Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilting and Girlyfriends..What More Does A Gal Need?

Just returned this afternoon from a most wonderful weekend with quilting friends. 
I set up our little 'shop' on Friday morning to tempt and tease the retreaters...they came, they saw, they ooo'd, they aaahh'd...and they kept me so busy ringing up their purchases, I didn't even touch one of the 32 projects I'd packed to work on. 
Wow, huh?
In fact...I was so busy chitting, chatting and making change....I didn't even remember to take pictures...except for two....
On Saturday morning once classes had started again, I had a few minutes to myself so I wandered out of my "shop" to find a surprise...Dana from was set up to pamper us quilters if we so quick as a bunny, I wrote up this note, posted it on my door and treated myself to a 'gel-mani' - I love it!
Ha Ha Ha
Surrounded by quilts and quilters...not to mention awesome teachers like Karen Stone and Susan Brubaker Knapp....and THAT'S my first picture? I silly or what? But sometimes a gal just needs to set priorities! LOL

This morning before we finished packing to leave...I did have the presence of mind to get an actual quilter related picture snapped...yes, dear spouse joined us last night as well...and of course I had to include him in this sweet photo Op with the Fabulous Karen Stone.
What a sweetheart Karen is - I only wish I'd been able to enjoy her 4 days of classes...I know her students had a blast! Then again, I was lucky to take a class from her the last time she was at our retreat - hmmm...wonder where I put the ONE block I almost finished then...oops...sorry Karen, you're a fanTAStic teacher and I learned sooooooo much from you...but I also learned that year, that while I LOVE teaching...I'm not the best student on the planet! hahaha

I did get a little binding stitched last night on the dresden heart wallhanging for my Mom...but I didn't even think about taking a picture... too busy stitching and laughing and watching "Big Bang Theory" & "House Hunters" with my gal pals Marti, Holly and Sandy....while Bob was fast asleep in the adjoining room (he's such a party animal). It was a much needed weekend of smiles and friends and memories made
I'm so blessed with the best spouse in the world and the dearest of friends
O.M.Gosh...that's right - I did take another picture...actually the spouse snapped the shot - hmmm...probably should have asked my girls if they minded me sharing this...oh well...too late now....I'm on a least they weren't in their jammies...

My Roomies
I love you girlyfriends!

And I can't forget the other "Sandie" - she's my rockin' BFF who spent her birthday at our shop on Friday so Bob could help me set up at retreat...and who also volunteered to work tomorrow so we could have an extra day to re-cooperate. 
Happy Birthday Dear Sandie! 
You know I loves ya too!!!!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

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