Friday, October 24, 2014

Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop "Our Day"

Welcome to day 5
Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop!
I am so excited to share my day with some wickedly wonderful 
and oh so creative bloggers:

Today-Friday, October 24
Be sure to visit each and every one!

Thank you dear Mdm Samm for yet another delightful challenge
and Wicked Wendy, our enchanting cheerleader who kept our 'spirits' moving!

I'm also very lucky to share today's post with a couple of our 'kids'.
Yes, we have black cats...but the 'other' ones...
you know...the oranges...the calicoes...
they just feel so left out this time of year....
I told them if they could spookify it up just a bit...
we'd let them play along.

"Ella Boo"
(aka Cinderella)
 wanted to tell us a Halloween "tail"

Sorry ' time for spooky stories today...
but I give you "paws UP" for your effort!

Sadly I didn't get to play with the fabulous Black Cat Crossing fabrics...
(Oh My...have you been following along? So many wonderful projects made!)

Not to worry...
I played all the same...
There's still lots of fun things to see!
Pillowcases...why not make some this year for your "Trick or Treat" bags?
They would hold a ginormous amount of loot, dontcha think?

My absolute all time favorite black cat fabric used above 
is from Elizabeths Studio...

I used that along with fabrics from Andovers "Chillingsworth" line for the
 braided section of this fabulous tablerunner!

I love Julie Herman - Jaybird Quilts -...and her Hex N More ruler!
This pattern has has been on my 'to-do list' for some time now.
Very easy to make...very! Julie provides directions to draw your own template
in her "Tasty" pattern...but I'm a firm believer that if there is a ruler or tool
to help you get the job done...then splurge...get it...use won't be sorry!

Here's a bit of the back....
I pieced together some great Chillingsworth typed motif with
that fabulous retro orange and black from Alexander Henry.

It's not a blog hop with a mug rug...
If you love this design...
you can get the original larger wall hanging version in pdf form
from "Mad Creek Designs" on Etsy. 

Next up....

I totally fell in love with Alexander Henrys' 
"Witchy Women"

So of course I had to play....

Here's a couple of the "girls" close up...

As luck would have it...
a new kitteh arrived just in time to help me
show the rest of this little quilt.

Meet Little Zeekster...isn't he just the absolute sweetest thang you've ever seen?
As my friend Nessa said...he's "total adorbs"
How could I not invite him to be in the pic...look at his borders...coincidence?
I think not.
Purrrrfect match!

True...he's not a black cat...
then again...neither are Ella or Marvin...
but unlike our little tuna traps above...
we don't have to feed him
because he's already stuffed!
( KNEW that was coming)

Little Zeekster kept me clickin' my camera...
He found pumpkins!

And then...he wanted to play with my scraps....
so I showed him how to make strippy potholders...
Ok...I helped a little...ok...A LOT...
but he's doing wicked good on the binding!

There will be more about "Little Zeekster" in blog days to come....
(he was a b'day gift to me on Thursday...bought by me from
"Sweet Poppy Cat" on Etsy...
- I let the the dear Spouse know he was off the "shopping" hook this year! lol)

Oh No....I knew this might happen....
Yes...since the Little Zeekster showed up...
there's a certain orange cat with his nose out of joint....
Not a cat I want to meet in a dark alley!
Relax Marvin...Little Zeekster says you can have ALL his tuna!

Time for a group pic!
The fun thing about having an antique shop behind our quilt shop...
they put the nifty-ist things out back and I can play...
I think I had more fun setting up the picks then maybe even stitching them...

Speaking of pics...those of you who have set them up...know it can be quite a test...
I often use the camera on my I know my quality could be better
(my real camera is usually hidden away...those darn cats!)

Here's one more pic to share...
I'm sure we've all been there...
You line things ups...
You think you have the perfect shot...
You focus on your subject(s) only....
and you never see it until it's too late...

