Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Quilting Favorite Color

I am so glad I found Kim from Persimon Dreams. Her Project Quilting challenges have motivated me to test my creativity and get something started AND finished in one weeks time. My projects are small but the point is - they are done!

The second challenge of season 4 - was to use your Favorite Color and White. When first announced, I immediately knew I would use RED...and thought about using the "LOVE" letters I've seen going around. That first Sunday night, I drafted up a few ideas...then put them aside as the work week me a few days to let my thoughts marinate.

Then as many of you happened...or I guess I should say life ended when we suddenly lost our sweet Maggie girl on that Wednesday....sewing, Project Quilting and all things fun were the last things on my mind. 

Early Friday afternoon I was driving back to the shop after visiting my Mom...and while sitting in traffic my mind started working again. I thought about the challenge...the LOVE letters...and all the pictures of Maggie I'd been looking at over and over...and over again. By the time I reached the shop...I had a PLAN! 

I let the Spouse handle customers and I hid myself away in the classroom. I gathered fabrics...printed out my foundations...printed up pictures...I cut and I sewed....
I cried and I smiled... 
Memories flooded my mind. I worked past closing time (the Spouse understood)....and by the time we left for home my little LOVE project was together and quilted, the binding ready for handstitching. By Saturday night I'd found just the right embellishments...and it was done.
The "L" holds her puppy picture...omgosh, what a cutie pie she was even then. The worn out dog tag, yes, was her very first piece of  jewelry...unbelievable I still had it...MORE unbelievable, I knew where it was! 
The "V" is her 'modeling' shot - back in the days when she enjoyed looking at the camera - she even let me dress her up in a big ruffled collar for the pattern cover of a bag I'd designed.
The "e" - a head shot from my favorite "Birthday" picture...she was such a good sport to wear that hat! 
And the "O" - the Heart...*sigh* - one of her very last pictures...taken just the day before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Looking back....I think she knew. Maggie was not a camera hound - but on that day, I took picture after picture...and not once did she look away.

Yes....I am glad I found Project Quilting....I might not have made this so quickly otherwise. It was just what I needed....I think just maybe...the healing has begun.

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Oh, That made me smile and cry too...good memories of my Katie and Doofus(yes,she was,lol) dogs. Thanks, and hugs, vickise at gmail dot com

  2. What a truly beautiful testament of love.

  3. adorable Lynn!!!! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing on my show and tell day!

  4. your doggy is very cute and you have made very nice quilt love the pink color.

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