Thursday, July 24, 2014

College Days Blog Hop - Tickle Those Ivories Tutorial

Welcome to my day!

Thank you
Soma of Whims and Fancies
for organizing such a fun hop...
hopefully you've been following along...
such amazing blocks!

I relived so many sweet memories of my college days
as I worked on my 10" block to share with you today.
As a "Music Major" there was no doubt
my block would "sing"....

My 'instrument' was Voice...
I remember a few semesters of opera....

4 years of singing with friends....

I loved playing the piano...
although I was a much better singer...
than a tickler of the ivories.

However, it's a lot easier to imagine a block with a piano theme....
after all...I didn't think an applique of "vocal chords" held that much appeal!

This is an extremely photo packed tutorial today...
thanks for your patience...
it might take a bit to load...

(We could sing together while we're

The finished block above and below
show my 10.5" block sitting on assorted prints...
this is just for the pics...

The block is made with two primary fabrics:
I've been saving a fat quarter of that grey music print
for just the right project.

For the white piano keys...

Little scrappies of solid black and dark grey are used for the black keys.

You'll also need a wee strip of a contrasting color for the 'shadow strip'
more about that when you get to that step.

Time for Class!

When stitching the 'corner'
you will notice I changed my 'stitch' setting to a straight stitch...
just a plain, regular ole straight stitch.
It took a little longer to keep switching back and forth...but worth it.
I zigged and zagged along the edge of the grey fab...
STOPPING at the "corner" with needle DOWN...
changed setting...stitched down the 'corner'...
pause with needle DOWN...
turn around...stitched back UP the corner...
needle down...
switched back to zig-zag and continued the edges.
(sounds confusing...but when you do's pretty simple)

Next you will need to prepare your G-Clef.
To print pattern for G-Clef
click the image above or HERE

Thanks for the visit!
I hope you will tickle the ivories soon!


  1. Wow!! That was a great lesson!! Thank you for showing me how you created your block, I enjoyed seeing your process. I like the 3D effect, now to learn how to sing!!! :)

  2. As always, a wonderful tutorial and superb post. Never really learned to play piano, though I could plug away a few tunes just for fun. As for singing, you'll only catch me doing that, in my car, on the highway, with the windows up and the cd blaring...cause my singing really is caterwauling! Love your block thanks so much...this is really a wonderful hop!

  3. Great block and lovely tutorial! I took piano in college and loved it. I wasn't very good at it, but I loved it! lol Beth @ Words & Stitches

  4. Thank you so much for writing the tutorial for the blog hop, Lynn. I adore this beautiful block. You are a woman of many talent! I love to listen to Arias and I would love to hear you sing one for me :)


  5. Very clever how you make this block , and the piano keys!! Thanks for the great tutorial, with lots of details!


  6. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. I admire those with musical talent. I gave up band when I went to college. I had interests that topped my music and I knew it wasn't my forte and I still miss it at times. My church has an orchestra and I often wish I were able to play in it. This block is amazing and your tutorial is wonderful. Thank you for breaking the tutorial down so I think I can do it, too. Thanks for participating in the wonderful hop. I am enjoying all the blocks.

  7. Such a fun post!! Your block is playing the most dulcet of melodies!! 'Tis simply quite amazing!!

  8. you make my heart sing ...this is lovely Lynn...gosh you are good at so many things....

  9. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. I was a music major too--Instrumental Music Education. Strings were my major and percussion my minor. Wasn't too good at piano, but passed the keyboard proficiency. This is a wonderful block. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

  11. Love your block, Lynn. It does sing and you make it look so easy to make...

  12. This is a wonderful block and a great tute :)

  13. Bravo! Encore! Encore!
    What a great block!!!


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