Sunday, May 13, 2012

My "Kids" Insisted!

Another late night...but oh what a treat! I just knocked off another "TO DO" on my list... and it's really sweet! My wonderful 'spouse' bought me a new camera for Mother's day...okay...not really...but he DID pick it out. I surfed the world wide to find the best price...and when the bill comes...he'll pay...very nice!

I needed a camera case..naturally one that I'd make....quilted of to Market I can take. (sorry..when I'm over tired I tend to think in 'rhyme'...I'll try to stop...just give me time...oops..haha). 

I'd planned to work on a special Mother's Day 'card' for my special Mother tonight - but my printer has no ink. Waaaa. Thought seriously about going to sleep...but my 'kids' meowed and woofed and rolled over (in their sleep so it appears)...

BEGGING me to take a little time for MYSELF and work on my camera case. I always listen to 'my kids'.

I love when there are pretty 'scraps' just Right for a project. The fabrics were 'left overs' from the Karma Baby quilt I made this week. JUST enough left for a camera case with a strap.

Isn't it cute? Even a zipper! (the kids insisted) I'm pleased!

My new camera is very happy too it's new little case of white, green & blue (couldn't help myself) 
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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