Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I SEE You....It's September! What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Where DID the summer go?
It can't possibly be September!
But alas, it is...and here we are... 
Day 1 of the 
See You In September Blog Hop!

It seemed like it was forEVER ago that we signed up to participate in this hop
sponsored by the wonderful as always
along with the help of Head Cheerleader
Be sure to visit them soon and give them a cyber-hug for all their hard work!

Summer may have started in June...
but for me it really began July 1st with the first ever
coast to coast
Row by Row Experience Shop Hop.
There was no summer vacation for the Spouse and this little Mouse!

All my summer sewing plans went pretty much by the wayside...
NOT that I wasn't sewing...
Oh My...I Never Stopped!

I completed 8 different samples of our shop row by row pattern
"All Tied Up With A Bow".
These are four themed kits we offered
Dog & Cats Chrismas
(as I ran out of samples had to be made...but I'm only showing you 4)

We'll call this project ONE.

The Row by Row shop hop was a total summer success!

We might be in Florida...
but we definitely are not on the tourist route.
However the shop hop changed that this year....
and we are grateful...VERY grateful!

I spent every shop working day
cutting endless kits!
I can cut them in my sleep.
I can sew rows in my sleep.
Actually...I can't do either...but it sure would have been nice!
We had over 300 hoppers
Cut and sold over 250 kits!

Per the rules...the hop ended yesterday, Sept 2nd.
We can not make our designs available via internet/email or sell our patterns until November 1st.
So I invite you back at midnight on the first of November...
the pattern for our row as shown above
will be available here as a FREE download!
Mark your calendar!

Project 2
It's no secret...we've met and made some of the sweetest friends
by way of the local donut shop.
Alas...the shop closed last January...
but we kept in touch with an August-Bride-To-Be....
and of course...
nothing says "Make A Quilt"
like a wedding!

Their colors.... see them above...
Lime Green and Shocking Pink!
I gave them their choice...
bed quilt or lap.
They chose a queen size quilt for their bed.
The only request our dear bride had...
was to include their initial...
in the center of the quilt.
Leighann came to the quilt shop....
I let her suggest fabrics...
she didn't care...
as long as it was pink and green...
but she did Love that plaid you see!

Here's the quilt done
Of all the fabrics, naturally the plaid had the least on the bolt.
Isn't that always the way?
But we made it work!

The bride and groom held their 'country wedding'
in a transformed working barn!
Yards and yards of pink, green and white tulle
was suspended from the rafters...
wrapped around poles...
hundreds of twinkling lights were strung up!

We were so touched that they included the quilt in their wedding decor!
It was a beautiful afternoon for a wonderful couple!

Project 3
When this hop was first announced...
I started making hexies with mini gingham check from Riley Blake.
I made oodles.
I had NO idea what I would do with them.
As it turned out....
they are still sitting safely in their little project tote...
waiting to grow up and be something.

I had another idea to make a baby quilt of gingham.
I wanted it a little bit modern.
And then the row by row shop hop happened.
So the baby quilt...

I love it even more!
I'm really into little quilts...
this makes me smile!
The 6" blocks shrank down to 3-1/2" finished.
I think I'm calling this
"Gingham Bubbles"

The blocks are very easy to make.
Choose your "bubble" fabric...
-cut 3" squares for each block
-cut 4 background squares at 1-1/4" for the 'corners' - attach, flip, press - (trim excess) - done.
-Sew background strips to two side as shown - sizes given are CUT size!
Easy peasy!

Here's how I laid them out - of course you can have fun arranging your bubbles any way you want!

Border (or not) as desired.
I added a scrappy of each 'mod' touch.

The mini measures 18"x24".
It took me 6 hours and two full bobbins to quilt.
I did echo quilting with my walking foot.
I'm in love!

But wait!
There were SCRAPS!
And truth be told....
I love the scrappy projects
(if that's possible)

I cut the left over gingham into 1-1/2" strips...
added 1-1/2" strips of the Riley Blake grey Shades...
(ok...the Shades wasn't really leftover...but we can just pretend...)

I made 2" Finished double rails...
7-1/2" tall x "not a clue wide" because I wrote it down wrong in my notes...
 and the quilt is at the shop...
I am not...Aaaaaack! 

No get the idea.

Quilting detail below

There were 4 rail blocks leftover...
so naturally....a pincushion was born.
Isn't it darling?

