Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There's A New Mystery on the Street..Easy Street, That Is....

 First I must give a big
to Bonnie Hunter for sharing a brand new mystery quilt with all of us.
Easy Street, part one was posted Friday, right after Thanksgiving, and I immediately printed the instructions and gathered my black and white strips.
I was so excited to get started I even posted a pic of all my cut strips on my Friday nights post! It's not often I get to make a quilt just for ME. This is the first mystery quilt I've ever started and I'm determined to keep up with each weeks assignment. So in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning I stitched and stitched while the Spouse, and Maggie and the kitty cats slept. I was still a few fabrics shy so I hunted around in my stash and came up with a pkg of black and whites from one of our local guild challenges. It made me smile to see where and when the fabric came from...
I'd forgotten all about this (and yes, that's our shop) - all the fabrics were intact so I obviously didn't actually 'make' the challenge...or maybe this was an extra pack of fabric, yes, I'm sure that's it...lol.

Saturday found us hopping at the quilt shop - so glad that "Small Business Saturday" brought out our faithful supporters and new faces as well. Thankfully the Spouse had longarming to catch up on...so we stayed after hours and I was able to cut and stitch a few more strip sets...and then convince the Spouse he could run a couple errands by 'himself' so I could get my strip sets cut even further...and made up a nice little box of homework.
I never did sew more on Saturday night - I wanted to...oh how I yearned to play...but after chores were done and supper served and dishes washed, it was already late. I'm a night owl, so the late hour wasn't a problem....I sew best in the wee hours. But I knew I couldn't stop at one 4-patch or two....I'd sew until the box was empty. I know ME. And I also knew dear Spouse had set the alarm for an early wake-up on Sunday...it was Football Sunday...our Jacksonville Jaguars were playing at home and we had serious tailgating planned. In fact...I took all of Sunday off from the machine and enjoyed the day AND the game - we WON! I think it was my new outfit that brought our team some luck...
Snazzy or What??? LOL
Life is too short to be serious all the time, dontcha think?

Monday arrived...back to work. I squeezed in an early morning visit to my Mom...then my good friend Marcia came to spend her day off at the shop....
Bless her heart, she helped me make 20 pillowcases - they will be little Christmas pressies for my Mom and her 'friends' at Mom's ALF.  ( FYI - Marcia doesn't normally sew wearing a hat or with her tongue sticking out - we were being silly - haha)
Late Monday afternoon I finally treated myself to some 4-patch making time - and before we left the shop at 5, I'd put together 71 of the 192 patches.

I also found these
Oops! I'm normally a pretty accurate cutter....I sewed them up anyways...I think I have extra...if need be I'll make them work. But seriously, I think it's time for new glasses...
....I'll book an exam next week!

I promised myself I wouldn't publish this post until ALL the 4 patches were done. I started working on the pictures early Monday evening...and discovered our internet was down. So to the sewing room I went while supper baked. I finished the remaining patches. They still need spinning and pressing but
Now I can join Bonnies Linky party - click HERE to see who else has been busy. Almost 6 hours ago the count was already at 153....I wonder what number I'll be now?
Don't forget - YOU TOO can join Bonnie and the rest on "Easy Street" - c'mon and play - the more the merrier.

Til Later....
Lynn ~ the Optically Challenged Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Love your blog!!! and yes, life IS too short so wear what ya want -- Hey they won so it worked! Can't wait until next week's clue -- Have a great week! Friday, Friday come ON Friday :-0

  2. All I can say is you go girl. I am a child of the seventies when we all said do your own thing. I see you are doing that. How fun is that. I am a late night sewer also, people don't understand the best fun is to listen to a book on tape and sew until I can't see straight.


  3. Love your outfit, is that A HAT!
    That is a large mystery quilt - if this is only Part 1.

  4. Your 4-patches and the pillow cases look lovely. Looking forward to step 2.

  5. I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn


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