Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweet Tweets - Tree Bird Blog Hop

It seems like I've been flapping my wings
like a big pink bird...
since the holidays...

It's so refreshing to finally be taking the time to land...
and play!!!

Welcome to day THREE of

It's my day to fly!

Chances are when you think about birds in trees...
a peacock is not the first feathered friend that comes to mind.

And then came "Duke"....
Wishing I'd had a better angle for the picture above...
and my real camera in hand instead of the one on my phone..
but yes...that indeed is a peacock high up in our pines.

Here on our gazebo roof...
a little closer, but taken against the light...
Do you see the "bird watchers" in the upper left corner?
I didn't remember an audience....
It took me awhile to realize they were actually "leaves".

Ah...finally a better angle...
and we have color!

We do not know if Duke has a home..
 but we are guessing he's just a wandering gypsy.
He will spend a few nights in the trees behind our house....
and then he's gone...
sometimes for weeks at a time.

When he returns...
it's always time for a treat.
He loves Grapes!
Quite the gentleman too as he delicately takes my offerings.

Duke often visits our front deck 
and will entertain us with a little dance....
spreading those awesome tail feathers...
such brilliant colors!

I've yet to have my camera or phone ready when he's prancing about.
Tho it didn't happen this time around...
one day I'll capture that moment...
and there will be a quilt!

So now my fine feathered friends...
the real reason you're here...
let the bird biz begin.

I really just wanted...
 to have some fun.

We have many wonderful fabrics from Elizabeth's Studios in our shop
but we can't possibly carry everything out there...
I've simply loved all the beautiful creations made from Tracy Lizottes'
Beautiful Birds collection.
Since we do not carry the line...
I decided to make my own sweet tweets.

With an idea in my head....
it was time to pull some fabrics....
Not all would be used...
and others would be added....
that's what quilters do after all!

We recently enjoyed the company of  Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter
at our quilt shop here in Florida.
She taught her fabulous
Crumb Piecing Workshop...
and tho as shop keep I wasn't able to sit and be a student,
I listened.....
and I watched.....
and I took mental notes!

And then I played!
Best of all.....I HAD FUN!

I grew a "crumb" tree....
Okay...our Quiltville gal didn't actually make a crumb tree...
but if she had...it coulda looked like that!

Then I...
and  hatched....
some crazy colorful birds...
crumb style of course.
My birds were pieced willy nilly - but inspired 
by a wonderful wonky bird tutorial from Samelia's Mum.

Not leaving it to chance that you would not recognize the 'tree' or the 'birds'
I couldn't resist trying and including some fun letters inspired by Bonnie's workshop!

Added some buttons....
lookie look at this cute little frog!

Put it all together and whaddaya got????

Can you tell I had me some FUN?

I love little quilted diddies...
This measures about 12"x18"...
Just the perfect size to hang just about anywhere!

Thanks again Bonnie for reminding me I had Tonya's book in my stash!

As I said earlier...Bonnie's visit happened earlier this month.
Which means my fun little quilt was done within the last week
(the last 4 days if you want to get technical...lol)


I did have bird on the brain earlier in the year
when this hop was announced.

Made for my sweet birdie sis and fellow quilt shop owner
Nessa in Bar Harbor,Maine....
This little bird probably once lived in a tree....

until he moved to a furrier nest....

A sweet hummingbird quilt...
for an even sweeter friend in CA.

A project tote for moi
Flamingos of course!

Last but not least....
Fun with the same flamingo fabric used in the above tote.
I follow Mickey Depre and am loving her Castle Wall blocks...
My first true venture into hand piecing...
Just one made so far...but I see more in my future!

Thanx for the visit!

Special Thanks to our
Fabulous Cheerleader Lana
 She kept our feathers in check!

And as always...Thanks to our
'tweet Mdm Samm of
Without her wonderful blog hop inspiration...
I wouldn't enjoy play time nearly as much!

Now spread your wings....
It's time to visit to our other birdie bloggers today:

Tuesday, March 17


  1. Your Tree Bird mini is adorable! Love your other projects too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Sew much FUN here!!! Your little story of your peacock was so cute and then to see your sweet little birdies!!! LOVE LOVE! You have created so many beautiful items with your little bird friends!!! WHAT A GREAT DISPLAY!!!!! Thank you for flying with us! I can always count on visiting here and being AMAZED!!!!

  3. Loved the Sir Duke intro. Perfect segue and I too have seen peacocks in trees before but surely that isn't typical behavior, is it? Loved your style (free spirited) and color sense (wild!). You absolutely are rocking this hop. That pin cushion is radical and way too cute!

  4. I love those wonky birds! The other projects are lovely, too, you have so much imagination! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sir Duke is a lovely old fella. Love your wonky birds mini quilt - adorable.

  6. Your projects (and the peacock) made me smile. So lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  7. need a smile or chuckle can count on you...very nice ideas

  8. Oh my goodness Lynn...no one snips, patches and hatches up a great quilt like you do! You always make my day. :-) Oh to live in your mind...just for a few days! LOL!! Your the best!

  9. LOVE your Tree Birds piece! That just makes me smile! Your other projects are fab as well! I bet your friend loved her quilt!

