Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coffee Anyone???

Have you read Saturdays

There's a brand new Blog Hop planned and
You Are Invited to Join in!
Go and 
Read All About It Now...
I'll wait...
but don't forget to come back
(if you don't read it first - the rest here
will make no's ok...go check it out)



Whatever could that Madame Samm be talking about?

Oh right...I'd forgotten about the

...and the
"All About Me"
Blog Hop...

Must not forget the
Tammy Bag Blog Hop....
What's in YOUR bag these days?
(Zeek gets a little embarrassed when I show his baby pictures)

The Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop
Ok...I see her point...
sometimes I even make myself
Laugh Out Loud
- - - -

I'm so very excited to be part of the
for this awesome blog hop coming in January!
Kinda makes me wanna rush right thru the holidays!

But seriously...
thanks so much to
Madame Samm
and our Cheerleader for this hop...
Just Let Me Quilt

If you follow !SewWeQuilt! then you are well aware
that Carol is often referred to as:
"that other lady"
"the other one"
"she who retired and can now play and sew all day
while Madame must study and do schoolwork"
(okay...I think I made up that last one...sometimes I just get carried away)

I'm just truly honored to be one of
the "10" mentioned in Mdm's post
What does that mean?
It means I'm playing with some pretty fine company...
but first and foremost, I think it means...
I get to make the coffee!
So stay tuned!
Before I forget...
"For the Boys"
continues on Monday with a couple
extra days of fun added on.
I'll be back with my
'boy stuff'
on Nov. 15th.
Don't forget to come back.....

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse

 November 11th

November 12th

November 13th

November 14th

November 15th 


  1. I love your post you always rise to the occasion with such humour. Toodles

  2. Lynn, again and again you make me laugh so loud, a big warm cuddle from Switzerland!!! What a wonderful idea of putting all your projects your did for the hops this year, I think I should do the same, always good to see which things jumped from our needles!

  3. Your blog always makes me smile (or laugh out loud) but today I really need to ask if there is a pattern for "Mistle Toad"? Am in love with him!!!


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