But wait...there were "ends" of the rail strips....
can't let them go to waste....
selvages and all!

Add a scrappy of binding fab from the quilt...
Pincushion back!
I can't decide which side I like better!

So there you have it.
My summer sewing.
Rows and Rows...Quilts Big and Small...and a Pincushion!
I still can't believe it's September!

Be sure to visit these remarkable bloggers below...
they're sew excited to show you what they did this summer!

Thx for the visit!

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Don't forget to tune in each day!

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  1. What great projects and I love the wedding quilt colours. Hugs, Susie x

  2. Wow! You have been busy, busy, busy..........whew! What lovely projects!

  3. Lynn, You have been busy, and everything is so beautiful!! I really enjoyed reading your lovely post, Thanks for sharing!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. I lost count of your projects! I love them. All of them. The quilt is amazing and I will definitely be back for the row pattern. It looks incredible, no wonder you sold so many kits! I am partial to all things pincushion, so that got me really exited! Thank you for sharing your wonderful (and FULL) sewing summer.

  5. Oh, my, what a busy summer. I am thrilled that the hop brought lots of business your way. I am concerned for LQS that the Internet may be killing them off. I see more and more cropping up every day. I do see things I like but I cannot see the colors. If there is a collection, it's one thing but I can't see to order something that coordinates with another and I can't feel the fabric and fabric does vary. I have my favorite LQS. The gals are wonderful. I love the row by row you did. I bet you did cut and cut and cut. The baby quilt turned out to be an adorable small quilt. I do a 5 minute education segment about quilting each month at guild. I might have to do something with this. I could still use this block and make it larger for a toddler and give to our Hearts and Hands for someone to quilt. I'm not great at quilting and I don't want to machine quilt all that detail and I'm not at quilting anyhow. I'd have to do straight lines of some sort. I love the double rails - is that what you call the chevron? I don't know how to do that - I'll have to look for a pattern online for that - bet I can find one. I love the pin cushions. I'd love to have lots of them. You are an inspiration for a busy summer. Again, I'm thankful that the hop brought folks to your shop. A great number of hoppers bought kits - wow! Thanks for participating in this hop, too.

  6. Phew...I seem to have held my breath throughout your post...don't know why I do that?! Fantastic post, love all your projects. Looking forward to November, what a cute pattern. If I were a traveler, I would have come to visit your store for sure! What a fantastic wedding quilt! Loving this hop and so very happy to see everyone coming back and sharing their wonderful summer projects!

  7. such delightful projects Lynn the gingham one I simply adore- gingham bubbles had me giggly...your row by row...a present in certainly had a lovely vacation...always nice to be back and so certainly did that..

  8. Congratulations on the successful row by row shop hop. A few of my fellow guild members participated in row by row shop hops here in Washington and Oregon, and their quilts were adorable. I even found out about shops that I did not know about on our route to the coast. Wonderful projects too. I love the echo quilting. I think it was worth an extra bobbin or two. I will be back in November if not sooner. Cheers!

  9. I loved reading your post. What nice projects! I work for a shop in WI that cut (and cut and cut) Row x Row Experience kits so I know what you mean about cutting in your sleep. Had to laugh at all your gingham projects and using the leftovers. My sewing group swears that scraps are like the sourdough bread starter--they feed on themselves and multiply overnight!

  10. Amazing projects all around! Your gingham pieces are truly special; I love the "bubbles" and the scrappy projects too!

  11. Wow... you have been one busy lady! Love all of these projects, especially the gingham bubbles. And how special to have your wedding quilt displayed for all to enjoy!

  12. Between the present quilt, wedding quilt and baby quilt--all I can say is they are all gorgeous and unique! Love the traditional of the Gingham mixed in with the modern design!

  13. Wow, lots of sewing going on for you! Great projects.

  14. Lynn how in the world do you do all that in one summer? My goodness you made me tired just telling me all you do - I feel lazy! Seriously love the Row by Row so I'll be watching for it. And of course the wedding quilt was perfect and I know they loved having it as part of their wedding decorations. But your gingham quilt - definitely my favorite and I've pinned this so I can make my own. I have got to take a lesson from you and quit throwing away those scraps. Pincushions will now be in my vocabulary all the time! blessings, marlene

  15. Great projects! Love the wedding colors and the quilt. Your gingham projects are lovely as well. You made lots of goodies this summer!

