Sunday, July 20, 2014

Skinny Sunday - Chocoholic Anonymous

Can't help it...
I LOVE Chocolate!

True confession:
There is always a bag of Dark Chocolate M&M's in my freezer.
It sits right next to the bag of Midnight Milky Way Minis, keeping company.
(nothing worse, than lonely chocolate)
Not a day goes by that I don't enjoy a wee bite of one or the other
(ok...another confession: sometimes....both!)

The nice thing about Weight Watchers...
nothing is *off limits*
as long as you don't go
As long as you know when...
Enough is Enough!

Thankfully I can be very happy with 2 or 3 points plus of my
Dark Obsession...
I realize not everyone can do that...
but it helps me 

I just stumbled upon a new (to me) website today....
If you are a Chocoholic too
but want to 'be good'
then you must visit 

I do believe she is my new HERO.
Be forewarned...
her sweet images will make you swoon!
Be sure to click on the
*nutritional info* link
that accompanies each recipe...
there you will find the "points plus" values.

She is without a doubt a *sweet find*...

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