Thanks so very much for hopping today...
don't forget to flap those little bat wings over to:

speaking of treats....
those of you who have been following awhile have probably already seen this...
hopefully made this...
but just in case you're new...
a few Halloweens ago I did pay homage to our black cat Midnite...
Look for her story 
You'll also find the links
to download this free foundation pieced pattern.

Don't forget...
the hop continues for 5 more fantastical days!

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Tuesday, October 28

Wednesday, October 29
A Stitch in Time     

Thursday, October 30

Friday, October 31

Ok Marvin...
One more time....
Wish everyone Happy Hopping!

Ok...Close enough!


  1. Hahahahaha!!!! GREAT POST!!!! Your little orange kitty is quite photogenic! !! You have been VERY busy...and I am SO INSPIRED!!! I have been wanting one of those rulers have talked me into it!!!! Wonderful visit here today!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Wow! Your projects are so Halloween perfect! I love your favorite cat fabric too!

  3. You always make me laugh and your blog is such a fun place to visit! The things you made were so beautiful and the amazing setting you used for them was great. I'd never seen the Witchy Women fabric, but I can see in my crystal ball that I'll be needing some of that real soon!

  4. My orange kitty was a bit miffed by all the black cats too. Love the Witchy Women. Wonderful photo shoot.

  5. Spooky! ;o) What a fun post, Lynn. You really have an eye for creating fun projects and photos to show them. Amazed to see so many different Halloween fabrics - I need to go fabric shopping more often. ;o) Thanks so much for sharing your wicked creativeness with us.

  6. I love the Halloween pillowcases, please load mine with chocolate! Those Witchy Women is one cute fabric. Congratulations on your new addition "Zeekster", he is sew cute!

  7. Lovely projects, and I especially like your table runner. It reminds me I have to use my own Hex N More ruler more often.

  8. So many great projects! You really have been busy! Love the pillowcases and the table runner, and the mug rug is adorable. Thank you, too, for posting the past black cat project. Such a cute pattern.

  9. Oh my! So many, many wickedly pretty projects! Amazing. I wonder if your productivity has something to do with that mysterious brew that is steaming away on your amazing rug? Or did you put a spell on those adorable kitties? You did great. Thank you so much.

  10. Oh Lynn so much Wicked Cuteness here!! One can surely tell how much fun you had creating all your Beautiful pieces for the Hop!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. You are such a fun lady and I have really enjoyed reading your post. And you have surely made wonderful awesome and spooky projects. Thanks for sharing your creativity and being part of this blog hop.

  12. Wow! You have been very busy. What a great lot of things you made. Love the black cat. You write a great piece to go with your pictures. I love reading it.

  13. Olá! Adorei tudo o que vi e li. Os trabalhos estão lindos. Feliz halloween!

  14. where to start.....welllllllll LYNNNN you gave us a lovely eerie, scary, wicked snapshot of some wonderful collections...I too love those cats from E.S. your bags for trick and treats/pillowcases...gorgeous, your runner can cast a spell on anyone....alll of your projects are amazing as you are once again...filling us all with tricks and treats..

  15. Wow, your projects are fabulous~ love them all! Happy Halloween !!

  16. Lynn wow some beautiful treats here and what a way to bring in have certainly set the mood.....I love the cats too!

  17. You always put smiles on our faces with your creativity! Love your cats but the one who will sew for tuna got a chuckle out of me. Great job all the way around!

  18. The shadow really is working it in the photo! An amazing amount of work and some great phot

  19. Darn iPad keeps freezing "Photos". And you don't have to reply after all that work you deserve a rest.

  20. Very good. Love the story and your pieces are great. Thanks for sharing.

  21. keep in in stitches!!! great projects and I love the witchie ladies too!!!

  22. Great post and projects! I think my favorite is the cat mug rug, but it's hard to single one out.

  23. Everything is very creative as always. I love the witchy fabric too! What a cute stuffed helper. Thanks for sharing the pattern too!

