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Project Quilting - Some Wonky Eye Candy for Mom and a Quickie Tute For You

One of the things I love most about blogland is discovering new places and sites to see. Late at night I do most of my poking around looking at this and at many head could just burst
My New Years resolution is to make EVERY day COUNT! So when I find a new challenge or blog hop that just tickles me...instead of sitting on the sidelines... this year I'm jumping in with both feet.
Last Sunday I came across Project Quilting from Persimon Dreams and I couldn't resist giving it a try. A new challenge is posted weekly - due on the following Sunday - and it must be finished and done. Yikes! 
The first challenge for Season 4 (wow - I missed out on 3 Seasons already?) - was a "Square in a Square".  Thankfully it could be any size or shape, not necessarily long as it was started AND finished during that week. 
I'm always trying to make a little something with my Mom in mind...I love decorating her wall with some kind of eye I grabbed a charm packet of pretty pinks (cuz we all know that's Mom's most favorite color in the whole wide world!).
I ended up with this wonky little wall hanging...finished just in time!
I thought about foundation piecing the blocks but I was in a wee bit of a hurry to complete this and I really wasn't in the mood for perfection. Don't get me wrong - I'm a neat and pretty accurate quilter...but I just wanted something fun and fast. 
I started with this oh so charming charm pack from Moda...
...and picked out 6 squares to start
Now remember, my head was already bursting from blogland overload...I didn't have it IN me to figure out measurements.  The nice thing about this technique can work with any size starting square - just follow the basic cutting steps. 

Here's what I did....

I stacked up the 6 squares - all right sides UP - picked up my cutter and ruler - eyeballed the side 'centers' - held my breath....and started cutting the outside 'corners' (you can fold the top square in 4ths and finger press to help you find the centers)
One down....3 more to go
Yey! Four corners cut! 
Now for the next 'round'....move the previously cut corners just a tad out of the way so you don't have an 'oopsie' and cut where you shouldn't (but don't move them too far - you want to keep everything in Order)
You'll notice below that I wasn't worried about straight cuts - I like wonky - wonky isn't supposed to be perfect...if it was wouldn't be wonky (and besides...with can get away with alot...which I did)
Once all cuts are made - we do a little 'switcheroonie' .... just follow the pictures....

Now we're ready to sew these puppies up! (sorry Maggie, no, intended)

You can't see it in the pictures below, but I 'chained' while I sewed the first little triangles to the center squares...and I kept it all together when I pressed so I would keep all the fabrics in Order! 
Many of you are probably familiar with this technique...basically you're just trying to be sure that each of your blocks ends up being made with 3 different fabrics.
I should probably tell you I used 'scant' 1/4" seams.
My little center squares (above) with round 'two' triangles all in place - of course you'll trim away the dog ears...(don't worry Maggie, not your ears...never)
*Note: my outer edges were pretty even (surprise surprise) but yes, some were a tad off - I did NOT trim to straighten them out...I just straightened them up when I sewed on the next round.

Next...stack up the centers...remember "In Order"....and add the round 3 triangles. Don't worry if you lose your 'points' - that's what wonky is all about!
Continue adding til all four corners are added - press - and those dog ears?'ll get rid of them in the next step. (woof)

Here's what we've got so far....
I trimmed everything up to 3-1/2" square. Yes, I'll probably lose more points with the next step...and I don't care...because...they are Wonky!
Originally I was going to stop right here...but I was having so much fun and decided Mom wouldn't have much use for a 'mug rug' - so I grabbed some more charms from the pack and auditioned 'backgrounds' with the blocks made so far...
yes...these will do nicely.  (oh...did you notice there are now 9 blocks and not 6? I couldn't help it - they were so much fun, I just had to sneak away and make 3 more when you weren't looking).

To make the final triangle corners...I cut each charm square 'background' like this
Easy peezy...just cut corner to corner. Handle with care because now you are working with 'bias' edges...don't let them scare you...but be gentle all the same.

Sew the final corners  
I squared the blocks up to 4-3/4" which gave me a 1/4" seam at each point. (they could have easily been trimmed to 5"square but I wanted hoped the points would "meet" when the blocks were sewn together - it's totally up to you).
Sew the blocks together to make a big 9 patch.
The little yellow accent border was made with TWO strips cut 1" 
The final pink border was made with TWO strips cut 3-1/2".
Binding was made with TWO strips cut 2" (same fabric as the final border)
I simply stitched in the ditch between the rows...and around the first big  'square on point'.

And last but not least....inspired by Bonnie Hunters quick little labels (a square folded on point and sewn to one corner before binding is finished)...ta-da...the label.

I hope you enjoyed this little project of mine. To see more 'Square in a Square' entries...visit Persimon Dreams Flicker group by clicking HERE...or take a peek at her linky party at the bottom of the page when you click HERE (that's where I'm going now - oops..on second thought it's almost 4am. how time flies...maybe I'll grab a few zzzz's
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Woman you are simply amazing!!!!!!! This is perfect for your mom and she will love it,,,, I do ! Thank you for the tutorial. There goes another project on my to do list...... (let me find another notebook)

  2. These are just so pretty! Bright and cheery, Mom's will love it!

  3. It's very pretty. I have this print in charm packs too. I will try this. I get tired of trying so hard making blocks accurate. This will be fun!

  4. ok, now I get it / understand what you were explaining when I saw it. Just an cute in person as seen here in construction!

  5. What a fun project and a great tutorial!

  6. sometimes I have more trouble making things wonky -- weird, I know. Would it also work ok if I wanted to be more exact?

  7. This is a terrific post, great result and superb instructions. Thanks a lot. How do you manage to do so much? - I know, sometimes it is hard to resist a challenge.


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