Monday, September 29, 2014

Rush Hour Blog Hop

Welcome to my day on the
Rush Hour Blog Hop.
Such an appropriate hop for me...
I love everything Black, White & Red...
and I excel at

These days it seems we are always Rushing.
The Spouse and I have just finished a 3 day quilt show
(which of course included days and weeks of prep, packing & unpacking...twice)
To say we are exhausted is an understatement.
On Monday we will be rushing to unload the trailer and rearrange the shop...
ahhh...the glorious life of a quilt shop mom and pop.  

The theme for this years Jacksonville QuiltFest was
"It's Not All Black & White"
Members of the hosting guild hung quilts outside the entrance to the show.
What a wonderful surprise to find one of my designs hanging up.
My friend Donna Garnet made this in a class I taught.
Seems appropriate to share it here.

I started to make a sample for the show that would double as my entry here today.
(the two stone idea....)
Somehow the time got away from me as it normally does...
the sample was never finished...
which is probably just as well...
since I realized I'd included an extra color or two to boot....
so rather than RUSH to finish...
(I will be making placemats for our kitchen re-do)
I decided to fall back on one of my original thoughts.

I managed to eek out a few hours on Sunday
to make a cute little mug rug for the hop.
I love shapes that are odd...

I used the "Mini Hex N More" from JayBird Quilts
to form the twirly coffee cups
(my fav fab from the Rush Hour line from StudioE).

I thought it would be fun to include part of the
selvage so I would always remember the fabric used...
especially when there is such a cool looking logo.

Many moons ago when this hop was announced...
I immediately went out and found the perfect coffee cup.
I knew I would make a mug rug even then.
Love the little retro red button....
it will balance the perfect cookie...
to go along with my 'skinny yarn latte'!

Thanks again to the amazing Madam Samm 
and the equally astounding Carol for cheering us on!

Be sure to Rush now and visit the other amazing bloggers scheduled for today.
You don't want to miss out.

Monday, September 29
Thimblemouse and Spouse - You're here
Coeur d'Alene

Thanx for the visit!


  1. I love how the coffee cups are all in a tizzy--looking over caffeinated or something, LOL. Very striking.

    1. LOL Linda....I didn't think about that...even MORE me...always in a TIZZY! ((SMILE))

  2. Your mug rug is fantastic and I love the hexi shapes! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Now those Hexes are uniquely done. How creative. And your quilt...I can see how they chose your quilt to hang for their show. It is beautiful!

  4. Eek!!! I bet you win with that cute as a button mug rug and cup!!! So cute and creative!!
    Gmama Jane

  5. That mug rug is very cute. I am amazed that (even with the rushing and all) that only took a couple of hours! Thank you.

  6. LOVE the twirly coffee cups! Makes a great mug rug.

  7. That's a beautiful quilt, and I love your mug rug!

  8. Great mug your use of the selvage! Think you'd need a lot of dental floss after that "skinny yarn latte" lol cute mug!

  9. I me has a way of getting away on everything is gorgeous!!

  10. yes you have been busy....and look at that liquid fuzz in your cup...your mats are wonderful

  11. Great idea to include the salvage as part of the mug rug.

  12. Great mug rug! I love to see the selvage included.

  13. I love your mug rug and the colours, too. Could you share how you made it? I see the hexagon part but then what happened? So unique. Christine from Ontario

  14. Love the way you fussy cut those cups!!

  15. Love all your projects. I am loving all the red, and black.

  16. The quilt made from your pattern is beautiful!I know you were thrilled seeing it there!
    Your projects are great! Th e y are so pretty and useful!

  17. Your mug rug is too cute in that shape and the mug looks perfect sitting on it...sweet!

  18. I love the fussy cut design you created. Very nice.

  19. Love your mug rug. I need to get one of those mini hex tools.

  20. Such a great shape for a mug rug. Love your skinny yarn latte mug. The perfect match.
    I bet it was super cool to look up and see that quilt with your pattern. Nothing better than that, for sure.

  21. What a great mug rug. I, too, enjoy that ruler, it's fun to play with. Great job on your project.

  22. Your so smart with your creative ALWAYS Lynn !

  23. Your design of that little mug rug is adorable! all that fussy cutting really made it PERFECTION!
    I am going to have to find and order that ruler if you can make cute items like yours!!!!

  24. I love your idea of using the a bit of selvege to remember the fabric line. This one worked into the design of it perfectly. Rules or no rules, the block you started with Rush Hour fabric is terrific! Those colors are just too yummy!

  25. Lovely quilt and those mug rugs are so fun in hexie shapes.

  26. Great mug rugs and your sampler is a beauty:)

  27. That has to be the snazziest Mug Rug I have ever seen!! Just Love it Lynn and your Quilt too!! Wish I lived close to your shop, you all are always having so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  28. Love your quilt in the show. Great design. Your mug rug is really cute, love the spiral effect.

  29. The selvage idea is great! We should do that more often in our projects to document the fabric line. Even if it's on the backing. Thanks for the idea. The mug rung is awesome! Very creative!

  30. What a neat idea to include the selvage logo. I like the cups and "news" together with your layout design! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  31. That is a great mug rug, love the twirling cups.

  32. Oh they are all too cute and so much fun!!!!!

  33. You always pay attention to the tiniest detail, friend! It is such a delightful mug rug! I hope the quilt show was wonderful. I didn't get to go this year, but the pictures looked great. I can't imagine how you find the time to do it all :)

  34. Skinny Yarn Latte is too funny and perfect on your fabulous mug rug. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Rush Hour Bliss...

  35. Great looking mug rug! Thanks for sharing.

  36. Love the idea of balancing the cookie on the button. Fluffy latte is pretty cool too. Great rug.

  37. Ruler makes for some cool effects on your mug rug.

  38. Cute, cute mug rug - I love that you used the selvedge. blessings, marlene

  39. Cute mug rug, I want to do something with selvedges some day.

  40. I love the shape of your mug rug and how you fussy cute those coffee cups. Too cute!

  41. What a great mug rug. I love the shape and your great use of the fabric. So cute.

  42. That's a new one...a yarn latte!! Love the placemat; thanks for letting us know how you accomplished the twirling cups. That is a wonderful pattern you created for the quilt and your friend did a fabulous job.

  43. Luv the placemats. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  44. Love the idea for the hexie mug rug and the unique off center style. Very pretty.

  45. The hexie rug is a cutie! I hope when you finish that quilt up, you share it with us. I love the aqua on it. Very pretty!

  46. Your mug rug is really nice and I like that you added the selvedge! The Night Sky block is very pretty too.

  47. WOW!! Love it!! The logo is perfect :) And your blog looks amazing, by the way!

  48. I love the mug rug! I'm really glad to see that I am not the only one who has to have a Plan B or even C to get things Done on time. :-) I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the finished Plan A project. I love the colors so far.


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