  24. You've been busy! What great projects you made. Love that black kitty.

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  26. You are so much fun you crazy woman ! I truly think everything you made is super cute ! But my oH my I do love that picture of MARVIN !!! LOL

  27. Great post, Lynn, and some really great projects. They are all so very cute and spooky at the same time. You always do a fantastic job. I really enjoyed visiting you today.Thank you.

  28. Lynn you always amaze me! I love the pillowcases (just made some for my grands this week!) The tablerunner is perfect for this season and the mug rug is a must make....I'm really loving silhouettes right now. And the witches, well how cute! Love it all! blessings, marlene

  29. Laughed my way through your whole post. I hope you had as much fun making all these wonderful projects as I did reading about them. The projects, the photos, the kitties, the writing was all just a wonderful start to my day. Thank you so much.

  30. You have me laughing! I am sending your post to my sister...she will love the pillowcases, as she makes holiday-themed pillowcases for her 6! grandchildren. I actually like the shadow on the photo.....makes it more spooky.

  31. THank you for the giggles, Lynn. Right away I knew this was a post for me. We ALWAYS took pillow cases for our tick or treating. I just had a childhood flashback. Great idea to put them in Halloween fabrics. Your mug rug and table runner are perfect for the season as well. Your posts are always the most entertaining.

  32. Love all your projects and the story behind them. I have the Hex N More but haven't used it yet so with your inspiration I'm going to dig out some Halloween fabric and put it to use. A big welcome to Zeekster, hope everyone is getting along with him because he'sjust too cute.

  33. Great job Love those pillowcases, and the table runner super. Love, Love your cats.

  34. Great post. You are creative in many ways.

  35. Witchy women fabric is a nice change, I love it! As always your post is a story unto itself, delightful! Your pillowcases are wonderful for trick or treating and sweet dreams after. Thank you for sharing your talents :D Happy Halloween*

  36. I love the mug rug, and you made so many great projects! I had hoped to get a pillowcase in as well, but didn't pull myself together fast enough for the hop. Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad to meet your kitties!

  37. All projects are so cute. Love your narrative. Great blog post all the way around.

  38., post, projects! Great fun as always!

  39. Just too much fun and over the top eye candy! You know it's my favorite time of the year, and this is why! I had to have some of that witchy woman fabric myself, but haven't done anything with it yet. Now I know just what to do! Incredible projects and fabulous post!

  40. great projects and quite the scary cat!

  41. So many wonderful projects. Love them all! Thanks so much for the foundation pieced pattern and instructions!!!!!

  42. Wonderful projects, love the cat.

  43. Lynn, those were all great. Looks like fun!

  44. Wow, GREAT projects and amazing fabrics. Love your scary wannabe kitty, too. :)

  45. Spooktacular projects all!! All your kitties are so scaretacular!!! The picture with the dark, looming spirit...gave me shivers!!!

  46. Hey, those bags are really great - and I just love the cat mini!!

  47. Loved all of your projects. Thanks for sharing them and also thanks for the cute pattern for the wall hanging.

  48. I love to make seasonal pillowcases!


    oneoldgoat1962 at gmail dot com

  49. Love Love Looooove your Post!! The projects are ALLLL Amazing!! You are sooo Creative!! & Hugs to Marvin...& extra can of Tuna! He was so scary huh? giggle

  50. Wonderful projects. I need the witches.

  51. Ah, I loved reading your pist. You are a great story teller. But your projects, well, they are all beautifully done! I like the witches, you can really do a lot with that fabric.

