Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back Again and Flappin My Little Mouse Wings

Dear friends....
You must be thinking I fell down the mouse hole.
Life has just been a crazy whirlwind since the new year began.
We've just finished up with a very special and successful event at our shop last weekend...
FOUR years in the planning...
(including an almost total classroom overhaul since January)
Here's a little sneaky peek...
Me & The Spouse
and a
Very Special Guest...

(If you think our friend here looks like Quiltvilles Bonnie Hunter...you'd be thinking right!)

I'll be back to tell you more about that when I can catch my breath....
but for now....

It's almost time for sweet tweets to begin!

along with
are the ones to thank for keeping our wings a flapping!

Won't you come fly with us?

The Tree Bird Blog Hop
began on Friday, March 13th.

Tweet Tweet....See you Soon!
Friday, March 13

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