Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 7 - Flags on a Stick Blog Hop - Here's Waving at You Kids....

Welcome to Day 7 of 
Flags on a Stick Blog Hop!

This time around, I decided to "get on the stick" and create something for our shop.
We have a really cute fabric panel with letters and numbers
from "In the Beginning Fabrics"
The line is called "Hoopla & Everyday Fun" by Jennifer Heynen.

We are never opposed to enjoying a little

This fabric would be the perfect start of some

If you've been following the hop, these letters should look familiar.

My good friend and quiltin' sista'
Mary Pat from Quilting Quietly 
was so "Hoppy" to find them during one of her visits to the shop.

(if you missed her 'toad'-ally awesome flag - click on her name above - ribbit!)

It's so much fun to have a blog hoppin' friend close by...
..Even sweeter that we can bounce ideas off one another...
or in this case...
use some of the same fabrics with completely different results!
I'm so glad we're

I had a little "saying" in mind....
I began with some fusible web...
(iron, iron)
cut out the letters and appliqued them in place...
still needed something else....

I pulled out a couple handfuls of 'scraps' from ye ole scrap bag...
(and I DO mean "scraps" ~ I shouldn't save 'everything' but I's a curse!)

OooEee....FUN time in progress...
making a few wonky blocks....

Oh lookie look...see the yellow arrow?
See it pointing?
"Thumbs Up"...
Yes, I was pretty pleased with how things were shaping up!

hmmm...still lacking....what else do I need?

But of course...
there must be buttons!

When all was sewn and done...
it was time to wave the flag....

As much as I wanted to hang our flag outside the door of our shop...

How does one stick a "stick" in cement?

Very simple....
One does Not!

our flag hangs right inside the front door....

We LOVE it!

Another cutie button...and we must have a cat!

I used velcro on the straps for easy hanging on the door.

Had it been hanging outside, I might not have worried about the 'back'...
but it's not outside...
and for a few days I pondered what it should say.
(ponder, ponder)

"Thanks for Stopping In and Have a Great Day"
would have been nice....
but way too many 'letters'...
way too little 'space'....

Then it came to me....

After leaving the nest to make a life with my Spouse...
whenever we would visit dear Mom & Dad...
as we made ready to leave...
( Hugs hugs, Kisses kisses )
my sweet parents would always say the same thing....
Every Time!

What a great way to remember them...
a great way to let everyone know that walks thru our door...
we are truly glad they came!

I can hear my Mom now questioning about the way I spelled "Thanks"...
but ya do what ya do when space runs out.
how many times do we ever get to use the

Thank you Thearica and Mdm Samm for another amazing adventure!
Special thanks as well to our sponsors: 
Visit them all...give 'em a 'wave' and tell them how much you've enjoyed the hop!

Thanks for visiting...but remember, I'm not waving alone today...
Click the links below for more fun on a stick...
Which one will be your favorite?
I'm so glad I don't have to pick!

April 2nd


  1. I love your scrappy flag; so colorful!

  2. What a beautiful flag! I am sure it is a crowd pleaser. Ah cement, well get a can larger then the bottom of your stand or a flower pot, put in the stand and fill with rocks, works perfectly! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your bright colors are Fantastic!! So eye catching and well put together.

  4. Brilliant. So clever and appropriate for your shop

  5. Yeaaaa, great day to begin with your flag, just "max" me smile.... LOL! I heard your mother up to far Switzerland, smile!!!

  6. Oh Lynn, your flag made me giggle and cry....giggle because of the colorful letterings and cry a little because of the precious story behind the back. Great job!!!!!

  7. Hi Lynn what a great flag, love the letters. Thanx for sharing!!! Susie x

  8. Ha, ha, love your flag in all its adorable wonkiness! What a sew wonderfully creative idea! Great job!

  9. YOU always bring that special part of YOU that makes us smile....I ADORE your is ladies like you who make our HOPS extra special....YES we most certainly SPEAK Quilt among many other delicious thoughts...

  10. I absolutely LOVE your flag! I need some of that fabric! :)

  11. GIIIIRRRRLLLLL!!! You rocked it sista! I knew you would, of course. I had to get up early and check before I left. Something to dream about while under the knife :) love it! Love it! Love it! You did good :)

  12. That's a festive, fun, and lovely flag!

  13. Yes Lynn you got it right again, the cutest flag I ever saw and the best post story to go with it ! Awesome....I would love some of that fabric too,,,too cute !

  14. Wow!! I love it! How fun to stop into a shop with that amazing creation waving :)

  15. Love your flag! It would make anyone smile, feeling warm and welcome!

  16. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully cheerful flag with us!! It is such a fun flag!!