  16. Wow! So many awesome projects. Love them all. The wedding quilt in pink and green is gorgeous and all the gingham projects are adorable

  17. There were lots of row by row going on at my local quilt shop, were one busy lady making all those kits! Such a sweet quilt and all those gingham pincushions are adorable!

  18. Hi Lynn,
    happy to hear that you have had a succesful summer, the row by row thing sounds funny AND looks great!
    The wedding quilt is a wonderful work too but your Gingham projects are stunning!!!
    Love that bubble quilt, thanks for sharing the pattern.
    The chevron tablerunner is so cute too, and not busy looking at all.

  19. No rest for the weary or their spouse either. Awesome projects and thanks for the freebie pattern. I love the hexi quilt. And I can't wait for the row by row pattern. I'm marking my calendar for sure.

  20. Wow, what incredible projects you have been up to. The wedding quilt is stunning. Love your row by row quilt. What a fun project for the holidays. And your gingham bubbles... well they are just too cute as well as all the other little gingham goodies. Fun fun fun! I can see those bubble in Christmas prints as ornies too! ;-)

  21. You've been a busy gal! Wow! All your projects are wonderful. Love the Row by Row!
    How wonderful to have your quilt as part of a wedding decor! What a sweet compliment!
    The hexies and the chevrons are also really pretty!!

  22. Oh my, SEW much to look at!! You were a very busy mouse!! The wedding quilt was spectacular!!..Sew glad your local quilt shop did well on the shop hop. I know your account balance was happy plus we kept another local quilt shop in business!! I try to shop my LQS as much as possible even if I have to pay a little more. Nothing beats actually petting the fabric before buying. All of your projects are professionally the gray which is SEW COOL nowadays
    Gmama Jane

  23. Wonderful photos and I really enjoyed reading your post. I am looking forward to the free row pattern and I thank you so much for the gingham bubbles block pattern. I love your baby snowball quilt! This one is going on my list! Sew many lovely gingham projects. You are sew accomplished! Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  24. Your projects are all wonderful and I especially like the hexagons in gingham! The chevron are adorable too. Oh my; you've provided some wonderful inspiration. Thanks for sharing your creations with us today.

  25. Thanks for sharing all your projects with us.

  26. So many sweet projects, and love that you used every scrap up.

  27. Your summer projects were great, love the pink and green quilt for the wedding, and the Gingham Bubble quilt wiht instructions just made my day. The use of the scraps was just ideal.

  28. Great summer projects, especially all the gingham projects. Thanks for the tutorial on the Gingham Bubbles block!

  29. I can't pick a favourite, they're all fabulous!

  30. Oh, Ms. Thimblemouse, aren't your projects all wonderful!! I think the Row by Row experience was a real boon to so many quilt shops around the country! I picked up a few rows... did I have time to make any?? Not yet. But it was fun to explore several new shops in my region. Love your cute little octagon quilt - sweet! And thanks for the tutorial, too. Haha, and it just kept on giving, the double rail runner, pincushion top and bottom... Nice way to utilize every little smidge!

  31. Great job on your projects. Busy, busy summer. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  32. Waouh, you really were very busy over this summer, the wedding quilt is looking fantastic, really, so full of light and energy!

  33. Wow, SO many great projects! My head is spinning! :)

  34. Oh what a beautiful wedding quilt. I love your idea and how you made it. Your gingham projects are also cute. I especially like the pin cushion.

  35. Love all your projects. Your gingham baby quilt is my favorite. I've got a growing fondness for modern quilts.

  36. Great job, Lynn. You always come up with the cutest projects with your leftovers. The brides quilt is beautiful Pink and green are my favorite color combination also so I am really loving this one.(I haven't a clue what happened to July or August, but if you find them, let me know. I need some extra time.

  37. Oh My Heavens! You have certainly left no time wasted over your sewing summer. I adore the wedding quilt you created. Love all the gingham quilt of Gingham Bubbles and then each and every scrap made into another cutie item. WoW!!! Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Gingham Bliss...

  38. My oh my so much in so little time. Great job on everything.

  39. Wow, you have been busy. Great projects.

  40. Wow - those quilts are so lovely! How nice the wedding couple included your quilt in their photo - very special! And the Chevron scrap quilt? Wow-zer. Love it. Thanks for all the fantastic photos.

