Thursday, May 10, 2012

To Do List ~ Update

Not quite 'crazy'...not quite 'calm'... but managed to knock a few more things OFF my "To Do Before Market" list. If you caught my post a couple weeks back - the one where we kinda misplaced our Maggie girl for a wee bit you'll be happy to know we didn't forget her today! Yes...another 'groomers' visit on the way to work this morning..but to be safe I made a little note to remember...

...pretty sad that I needed a note...but would have been sadder still had we forgotten "again" ~ LOL

While Maggie was being pampered I continued to work on my friends quilt and SO HAPPY to report that ALL 20 BLOCKS ARE DONE! Not only finished BUT sewn together and hanging on the design wall...ready for borders...which will happen AFTER market ~ Yey Me! 

Maggie returned...looking so pretty in Pink...
...yet still refusing to look at the camera...but another "To Do" bites the dust!

A wonderful customer stopped in early to bring me a little treat. I love making dolls...but I haven't made or taught one in awhile. This sweet little lady is trying to 'bribe' me into starting again I think...she left me this magazine from her's now packed for 'road reading'....I'll pack a few more books and #10 on my TO DO list...will be complete.

Last week I put together a little quickie quilt -  a panel of my favorite "Cat In The Hat" fabric with a simple border. Sweet longarming "spouse" fit it into his quilting schedule today much to my surprise ~ I attached the stripey binding and yippee yey ~ some 'handwork' for the road trip. (only 67 more things on my "list" ~ I'm making progress!)

We closed shop a tad early....47 minutes to be exact. My mom is in assisted living and there was a special "Family Picnic" planned for 4:30pm. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures (it wasn't on my To Do list - ha).

Started a little paper pieced project tonight for my Mom's wall (#12 on the list) and hoping to finish machine work tomorrow ~ oops I guess that's today ~ at this rate we'll have to be gone for a month with all the 'handwork' and reading I'm planning. Stay tuned and see you soon :)

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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