Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twas the Night Blog Hop - My Day

Twas the night....Marlene has the schedule
I'm so excited to show you all the fun I've had getting ready
for this incredible blog hop!
(apologies up front...this is a long one, a really long one...you've been warned...ho ho ho)

My little mouse heart is just going pitter patter!

She has performed a Christmas Miracle..
I've never had 
this much done...
this soon... 
before Christmas...
it's still only November!

If you've been following the hop since last week,
then you know our mission was to show you some quickie gift ideas...
things that could made in a flash...
or a dash...
even better if you can pull from your stash.
Silly Spouse...
not that kinda 'stash!

We also have a major swap happening,
so very carefully planned by our very own
Cheerleader Elf
I think Santa really needs to hire her to coordinate his deliveries!

She's such a cutie...dontcha just wanna pinch her little elf tootsies?

This is the time I reveal what the oh so wonderful
sent to me from across the pond.

Well....you know what they say about the best laid plans.

I KNOW whatever Lyndsey made is just absolutely Superb!
I know it's...
Totally Awesome!!!

What neither Lyndsey or I know as I write...
is exactly "where" the package is.
We know where it's not...
It was as close to me last week as our Post Office...
barely 3 miles away...
not anymore.
Lyndsey sent her package out with plenty of time to spare!
Somehow the PO couldn't find me.
True...I've only had that address for 26yrs...

By now it is probably back in London.
And you know what?
I've ALWAYS wanted to visit London!
Maybe this is fate...
Wouldn't that be fab?
Not to worry dearest Lyndsey...
I won't suddenly show up at your door..lol.

Some things are just beyond our control...
Good things come to those that wait....
and you all know how much I love anticipation!
Thank You Lyndsey...

Meanwhile back in wild and wacky Florida
we spent  a stormy rainy Monday afternoon watching for tornadoes...
(thankfully none in our immediate area)
as well as preparing for 2-3 nights of freezing temps.
(if I wanted the cold weather I would be neighbors with dear Madame! lol)
let's warm it up a bit!
Grab a cuppa tea...
(I'm a coffee gal...but let's drink to Lyndsey!)

Pip Pip
Tally Ho
Let's Go
Time for the Show!

My BFF Diane gave me this magazine last year.
She loved it so much...she bought it twice.
I found some of the cutest things to inspire me inside.

One was a simple drawstring bag.
It's been forever since I've made a drawstring bag but I thought
it would be the perfect thing to make for another swap I'm in.

With the scraps left over...I also made two "String Hot Pads"
and a Mug Rug...isn't that Santa Mug just the cutest?

Here's another Hot Pad...
It could also be a mug rug...with the right mug course.
I think Mr.Snowman is pretty perfect!

The 'string hot pads' (or if you'd rather you can call them potholders)
are about 9" square.
I layered:
1 background fabric (right side down - maybe 10" square)
next 1 thickness of "Insulbrite" (thermal batting)
1 thickness of Dream Cotton batting

I stitched on my 'strings' of fabric thru all the layers...
it's 'quilt as you go'
fast and fun!
I added some quilting you could see...
squared up...
stitched on binding by machine
but finished by hand...

If your eyes haven't glazed over quite yet...
there is More!
(did you doubt?)

That drawstring bag was so much fun...
I had to make another.

 But wait...
oh look...
it's a Bobble Head Christmas Mouse!
Can you believe it?
My BFF Sandie finds the cutest things...
(I'm such a lucky mouse with so many BFF's near and far)
Back to the bag...
which then led to the little scissor holder...
a mug rug that preferred to grow up and be a pincushion.

Which led to MORE pincushions...
another scissor holder 
yes, one more 'string' mat Mr. Snowman is resting upon.

The scissor holders are fun and fast.
You can find a tute from the Moda Bakeshop here.

The pincushions above were made with one hexie block made
from Jaybird Quilts "Night Sky" pattern...
but instead of using the full size measurement...
I cut my pieces using a 1-1/2" strip...
if you have the pattern that will make sense to you.

Back of pincushions....

If another Christmas Miracle occurs...
I will return with a tute for my needleholder.
And if you're really good...
I'll even show you what it looks like...
"opened up"
(in other words...I forgot the picture! oops)

You do believe in miracles, dontcha?

Next up...
a couple more mug rugs...
no...it is not primitive....
yes...it is not finished.
again...Night Sky block
(using a 2-1/2" strip for piecing).

Jaybird Quilts "Tiny Dancer"...one made into a candle mat...

but alas....
I had no candle to sit on the mat....

Mr. Snowman gets around!

More Rug Fun!
The cat rug was the perfect time to play with a block I found in the magazine Diane gave me.

The birdie rug has flown around blogland....
thanks to Samelia's Mum for reminding me I wanted to make it!
It's really quick to make.
Check out her tutorial...
you don't have to wing-it.
(eggnog humor)

I fell head over heels in love with that retro cat fabric.
We are in the process of re-arranging the quilt shop.
We have the sweetest little table found at the antique shop behind us.

Purrfect fabric...
Purrfect timing...
Quickie experiment....
A mini runner....
Just focus fab and two borders, top and bottom....
Simple straight quilting.
Done in an evening.
(ok...started in the afternoon...lol)

Easy peasy!
Simple enough to adapt to your fabric and the size you would like.

