Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge - January

I'm a little behind posting my January NewFO diddies...but better late then never they say...
I was so excited to join this group - it's all about starting at least one project a month (I'm pretty good at that) ...and even better- we don't really even have to finish...anything (I really excel in that department - hmm...probably not something I should so easily admit...but what the heck, we're friends, right?)
I seem to remember posting a list of things I wanted to get started and yikes...guess what? Not ONE of those things is here! 
(another secret - I don't always stick to 'lists')
Here was my January....
This little 21" wall hanging was started and finished in one week's time for Project Quilting - Season 4 - Challenge 1. It's Wonky Square in a Square...and eventually will hang on my Mom's wall.
Next up...I Dared to Dresden...another challenge...and I actually started "two"different "dresdens" - only one was finished in time....
It's a little rug for my mug and I love it to pieces.
(click Tutorials & Freebies at the top of this page - you'll find links to make your own Wonky Squares and the Mug Rug too)
What I started and am still working on....
With any luck, I'll finish it in time for Valentines Day...another pressie for ma Mere!

Project Quilting - Challenge 2 was using our favorite color and white....
I started and finished in a little over 24 hours. There's something to be said for a 'challenge' - I wasn't in the mood for sewing...but once I got going, it really helped my aching heart.

Speaking of hearts...I had the brilliant idea to do a Valentine Block Swap with some very dear friends.
I even set the deadline to mail as Feb.2nd.
It's now Feb.4th and guess WHO has missed her deadline?
Here's the one and only block I've finished....
Only 11 more to make....oh my!
Thankfully, I'm getting ready to run away for a few days of playtime...I'll be working too - setting up a little vendors space at a local retreat. I know I'll have some sewing time there...I'll take the supplies for the heart blocks...I will should might get them done. I'm packing up tons of projects to take...if nothing else, next months NewFO post should have plenty of STARTS!
Thanks so much to Barbara from Cat Patches for hosting the 2013 NewFO Challenge!
Click HERE to visit her linky party - see what everyone else is doing!

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back next Sunday night after retreat..then again, I might just sneak in here before that...we shall see.
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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  1. Gorgeous projects! Love the hearts. Thanks for linking up. I'll check just in case.


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