Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's an Open & Shut Case.....

Two posts in the same week!
Could it be?
Is my mee-oww-jo coming back?

I had so much fun creating our new shop flag for the recent
(click above if you missed it)
I decided to strike while the iron was hot

My wonderful friend and quiltin' sista' Joyce,
had the most awesome quilt shop,
first in St. Augustine, Florida....later moved to Jacksonville....
(yes - I have oooodles of Q-sista's I've adopted over the years)

In her shop "Material Things"...she had the BEST "open and closed" sign!
It's been on my "to-do" list for a very loooooong time to make up a sign like she had....
so I gathered the 'leftover letters' that were lurking about...
and here we are!

Lookie look...even the cat's eyes are OPEN
(coincidence? maybe....maybe not)

When we go home....we flip it over to see.....

I just love much better than 'Closed'....
Joyce was (and still is) a Genius!

Did you notice the cat's eyes on this side?


Am I good or what?
Truth be told....
Totally Unplanned....Totally!!!!

PS....I almost forgot to tell ya....

Joyce closed her shop sometimes back and we really miss it!
But you can find her on Facebook....
along with two more of my 'Q-Sista's'.
Just give a click can "follow" them anywhere!


  1. Do you have a pattern for the adorable 3 Sistas? Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu Love your Open and Shut signs, too!

  2. Well dear, you've done it again...and again! Love the kitties, love the sign, love you! Xoxo

  3. Lynne the open and shut sign is great! And the open and shut cat eyes, lol....but where are the mice?


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