Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After the Storm - You CAN Make a Difference

It's been two weeks since we've returned from vacation I've been sewing like a crazy quilter making blocks for various quilt block drives for Sandy victims. I thought I'd share what's been accomplished so far and hook you up with links if you would like to lend a hand.
I'll start with the most current "Drives" that I'm aware of ~ there are so many wonderful people out there organizing the quilt troops...please feel free to leave a comment with information if you know of others.
* * * * *
My most awesome friend, Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans Basics, lives in New York City and was at Houston for Quilt Market when "Super Storm"Sandy made a visit. I can't imagine how she felt being away from her family...her home...yet even from Houston she jumped on board to begin planning a way for quilters to help. Already, quilts on hand have been distributed but there is sadly, still such a NEED for more and ASAP as well!
No time to quilt? Purchased Blankets and Quilts are Greatly Appreciated! I sent out 3 blankets
 last week along with 3 pillowcases.
We are starting an ongoing "sit and sew for Sandy" this week at our shop to make quilt blocks and eventually quilts....but I felt so much better being able to at least send these blankets for starters. 
Last week a brand new first time customer dropped off two wonderful purchased King Size quilts...
 ...and today one of my BFFs "Diane" brought in oodles of blankies and lapghans that we'll send up to the "Superstorm Sandy: Quilts & Blankets Drive" 
Please help if you can and spread the word!
Diane also found a very needy 'nursing home' that we'll be sending crocheted and knitted items to. She must not have slept a wink this past weekend...she made hats and scarves and warm snuggly wraps... and more hats and scarves...wow! Her mom helped too!  Thanks Diane and a hug for your Mom!

There are truly Angels among us!
* * * * *
Michele from The Quilting Gallery posted last week about the drive they have started
Quilts from this block drive event will be donated to the Bumble Beans Basics...
don't you just love teamwork???
Michele is looking for block makers ...here's your chance to make a few blocks! The blocks are simple and FUN! I registered to make 6 and started on them today with the tutorial provided on the block drive post. 
The blocks are super scrappy - here's some strips I had laying around from recent projects...(omgosh, please don't tell Bonnie Hunter that my strips just lay around because once upon a time I told her I was going to "organize"....then again, I never did say when....). I also pulled out some 'shorty' binding 'leftovers' and gave them a press (they were stashed for a scrappy binding...this is much more important!). 
Yes, I really REALLY  picked from the fabrics above (and a few others that spilled over and fell on the floor - lol) to make these Super FUN...Super SCRAPPY... Super WONKY....Log Cabin Blocks
The block at the top is finished. The other two you see still need their frames. Just three more to go. FUN!
Don't you wanna make some to help? You do? Then hop on over to The Quilting Gallery  right now and register - it will make your heart happy.
* * * * *
Another finish today
One night when sleep eluded me, I found the tutorial for this "Wonky Sun" block as I blog hopped. I fell in love and bookmarked the tute. When my friend and fellow shopkeep, Nessa Reifsnyder of  Fabricate in Bar Harbor, Maine posted on her FB page last week that she would be hosting a block party to make blocks for Sandy quilts I wanted to hop on a plane and join in. We used to live in Bath when the Spouse was still wearing his sailor boy suit and was stationed in Brunswick...oh how we enjoyed visits to Bar Harbor...but I digress...sorry. Knowing my feet must remain on the ground in the land of sunshine and oranges...I told Nessa I would make a block or two to send up. So yes Nessa...this one's for you...I will be sending some Florida Sunshine up to you soon!
Thank you Fat Quarterly for sharing on your page guest blogger Lee from Freshly Pieced and the designer of this fabulous block!
* * * * *
Below are more blocks for Sandy quilts. I believe boths gals have received all the blocks that they need - but please take a moment to visit their blogs...it's so heartwarming to read about the response they have gotten. You may find you can still help with batting, backing, etc...

In the first days in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the first blog I came across was from Jennifer at Knotted Thread. She posted a plea to make these blocks and has since received commitments for 300 blocks! WhaHoo! I made the ones below and hopefully they've arrived in Hawaii by now.
 I know Jennifer is no longer taking sign ups for more blocks but if you'd like to help with backing or batting, I'm sure you can reach her thru her blog. (I had planned to link you up to the pattern that Jennifer linked us up to, to make these blocks...alas, it's no longer showing on her blog...or maybe it is, but I can't seem to find it).

Next I came across Vesuviusmama at My Patchwork Life and she was hoping for some help with Disappearing 4 Patches. As of last Fridays post she'd received 274 blocks (aren't quilters just the greatest? I'm so happy to be one). Blocks were asked to be done in florals...I dug into our bin of charity fabrics and came up with some pretties for these....
You can contact Vesuviusmama thru her blog if you're interested in helping - I'm not sure if she's still accepting blocks but even if not, I'm sure you can lend her a hand in some way. The tutorial to make these blocks can be found by clicking HERE .
* * * * *
If you haven't had a chance to help in some way towards those who have lost more than we can imagine - I hope this post will give you inspiration. You can make a difference!
Blessings to you All!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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  1. Oh my!!! Awesome awesome!!! Angels indeed!!! Lynn you are a real trooper! Thanks for giving time and space for this project! Thanks to all of you for lending your generous hands!!!


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