  52. So many fun projects. My fav is the mug rug!

  53. I can always count on you for a few laughs when reading your posts. All of your creations are terrific!

  54. Hi!!!! Ha ha!!!! Cracked me up!!!!! Love it all!!!! Very fun!!!!

  55. Your posts are always fun to read and the finished are wonderful :)


  56. Love your post, almost as much as your creations. Over the top!

  57. What a fun, fun post. I had a blast reading it. I enjoyed each item more than the previous. Much of the fun of Halloween has been taken from the celebrations and you helped bring back wonderful memories. I love the idea of pillowcases for trick or treat bags. A lady at my quilt guild asked us to make pillowcases for our Department of Children Services to have for children to move their meager belongings when they are transferred from one residence to another. That broke my heart ot realize that a child has no more than would fit in a pillowcase. That's all the material belongings a child has in the entire world. Then how much I take for granted each day and am not even truly, truly thankful for those things. Each time I see a pillowcase pattern or post, I think of those unfortunate children (and adults). I adore your projects and all the fun, fun, fun of Halloween. You are very creative and I cannot thank you enough for participating in the hop and lifting my spirits. Many thanks.

  58. Wickedly WoW Wonderful. I am sew glad I stopped by your hop and let Marvin show me around. Zeekster is cute but pretty silent. Your projects are fabulous and could be an entire hop all on their own. Thank you sew very much for participating and hopping. Creative Black Cat Crossing Bliss...

  59. All your creations are wonderful! I really love the braid runner. The colors are perfect in that. I enjoyed scrolling and seeing all your fantastic projects!!

  60. So many wonderful projects it is hard to choose a favorite, but your new "stuffed" kitty truly is adorbs!

  61. Zeekster is just adorable and your other creations are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  62. A whole huge group of absolutely spooktacular projects. Loved them all!

  63. My you have been busy concocting now haven't you.You must be great fun to sew with, keeping everyone in stitches no doubt. I'm glad to see you included Midnight.

  64. Wow! Your projects are so Halloween perfect! I love your favorite cat fabric too! Super sweet..
    Love cucki xx

  65. Wonderful projects! Your runner is just great and I love the mug rug. I think I need to make one of those.

  66. The fabric you used was great for this hop, I just love it and your projects. The pillow cases are just great.

  67. I love your projects, especially the black cat mug rug! I also love that Hex N' more ruler so fab job on the Tasty runner.

  68. What a creative post and equally creative projects. You've been busy! Love the pillowcase idea for my special trick or treaters.

  69. Your projects are all wonderful! (I may need to make some pillow cases...) I particularly like your itchy wall quilt. That mug rug is spectacular! I love the contrast between the yellow moon and the black cat. The border is fun too! Lovely work!

  70. What a spooktaular post! Your creations are fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us.

  71. So much fun! I am adding that pattern to my someday list!

  72. I love the expression on Zeekster's face - look at those eyes. I've not seen the AH Witchy Women but I do love it! You used the perfect colors for the borders/sashing to make the quilt pop. So many cute projects...and great pictures - well...until that second to final one. The shadow - how perfect - just the thing for Halloween!

  73. So many wonderful projects from the pillowcases to the lovely runner to all the other spooktacular stitchings. Fun post to read..

  74. Lynn, your posts always (and really always) make laugh a Swiss woman which is sipping her holy coffee in front of the computer.... .Poor, really poor red cat, I nearly had pitty with him, but then, when I saw all your projects, I nearly forget about him not being the black cat which was demanded for the hop. Hopefully he will laugh over it by now and again love you sooooo much again....
    hugs, judy

  75. Wonderful projects--I love Zeekster. I also love your mug rugs. I've just started making them--they are so much fun!!

  76. Wow. I'm just blown away by all your fantastic projects. Each and every one is really great. I could never pick a favorite. Nicely done.

  77. WOW Lynn... what a fun post full of spooktacular wicked cuteness!! I love those cats from E.S. and the Witchy Women. I used plain pillow case to collect Halloween treats...luv your trick and treats pillowcases...wickedly cute...and your runner and mug rug spectacular!! Your creative talent is spellbinding. I wish I had an antique shop in my back yard...what a fun place for photo shoots. Thanks for sharing all your tricks and treats with us...amazing!!

  78. Fabulous projects. What fun fabrics for your pillowcases. I have the Hex N More ruler but haven't used it. Your table runner inspires me to pull it out and start cutting. Thanks for sharing all of your fun creations (your pictures are great too)!


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