Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Calming the "Crazies"

As quiet and "piece-full" as Sunday was .... I knew when Monday hit ~ the CRAZIES would start. I wasn't wrong. Quilt Market in Kansas City is fast approaching and we're treating ourselves to a little R&R there. I'm not so sure you can call 3 days of non-stop booth hopping in virtually a mind-overloaded-with quilts-and ideas environment 'relaxing' but it sure will be FUN!  Before we can take our quick little jaunt however...I came up with a "to do" list ... 72 things I MUST get done...like shop notes to write...family instructions...handsewing to pack (which naturally involves cutting and even some sewing to have something to hand sew...redundant...I agree). 

I was working on #3 of my list...actually not even feeling 'crazy' when the first person to stop in the shop early Monday morning was a friend checking up on the progress of 'her quilt' - the quilt I am "making" for said friend....the quilt I KNEW she did not need until August...the quilt that at that moment was securely tucked away still looking very much like...just fabric...because...well....it WAS still just fabric. And then my quiet morning blew all to heck! Guess who wrote the 'due date' WRONG? Guess who needs to have a finished quilt FINISHED shortly after market is over? Guess who was wishing right then and there she never ever LEARNED to quilt.

Cue the "CRAZIES"!!!

But now it's about 30 hours later and guess Who is almost "calm"? It's true...I work best under pressure. After my mini-meltdown "after" my friend left the shop...because of course...I told her "No Problem...your quilt will be done...don't worry"....let me go stick a knife in my eye (ok I didn't really say the knife thing -  but it's amazing she couldn't see the little "thought bubble" over my head)...I came up with the 'perfect' layout...did I mention it's a memory quilt with 20 pictures to prepare *gasp*...but still...the absolute perfect layout just fell into my lap. I knew I would feel more at ease if I could at least get the fabric cut BEFORE we hit the road. And gee..if I could get the pictures all transferred to fabric BEFORE we depart that would be good. So.....

This morning we were up and out at O'Dark 30 - because hey...the cat needs to be neutered (#5 on the list) and we have a wonderful low cost vet clinic we use but you have to be there at o'dark 45 to get a place in line. We made it. Here's Jaxon "before"

He made it through just fine - a "new man" - but no 'after' picture - he's a little miffed with us and hasn't come out of hiding.

But back to the quilt....we were at our shop a couple hours early and I took advantage of the 'free time' (I would have still been sleeping - so Thanks Jaxon!). I cut out all the fabs for 20 blocks. I even transferred all the pictures to fabric. I EVEN made a quick road trip to see my 'friend' to show her some of the pictures and mainly 'calm' her fears that the quilt wouldn't be ready in time (did I mention it's actually for her sister in Germany for a very special occasion? Thank goodness neither she or her sister are quilters and will not be reading this blog...I hope..).

Back again at the shop...it's shortly after noon and I felt the day MUST be over (you feel that way when you're not used to getting up at O'Dark 30)...but I was happy...friend loved the pictures...loved the layout and I decided gee...maybe I could start a block...I'd feel so much better. So I did. In fact....I finished 8 out of 20! I wish I could show them to you....but since they are not technically 'mine'...I'll have to wait until after the big 'reveal' later in June. What I CAN share...the whole reason I even thought to post today...are the fabrics. They are SO NOT ME. I'm a brights gal, batiks baby, black and white woman...wilder the better! Yet...I am IN LOVE with this quilt so far. Of course they are wonderful fabrics...I ordered them for our shop after all....but when my friend put this little assortment together...I thought to myself....."hmmmm, not my quilt....if that's what she wants.....gosh I hope it works....really glad it's not my quilt" (so glad she can't read thought bubbles). 

Such a mixed bag of styles...a very 'modern' dot from "Groovin' by Northcott ...Jo Morton reproductions...a wonderful traditional viney green from ....ah...well that's embarrassing...I can't remember.  The border fabric is a splendid uneven stripe in tans...golds and green...I know sounds "?" but it really rocks with the prints you see here. After the first block finished I HAD to make more....the more I made...the calmer I got...ANYTHING to keep the "Crazies" away. I'll let myself play for one more day and then....it's back to the "List". But for now....I think I'll go play 'find the cat'.....Jaxson? Here kitty-kitty......mama's got some catnip......

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. ROFLOL-- I have been there, Lynn. Swear everytime it happens that I will never do a commission again -- at least, until someone says "PLEEEEESE" and then there I go again. I think you have a good handle on the "crazies". Getting those blocks done was the trick.

    1. It wouldn't be so bad, but of course this is only ONE of 4 that should have been done yesterday! haha I so want to say NO but then again...we're rather fond of eating. LOL

  2. I'm exhausted after reading this. Not only did you have to do all this, but you actually found time to do your lovely yellow block on the 15 minutes challenge and leave comments on other quilters' posts!!

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!!! You go Girl!!!!

  4. BTW, I again sacrifice myself and say I can go to Market for you. I can even do airfare and hotel. It would be a great sacrifice but I can do it! LOL. Mary Ann

  5. Hey! I can offer you a place to crash if you want to go South from KC and stop in Ft. Worth...I'll even let Tinkertoy sleep with you if you want.


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