Friday, November 15, 2013

For The Boys Blog Hop

Welcome to the final day of
For the Boys Blog Hop
If you're keenly observant, you'll notice the date above
shows the hop was over two days ago.

Am I late to the party?

Oh Goodness...No I am Not!

I'm right on time and exactly where I'm supposed to be.
There were so many BOYSterous Bloggers,
our dear Madame Samm
and head cheerleader, that
had to add on a couple extra days!
Lucky You!
Thank you ladies for another fun time!

No doubt you've been following along...
Hasn't everyone done a wonderful job?

I'm excited that today is MY day.
So here goes....

What I first planned to do....
well.....didn't get done.

Don't tell me that surprises you now!

If you've been here know I've got some
"attention span" issues...

The Spouse and I were contacted by the local USO office...
asking if by chance we had two quilts for twin boys...
I started with some simple rail blocks...
But we don't really need these quilts until
closer to Christmas....
so on the back burner they went when....
we got a nifty new hexie ruler in the shop from 
Creative Grid


I decided to treat MY BOY TOY this time around!

First I made him a mug rug...

Can you say score?!?!

My friend Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts
designed this Muggy Ruggy for "Cut Loose Press" patterns.
How could I not make one for my guy?


I've promised dear Bob that I would make him some shirts....
He's been waiting a good 15 years....

I found a pattern...almost two years ago
(I have to plan these things...I can not be
and  I thought...
it's Now or Never!

Bob sports Hawaiian shirts - they are his uniform of the day.
This authentic Hawaiian pattern by 
Victoria Jones Collections
is just perfect!

I chose some cute Wilmington Prints Christmas fabric because....
well let's be real for a minute...
I knew I would HAVE to FINISH this project for the hop!
If I had made a non-seasonal themed shirt first for practice...
what were the Odds that I would
make another shirt in time for the holidays?
(if you guessed pretty slim odds...then you really DO know me)


Isn't he a cutie???

Take a closer look now...
the picture qual is not great....

...can YOU find the Pocket?
(am I good or what...and oh so humble too)

Here's that Boy Toy Spouse of mine...
getting into the Holiday Spirit...

Wow...his Jag Santa hat matches Perfectly!!!
We have a holiday party next week at the
Everbank Field with our Jaguars Booster Club...
He WILL wear the shirt!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

But then....
before the shirt was finished...
guess what arrived at the shop on Tuesday?
(as in 3 days ago)

Lookie look look!
(Talk about Perfect timing! They are the sponsor for this blog hop you know...
wonder if this earns me some brownie points? lol)


Would I?

Could I?

Did I Dare?

Do you really have to ask?

Are you ready?

I would....I could...and I did!
Lounging pants for the Spouse.
(thank goodness he wore his un-holey socks...haha)

And now for the full Boy Toy Monty....
(not for the faint of heart - *giggles*)

Don't worry...he's rated PG
(Pretty Great *wink*)

LOL...made ya look, right?

Don't be misled....
Boy Toy Bob does have pretty good fashion sense
and won't be wearing the two together...
out in public...
at least I hope not...

Thanks for stopping by and please visit
the rest of our amazing
For The Boys 
Blog Hoppers

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse  >''<


  1. Wow you really rocked this "For the Boys" (& Toys) challenge. Love the hexie mug rug and the lounge pants and the Santa Shirt with the perfectly matched pocket. Fabulous job! Thanks for hopping. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  2. I just love the outfit! LOL. Fabulous job with the pocket, wow. I think the are both wonderful projects and thank you for sharing.

  3. I read the whole thing...I was in suspense ! Yes, your boy toy is a cutie and you made him some cute things....awesome job on the pocket for sure !

  4. Loved it! My hubby would love me forever (he better any way) if I made him a shirt like that. Might have to go on the search for that pattern. Great work!!

  5. What perfect items for your boy toy! So glad he modeled and didn't give us the "why me" look, LOL! Thank you for sharing your marvelous projects and story.

  6. Great projects. That shirt turned out amazing! He looks right at home in it!

  7. Ya, ya, your projects are great...BUT...where are the cats!! Yes, yes, I know, you are witty, an excellent and sew creative seamstress, and darling wife to an adorable hubby...BUT, once again WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE CATS!! LOL Thanks sew for another wonderful visit....I sew look forward to them!!! XOX

  8. As usual you have made my day. I have laughed reading your post and I am still laughing or have a great smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  9. Wowzer! Bob sure hit the jackpot with all of these great goodies! Love the shirt and you did a really great job of matching the fabric on the pocket. Great job all around and thank Bob for being a good sport and modeling for the world!

  10. LOL... love your stories!! You did make me look!!!!! Great projects

  11. YOU NEVER EVER disappoint and BOB< you just make my heart sing…you are such a MANLY man….and yes listen to Lynn, don't go out with them together…
    LOVE your top and then the pants and wellllll everything…thanks for always shining
    a beam in our lives..

  12. lol fun post, love the pics, and great job on all the goodies you made for Bob!