  10. Wonderful projects...I really love your tree birds wall hanging!

  11. Such cute and colorful projects Lynn. Great job! Looks like you had lots of fun.

  12. I saw you over on Bonnie's blog the other day.....how much fun was hanging out with her! Your fun too girl.....the tree bird pillow is too cute ! I am betting your gifts to friends brought smiles and hugs. Pincushion......too tweet !

  13. Always so many wonderful, colorful, and creative projects! Love Sir Duke too...quite a vistor!

  14. What a lovely collection of colorful projects especially the Tree Bird runner and the cat with the cute bird perched on it's head. And to have a peacock visit on a regular basis is a real treat. Such a cheerful post.

  15. LOL, so very cute. Your projects are great, so colorful and cheerful. Great job.

  16. What great bird projects! I LOVE your wonky bird quilted panel. It's adorable!

  17. Such a busy gal making all those lovely bird projects .... I love your Tree Birds!!

  18. What a wonderful bird lady you are. Love the wonky.

  19. Oh my goodness how cute are these! They sure made me smile this morning. :) blessings, marlene

  20. Goodness, gracious, you certainly went bird crazy with all these cute projects! I love all the birds you created!

  21. Absolutely a great, fun blog, so interesting. Appreciate all your ideas and stories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Absolutely a great, fun blog, so interesting. Appreciate all your ideas and stories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Of course we recognize your birds and trees as such! I think it's so cute and clever with the arrows though :) Thanks for sharing the peacock pictures, I wish I lived somewhere that peacocks roamed in the backyards.

  24. Cute projects and how fun to have that beautiful peacock around!

  25. You DID have fun!!! Those are all perfect projects for the hop. I just love your wonky birds and the Tree Birds pieced is wonderful.

  26. I love your Tree Bird mini quilt... it's so whimsical! I'm sure it will make you smile each time you see it.

  27. Bright and beautiful tree birdies, Lynn! I love the way you brought the peacock to color in your photos. The only peacocks I have seen are in aviaries. Thank you for sharing your finely feathered fabric fun today ... :) Pat

  28. Lots of cute, crazy birdie projects - love 'em! :d

  29. Thanks for the creative inspiration!!

  30. Lynn your creations are so lively & bright that you almost need shades to see them! But I love the black & white photos of your dandy peacock - Duke, very regal indeed. I love the "Leaf Birds" that photo bombed your second photo. They are very well done and I think I like them even more of the colored ones. May you succeed in getting capturing your 'holy grail" of photo of Duke in full fan. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pieces with us today.


  31. Well, that was a fun visit. A little bit of everything!! I'm a Flamingo NUT, just ask all the students who have been in my classroom over the years!! it looked like Pepto Bismal had been spilled on everything with all the PINK FLAMINGOS flying around but Oh what a fun classroom. I go to the grocery store nowadays and the bag boys ask "Aren't you the Flamingo Lady" Ha! They don't remember my name but they do remember my pink flamingos. So I was drawn to your flamingo stash. I loved everything!
    Gmama Jane

  32. You win the "smile" prize of the day. Who could not help but smile at that charming little quilt. I loved it from my heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

  33. You always are putting a smile on my face, doesn't matter which time of the day or how tired I am! You are great, Lynn, just felt in love with the birdie on the cat's head!

  34. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Did I say "wow"? What a fun post. Love all your creations. So nice to see individuality and off the charts creativity. Thanks so much for sharing those fabulous creations on this bird-tree hop. Loved it all. Did I say "wow" yet?

  35. All of your projects are lovely. I must say I LOVE the play on words with your Tree Birds. What a FUN project! And the sweet little bird on his furry "nest" is absolutely darling!

  36. Wow, what a colorful project! My favorite has got to be the pincushion... love the saying on it too. Just too cute.

  37. Those wonky birds are so fun. Great projects! I love your colourful style and the flamingoes in your block are so pretty.

  38. Wonderful projects, I love them all! The colors are wonderful :)

  39. Your projects are so cute and creative! I love the pincushion!!

  40. How adorable is that!. Looks like you had a lot of fun with this hop. All your projects are so adorable. I enjoyed seeing Sir Duke. Looks like he is very friendly.

  41. I adore your whimsy and fun pieces to create Tree Birds and that little pillow is quite clever. Thank you sew very much for Tree Bird hopping and participating. Creative Bird Bliss...

  42. Love the wall hanging. love the fabrics and the wonkiness of the blocks.

  43. What a cute wall hanging but my favorite is the flamingos. I LOVE flamingos.

  44. All are very cute projects ☺

  45. Oh, Lynn, you make me giggle. Your wall hanging is so cool and you used some of your new skills from Bonnie Hunter. I just love her. You certainly love the birds, it's clear with all the great gifts you have so cleverly created.

  46. WHAT! Peacocks in trees??? Without the pictures, I might have thought were seeing things! What a hoot! Love your projects - just so jovial and full of fun. BH is coming to our quild this summer; can't wait to catch her quilt fever.

  47. Your post is very interesting. I love Sir Duke, what fun!! Your crumb pieced wall hanging is wonderful.

  48. Busy as a bird, I mean bee, you were. Love the cutie Tree birds, and the pin cushion. What a lovely visitor you have and royalty no less. :)

  49. Oh, that is really cute! I have a soft spot for improvising, and have done so myself for this hop. The bright graphics and the serious birds just make it a hoot!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


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