some! Your little mug rug just eats me up with envy. I sew need one in my new sewing nook. I love that you shared your post and added even more to the hop. I'm off to do a little cheering on Mary Pat's blog. She made a fantastic organizer. Love the yard stick hanger.
    Thanks for hopping. I always leave your post with a smile on my face. :)

  4. Your baskets are divine! Thank you for the tutorial and the quickie circle idea.

  5. Thanks, Lynn, to the links to Mary Pat's creations and to the tutorial for the fabric bowls. Thanks also for showing your fabulous tips for making these bowls easy. {{{{{{quilty hugs}}}}} ... from another Mary Pat

  6. Love your baskets…thanks for the tips and link!! Will check out Mary Pat's cute organizer :)

  7. Love them! Yes, we can definately say CUTENESS! - off to Mary Pats to leave a comment too. You guys rock!

  8. Will have to make these baskets...gave spoonful of sugar a comment also. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  9. Oh ziggyzaggy Lynn, you always make me laugh early in the morning, and that is not very easy!!! The bowls are great, I have to try them out, even making bigger ones, so that my cats will definitely have once a X-mas present.... LOL
    your are great, hugs from Switzerland

  10. Thank you for the tips! Love those nesting bowls!!

  11. Your fabric bowls are so cute. Thanks for sharing you tips. Have a great day

  12. I can tell that you and Mary Pat had a blast making these projects. I like your templates. I need to learn from that and not spend good time and money on making or purchasing templates. Thanks for a great blog. I had fun visiting.

  13. Awesome as usual Lynn. I love those baskets. I have some I made awhile back, but your post makes me want to make more out of new fabric! Mary Pat's organizer is great too.

  14. Your baskets are too cute. Back in the day I used to make bowls and sell them around town... but I would cut a circle out of an old quilt, dip it in modge podge and drape it over a bowl and put a rubber band around it to hold it tight until it dried. Then I would cut a long skinny strip of fabric and twist roll that and dip it in modge podge. Once dry I used it for the handle.

    Bowl making has come a long way. lol

  15. Hello Lynn,
    as always a great pleasure to visit your blog.
    I love thes bskets, and I must make some for my self too,
    pehaps immeadely or should I clean my house first... lol
    Mary Pats organizer is amasing too, what a great idea!

  16. What a neat idea of stitching plastic on the front of the organizer so what is in the pocked is not hidden. Smart friend. Those baskets are wonderful. Thank you for the lovely idea. I can see a basket in y future.

  17. Great projects. I really love your bowls; thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Cute baskets. Thanks for sharing the link.

  19. Great bowls!! And someone else has an organizer....nice!!!!

  20. cuteness factor is always there in your creations..I adore the stacked bowls idea…and very practical too….mug rug just plain sweet.

  21. Great organizer, and I love those bowls. Ohhhh I see a new project on my horizon!
    Thanks for that! :-)

  22. Cuteness is right! I love the quilt but the bowls - oh my, they are darling. And so perfect for holding just anything! blessings, marlene

  23. Love your basket, such beautiful colours

  24. Mary Pat's project is so pretty and useful!
    Your bowls are perfect! That looks like a lot of fun!

  25. CUTENESS! - but of course. Love your bowls and love how simple you made the process even without looking up the tutorial. Love your idea to make the gathers; crochet thread is perfect because it's so strong. And...who can't use another 'cute' mug rug. I'm off to visit Mary Pat.

  26. You and Mary Pat Who Sewed, both have made me say CUTENESS ! Now I am going to have to make some bowls... I'm glad you included a tut and guess what ? I have the same kind of templates as you !

  27. Love those nesting bowls! Now off to visit MP!!!

  28. Love all the projects showed today. Now I am going to have to make a bowl or 3! Thanks for being an enabler!

  29. The nested bowls are very cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the paper doll hanging tabs on the organizer too. great job. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  30. too cute, i love 'em! the organizer is another sweet project! kudos to you for recruiting another to the hop community ;) where there's always room for one more!

  31. Those nested bowls are just so sweet looking...I'll have to give them a try! Love the mug rug, too! I'll head over to Mary Pat's to tell her she's amazing. :O)

  32. Real cute! I am seeing "seasonal" here with these bowls. Spponful of Sugar is a delightful blog.

  33. What great little baskets! Perfectly suitable for a sewing room! Thanks for the up close showing of the little gathering trick. Was it difficult to attach the binding? It looks so professional.