  41. I am amazed that you got all that accomplished AND A SHOP HOP TOO!
    Sweet wedding quilt...I would have loved that too...such a nice job! And that little baby quilt and pin cushion.... very cute!

  42. yum yum.... love everything. I think my favorite project is the bubbles :) Thanks for sharing:) ! the how to Janita

  43. The row by rows were so cute. The wedding quilt was the perfect backdrop for the wedding vows. What an honor.

  44. Love, love, love the snowball quilt. And the fact that you didn't let anything go to waste,lol!!

  45. Oh my, what a busy Summer and love all of your projects!

  46. I am so pleased your row by row was a success, a lot of work though. I don't know if we have those here in the U.K. Scraps make the best projects and you certainly made the best use of yours.

  47. Neat projects. Bubbles is sew cute--and simple too. Thanks for the ideas.

  48. What a summer! The bubbles are my favorite! I bought a row kit from you, but it is the only one I got, so I'm a little stuck on that right now. The wedding quilt was certainly an ambitious project amidst all those kits :) who needs sleep? So highly overrated :)

  49. Sweet projects. Love the wedding quilt!

  50. I especially love the wedding quilt. The colors are definitely vibrant and the quilt is just gorgeous. The couple will enjoy it for many years to come. The rest of your projects are just lovely. Congrats on selling all those kits!!

  51. Beautiful wedding quilt. I can see how perfect it was. And so many extra projects. So cute.

  52. Summers are just too busy with too many things to do but they are glorious! I never think plaid when I think quilt but I sure like how it looks. Crazy, but my favorite project is the pincushion! It is so darn adorable.

  53. So many gingham projects! Love your gingham bubbles quilt with the bubbles bobbing along...

  54. Sounds like you had a very busy and successful summer. All of your items are terrific. I especially love your row by row and the gingham quilt.

  55. Oh Lynn, you have been busy. You amaze me how you come up with such cute projects. Love you take on hexagon snow balls.

  56. Oh my goodness, you're making me tired. What a fantastic summer. You did a lot! They are all super projects!

  57. OMG the wee mouse has been busy. The Gingham Bubbles is so favorite! I love how you make use of all the scraps. It is so good to hear that the row by row blog hop was such a great sucess. I've heard a lot of awesome comments for shop owners. Great news for the quilting community. Thanks for sharing your summer finishes!!

  58. You were crazy busy this summer! Thank you for sharing all your projects! I love your gingham bubbles and chevrons...thank you for the tute!!


  59. That gingham snowball quilt is just the cutest quilt ! Thanks for including the pattern. The quilt be part of the wedding decor was such an honor !

  60. Your gingham profjects are all wonderful. That is such a nice wedding gift.

  61. Wow Lynn, you're amazing! I love your Row-by-Row, and look forward to getting the pattern in November. Thanks for sharing all your great projects!

  62. Love all of your projects. The wedding gift was wonderful. Really lovin the gingham collection. Thanks for the inspiration.

  63. Wow..lots of great projects. You were a busy gal!

  64. You sure had a busy summer of sewing! I love how you kept making projects to use your scraps. The gingham bubbles are so cute.

  65. I really like the pincushion. Very simple but cute. The quilt is very nice too. Projects don't always have to be big to be impressive.

  66. Love your mini bubble quilt and Congratulations on being so busy during the shop hop.

  67. What a busy summer! Glad the shop hop was a success. Your wedding quilt turned out lovely. I really like the gingham bubble quilt.

  68. I follow the shop on facebook so I knew you were probably up to your neck in row quilts. So many wonderful examples there! Wow! Can you even come up for air now?? I love the bubble quilt idea made even more cute with the gingham. You were quite inventive with the leftovers there, girl!

  69. I love the Gingham bubbles. It is a beautiful quilt! Whoosh, I thought I was busy this summer, but you win!!

  70. I was just thinking that fabric makes a quilt modern, but here you have used an old fabric stand-by--gingham--and made the bubbles looks totally modern!

  71. Oh My Goodness! You have been crazy busy! I hang my head in shame! Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects with us!

  72. I am so late to comment. Wow, busy lady! I admire your talents. Your gingham projects are just wonderful. Great colors! Actually everything you`ve done is fantastic.


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