  13. How sweet...I love the fabric that you chose for his shore. And those pants they are adorable!

  14. What a fun post to wake up to!You and I share the same attention span issues and that back burner can get plenty crowded!:-) great job on all your projects! Bobsure hit the jackpot on this hop

  15. Okay I'm in awe! I wonder if I made my husband a shirt like that he'd wear it....he doesn't wear prints but I bet I could make a solid one. You've inspired me! blessings, marlene

  16. Great job modelling by your Toy Boy! He certainly deserves his mug rug and shirts!, which are fabulous!

  17. I love it Lynn. Bob looks great! My grandson would love those pants!

  18. What a fun post and great projects!! Your Bob reminds me of my Bob.....the life of the party! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Boy, you really have a cooperative husband. :) Thanks for sharing.

  20. You make me smile when I read your blog. Your husband is great to let you take photos of him. I do love those shirts and pants. Thanks for making my day

  21. Giggling all the way through your post. It s so great to make your boy toy spouse some wonderfuls. Love that shirt and the fabric. Thanks for the morning humor.

  22. Fun post! Great job for your DH projects--and he is a good sport to model for all of us. I love the fabrics. That mug rug is a great pattern!

  23. These projects are wonderful and you were so productive! WOW!! You did a great job on all of them and I love the fabric choice. You were right, what were you to do when the new fabric arrived? I would have had to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing your creations with us today.

  24. LOL..."Boy Toy Bob" is quite the guy to model those perfectly manly projects. Great job on both the shirt and pajama pants! :O)

  25. Love the shirt...and yes, perfect pocket!!

  26. Great blog, I love your humor! Love your shirt and your lounge pants! And, you have one terrific model!!

  27. Ha ha! I love the post! Your spouse must be a really good sport! I love the shirt and the pajamas! So perfect!

  28. Your Bob is the height of fashion, not together mind you but what a patient model! Except for the light hitting the shirt just right I would not have seen the pocket. Well done! Cool mug rug too.

  29. Lynne your boy toy Bob is quite the good sport! He certainly looks happy with all the goodies that you made for him. He got an early Christmas for sure. You are so funny as usual too!!!!!!

  30. I for one, have no idea what your talking about with attentions span issues... mumble mumble, accept thos piles of UFO's I'm hiding from myself. LOL!!!!! Gheez sharing my dirty secrets again! :-) Love Boy Toy Bob's new duds! He looks fabulous in em!

  31. I have no idea what you are talking about with attention span issues! mumble mumble. Accept those piles of UFO's I have hid from myself. LOL!! Oh sharing those dirty secrets again! :-) Boy Toy Bob looks fabulous in his new duds. Great job you did on em!

  32. Such a nice way to display your items I am sure he must be a good sport, thanks for sharing, beautiful material

  33. Oh me, oh my. Where do I start. Coolest mug rug. It is tough to find patterns for guys. But anyone who does garment sewing is a hero in my book. Neat, neat projects.

  34. Lynn, I love reading your post. They always make me laugh. You really made some great projects for your guy. I love the shirt and boy toy Bob looks fabulous in it. Makes me almost want to make one for my hubby. (Notice I did say almost.) Great job. Thanks for sharing today.

  35. Thank you, Lynn ... I always know when I click on your blog I am going to be wearing a big smile by the end of the post. Looks like you and your man, who is looking fashionably fun, share a sense of humor as well as a love of quilting. Good thing, too ... :) Pat

  36. I always enjoy your sense of humor that comes across in your writing and in your sewing/quilting/crafting. Your hubby has a great sense of humor too, obviously. Thanks for sharing.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. You did a great job of spoiling your boy top hubby! It's great that he has such a great sense of humor!

  38. Great job! My DH has made his own shirt and has fabric for another one.

  39. We always giggle when we read your blog posts for the hops - they are such fun. That shirt looks great on him and yes - the pocket - good, very, very good! So pleased the know he won't be wandering around town in the lounge pants - ha..ha..

  40. Thanks, thanks, thanks this post ist simply the best *lol*
    You are so creative and clever, wonderful projects and your
    DH is very handsome too ☺
    Thanks for beeing part of this hop!

  41. Wow, Lynn! You are GOOD! I could not believe that pocket was matched so well! Love the hexagon mat. But that shirt and those pants are amazing! Wonderful work!

  42. Boy, is your hubby a lucky man! I hope he knows it! I really enjoyed your post.

  43. Very cute post :) Love the shirt and lounging pants for your boy toy!

  44. He is adorable and so are his new duds, lol! :)

  45. You are a hoot! Great job. Now I know where Santa hides in the off season!

  46. Ahhhh, I was getting worried about your PG guy's fashion sense; glad to know he'll not wear the 2 together. Super projects. Well done, for getting a shirt done - FINALLY!! lol

  47. SUCH a hoot!
    Great job with the shirt, it is sure to be an attention getter at the Jag party ;-)
    With or without the pants...

  48. Lynn you are too the shirt, the fabric is just the cutest...and the lounging pants...perfect, just make sure he wears them on different occasions!! He is one lucky 'boy toy'!! Thanks for the inspiration, it has been a fun post!


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