  34. Lynn, these are way too cute. I love the way you made them. You made it so easy and fast. I think I could make a few to hold all my thingies. Thank you so much for sharing.

  35. Sew very cute! When I get my own sewing room I will def have to make some of those. Great job!
    xo jan

  36. Amazing! Love the organizer, the bowls (!!!)--I'm going to make some--and the mug mat! Thanks for sharing!

  37. They are adorable. You did a beautiful job! I always wanted to try making bowls. I seen the strings, etc. But never thought of making one line these. Thank you for sharing and explaining how to make them.

  38. Hi Lynn - Love the organizer, checking out Mary Pat's link next, love, love the nesting bowls & yes, the muggie rug too. All are great ways to showcase our She Who Sews fabric collection and my Handmaids™. I am so delighted to see your creations this morning. Great job. ~ J. Wecker Frisch

  39. Those are really cute little baskets and the mug rug is adorable!! Thanks for sharing your tips on making the baskets!

  40. What fun projects with this fabric! Perfect for your shop!

  41. Well this was Two Treats in One! I love MP's Hop-Bomb and her projects. Your fabric baskets made from "She Who Sews" are uber fun and practical. Thank you for the link as I feel I must make some of these! Thank you sew very much for Hopping...

  42. Now I need to find crochet cotton cuz your bowls are perfect!!! You are right, CHRISTMAS!!!! And the wall hanging with pockets - adorable and useful!!

  43. Very cute bowls and thanks for the link. i have been looking for a pattern to make some bowls for friends.

  44. Fabulous work! All your projects are gorgeous.

  45. I love the nesting bowls, so darn cute! I think I will need to make a few of those. Your projects are wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)

  46. Good work shown by both of you gals! I had a bit of gathering to do, just like that on my door stops shown yesterday. I was glad for the thickness of that crochet cotton pulling that bulk up and I bet you were too. Love those nesting bowls but the mug rug is cute too.

  47. What great projects! The nesting bowls are adorable! :)

  48. oh my goodness but what a wonderful idea to zig and zag over your cotton cording ... so much easier!!! I love tips to "cut corners" where ever possible, so thank you so much for sharing your fan-tab-ulous bowls!! Yay you!

  49. Hi Friend! LOVE the bowls! I am sooo happy you did the tutorial because that is a great way to gather the tops! Now, you are the MASTER of mug rugs. One day I am going to be good at those small intricate day...
    Thanks for letting me be your Minnie Me :)

  50. Sew very cute! I love all the projects, especially the organizer and, yes, those bowls may be on my list! Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  51. The organizer is wonderful. Great idea using the yard stick. Love the bowls. Thanks so much for the link.

  52. Everything is so cute! Ok, I will have to make one or more of each! Thanks for sharing all of them! vickise at gmail dot com

  53. Oh a wonderful share! I enjoyed this are a great sewist and a funny photographer ;)
    I love those bowls and I'm sure they're going to happen about over here....thanks so much!

  54. Sew cute!! What a great job you did!!

  55. Love the baskets they are adorable and the cute little mug rug.

  56. Those baskets/bowls are just too cute! How fabulous would those look in anyone's sewing room?

  57. I love thse baskets - thanks so much for the tutorial link.

  58. Oh gosh, I don't which I like more, the organizer with the yardstick hanger or the bowls or maybe it's the mug rug. Let's just say I like them all and don't make me pick just one. :)

  59. Love the baskets, very very cool. I like the tip about the gathering. I had done this type of gathering when I use corded elastic (I'm not real sure on the exact name of it but it's that really thin like roundish elastic almost like thread in a way) and never thought of doing it for normal gathering, but it totally makes sense and I will give it a try.

  60. Great projects! Thanks for sharing.

  61. I really like all of your projects and that you used every little piece of fabric. The bowls are fantastic. I will be making some of these.

  62. I love these baskets! Thanks for the link. I may make some for gifts but the first set will be for me!

  63. What great baskets! I need to make a few or more!

  64. What great projects. Love those bowls and That organizer is great

  65. Love, love, love the baskets and they look so easy to make. Always a plus for me. Love the new look of your blog.

  66. Thank you for this tutorial. I like your basket very much!

  67. Way to cute! Thanks for the basket tutorial too, they look fun!

  68. I may have already told you this, but I really like the new look on your blog ! Very cute !


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