Friday, November 23, 2012

Surprise Birthday Kitty and Easy Street "Start"

Some months back my good friend Gail gave me a bag of clothes passed along to her from her step mom. In the bag I found lots of pretties just the right size for my mom. Deep inside the bag, folded among sweaters and blouses I found a treasure. I just knew Gail hadn't seen it...because if she had...since we both are Cat Lovers...she would have 'let it out of the bag'
What did I find? It was a long ago embroidered kitty motif - VERY long ago. I believe it was meant to be a bureau scarf or table runner, but only one end of the fabric was stitched. In fact for the longest time I didn't realize there was another printed motif on the opposite end, the transfer had lightened with age.
There was a 'minute' I thought about keeping it ~ okay, so I'm honest, lol ~ but the thought quickly passed and I knew I had found the perfect birthday surprise for Gail. 
 I added a little accent border of 30's green, along with a 2"checkered border of white and assorted pinks, a scrappy binding..a little hand quilting (please don't look at the stitches, I hand quilt for and then...mostly then...and I'll never win an award for hand quilting - lol)...and Ta-Da!
The 'find' happened months ago and I wasn't sure I could keep the secret...but I did! It was finished last month and I even managed to hang on to it until Gail's birthday...well almost. I gave it to her two days ago - her birthday is today. Close enough (smile). And no, she did not know it was in the bag, it's also a mystery as to who did the embroidery work - she's going to ask her step mom...we're both anxious to know.
Happy Birthday Gail!
* * * * *
Speaking of mysteries....I love a good one - yet oddly enough I don't think I've actually ever taken part in a mystery quilt! That's about to change.
Do you follow Quiltvilles' Bonnie Hunter? She's starting another of her infamous mystery quilts - this one's called "Easy Street" - in fact Step One was announced today on her blog. 
I'm so excited that I've already gotten my strips for the first step all cut - I just had to share them with you.
I'm sure by now many of Bonnie's faithful have cut and stitched and have ALL of step one done. But at least mine are cut! I smiled to myself as I was measuring and slicing...wondering how many others were doing the very same thing at the very same time...can't you just picture it?
If you love a mystery and want to join in - you can read all about Easy Street on the Quiltville website by clicking the badge on the sidebar (top right - this will take you to Bonnie's site - you'll need to click on the Easy Street 'tab' once you're there) or just click right HERE.  I hope you'll join in the fun!

Til later...
.Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. I wish I wasn't so snowed under with projects- like the Christmas/Advent altar cloth that has to be finished in a week. BTW, the Double chocolate project is coming along. I am sewing the corner triangles together too and they will be something.....

  2. Such a lovely present! Beautiful, Lynn


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