  17. Lynn I just love this! I'd love to see it in a shop I visit - it would definitely make me smile. :) blessings, marlene

  18. Your flag is cheerful and happy. I love it. Thanks for sharing and being part of this hop.

  19. Great fabric for your flag,I can't help but smile just looking at it!

  20. What a fun and creative flag for the shop!! So clever!!


  21. Lynne, that's a perfect flag for the shop! And it has a story too. I love everything about it.

  22. Everyone has said exactly what I think...colorful, welcoming, fun, cute, scrappy, creative, fun!!!
    Love it
    Gmama Jane

  23. So clever! I am not sure I would have remembered in time to make a two sided flag. I like your problem solving brain, all the way to using the "X" for space and so he does not feel left out of the fun. After all, the "Q" gets to go to the party fairly often!

  24. Great idea and I love your colors. Thanks for sharing :)

  25. Such a cute flag, perfect for your store.


  27. I love every single thing about your flag! Outstanding job!!

  28. Sweet, sweet flag! Great way to use up scraps, too. Love it!

  29. There is a whole lot of cuteness, creativity and color hanging in your shop. Lov both sides...and the letter fabric is FUN and perfect. Thanks for sharing!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  30. Lynne I love your flag and it's perfect for your shop! If you wanted to put your flag outside, you could always stick the pole into a large flower pot filled with flowers too. Just an idea.

  31. Now how cute is this!! I just love all the colors and so creative!! :)

  32. Just the perfect flag for your shop. Your visitors will love it and it will inspire them for sure. Such happy fabric and I love your attention to all the little details. Very sweet.

  33. I'm smiling from ear to ear! What a bright and cheery flag for your shop! I just love scraps, and this is why! Great job.

  34. Wow!!! I absolutely love those flags!!! Those colors and that whimsy really speak to me!!

  35. Uber Fabulous Flag! When all was "sewn" and done...very clever and what a wonderful way to welcome customers and guests and especially to honor your parents. ThanX sew very much for Hopping and Flag Flying...

  36. Thanx, Lynn, for hanging out the welcome flag and inviting us in for a visit today. Great shop flag. I love the fabrics and all the little details. So this is where Mary Pat got those Hoppy Letters? I need to visit more often. I always learn something new and find some fabulous fabrics. I also like the new look on your blog. You have been a very busy little Thimblemouse. Thanx for sharing ... :) Pat

  37. This is just perfect for a shop! I love your colourful design with the scrappy little blocks and the polka dot and striped letters!

  38. I SEW enjoyed the visit. THANX for having us. Great flags, love the letter fabric.

  39. Very cute flag and I love the sentiment on the back. Wonderful colors too.

  40. Oooo, I like the neon cats on the back! And I love that you incorporated a memory into your flag as well. Thank you for sharing!

  41. What a fun post...I enjoyed reading every moment of it..the suspense was starting to get to me a little...but then....the flag...OH WOW!...absolutely delightful.

  42. You had me laughing - I love how you have written your post!
    and your flags are wonderful, what a great way to use the fabric!

  43. Now that is about the cutest thing ever! I want to dig in your scrap bin. LOL

  44. Your flag is downright FAB! Of course, I love the bright happy colors and designs on the letters but when you arrange them into those special words - how perfectly wonderful! I've been pondering who I used to hear say the same thing, "Thanks for the visit." Can't remember now but you've got my thoughts working overtime!! lol

  45. What a fun post! Looks like you had a great time. It's fantastic.

  46. That is the cutest flag ever, Lynn!! Your posts always make me laugh :)


  47. What a great flag .... and do you know I understand Quilt too thanks sew much for sharing
    in stitches

  48. It is just perfect. If I lived closer, I would sure enjoy the visit. But I guess hopping along with you is the closest I can get. I always enjoy visiting you blog.

  49. Oh how adorable. I love the letters and the choice of fabric that you chose for them.

  50. The flag is perfect for your shop. What a great way to make use of the fabric. I often use thanx and I'm not one to use much computer shorthand. I guess that comes from working on computers for 30 years. I got used to having to key everything in and the computer shorthand in foreign to me. When I see some of it, really bad things come to mind, so I tend not to use it because I don't want to be misinterpreted. I do use Ruv instead of love with my adult children when I text. It's sort of a lovey thing not really shorthand. Thank you for sharing for flag and it will certainly be a conversation piece in your shop.

  51. That is fantastic! What a great addition to your shop. I love the bright colours and what it says on both sides.

  52. Love your flag which I could visit your shop to see it. Everybody that sees it will so love it. Blessings Sandra


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