That purrfect fabric had a friend....
which led to MORE Hot Pads!

You know cats are like bunnies....

Where there's two....

There will be more!

So Adorable!

Oh...dontcha just LOVE the salt & pepper shakers?
They were a gift from our good friend and of course "BFF" Debbie.
I noticed something 'odd' about their...uh...'bottoms'.

Have you seen these before?
Do you know what it is?
As luck would have it...
during the afternoon's photo shoot...
my friend Betty came by the shop...
and she recognized the 'shakers' right off.
Her grandmother had a set...
when you tipped them over...
they MEOWED!
Yes...that's a little kitty voice box....
in it's butt. LOL

My shakers...
unlike me...
are silent.

Ok...back to the hot pads...
another easy peasy make...
here are the dimensions...
I think that's all you really need.

Again...I love them 'thick' and used the same combo of
Insulbrite & cotton batting as I mentioned with the string mats.

I think we're done.
And you can't even imagine the pictures I did not use!

If you made it this far...
Bless Your Ever Lovin' Heart!

Be sure to visit all the other amazing bloggers today
if you haven't seen them already.

Today-Tuesday, Nov. 18

Tomorrow you'll get to see what I made for that sweet Quilt N Queen!
And while I'm at it...
here's the rest of the weeks schedule!

(be sure to scroll to the end of this page...I just remembered something else! lol)

Wed. Nov 19th

Thurs, Nov. 20
Cate’s Linens

Fri.Nov 21

Not a quick project but I wanted to make sure to point out our 'Row by Row' pattern
from the 2014 shop hop is now available free for you to download!
Here I made it into a table runner with sewing themed fabrics.

Click HERE to find the pattern.
Now I'm really done!

Thanks again my friends for the visit!


  1. Have you been busy or what, lol! I love all of your quickie projects and your photos are fantastic! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!!!

  2. So many lovely projects! Thanks for sharing.

  3. good day Lynn....what wonderful, holiday giving ideas...you just never disappoint...each one better than the last..you really have the spirit all year around and especially this month...look at all your Christmas sewing...yep you did good x

  4. Lynn, I loved all your pictures. I am like you. I take lots and then I can't decide which to use, so I use all of them. Your gift ideas are wonderful. Such pretty patterns and fabrics. Very festive.

  5. Oh my goodness! How many cups of coffee did you drink to accomplish all of that LOL? Everything is stupendous, thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, you have really been a very busy woman. It has been so fun to read your posting. Thanks for all the creative ideas that you have shared to us.

  7. I'm so sorry that your gifts from Lyndsey are traveling the world before they stop at your house. I hope they arrive soon so that you can enjoy the goodies. Meanwhile..... all of your photos and gift ideas are fabulous! I love the bright fabrics, the great ideas, and fun post.

  8. Such gorgeous projects. I love the hexi-pincushions and thanks for the instructions to make the hot pads and table runner. I hope your gifts arrive safely and soon!

  9. Whew! You've been on a sewing streak! Love each and every one of your projects; and even a kitty that meows (or at least once did) through it's but...Long story, short version, you'd have to be a Farmville 2 player to understand why I would find that even remotely amusing. Ok now I've been bitten by the mug rug/hot pad bug and I'm guessing only sewing up a few will relieve this itch lol Thanks for a fab post!

  10. First I was reading about your mail issue and was thinking that's crazy, then you said Florida. I'm like, ahhh, that's problem. I know first hand the issues with the mail system there. It didn't matter where in FL I lived, the postal service stinks. Lol.....Wow, you were a busy mouse....lots of great stuff. I'm going to have to make some pot holders now. Thanks for the instructions.

  11. I'm sure your gift is going to be wonderful. The PO sure is crazy sometimes! What a great display of quilty things. Thanks for all the eye candy.

  12. Wow I'm exhausted looking at your projects! Great work. If you should turn up at my door you will be very welcome but don't appear until after next week as the house is about to be rewired. The parcel hasn't returned to me yet but when it does it can have another transatlantic journey. It will be a very well travel parcel, just wish I could come with it.

  13. WOW what a blog post!!! I loved all of it and was practically drooling by the time I got to the end .... drooling over all those beautiful projects. Thanks so much for the tutorials, too. Alas, my Christmas stash doesn't look nearly as nice as yours ....
    I often wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the post office - they do mysterious things. ^^

  14. Hope your pressie makes it to you soon :) You have a great load of good ideas here!!

  15. WoW! Your ideas are tremendous, thank you for sharing! I'm sure Lyndsey's gifts will be well worth the wait :)

  16. You have truly been a busy lady!! I like the quilting on your potholders. Your present runner is wonderful. Happy Holidays.

  17. You always are so full of fun and clever designs! I think my eyes never blinked while I was looking through your projects! I didn't want to miss a thing! So many inspiring things that we all could make! I for one am so glad you are part of our hops. :)

  18. Hi Lynn,
    i love your posts, they make me smile from ear to ear ☺
    I' m crossings my finger that you will recive your gift from Lyndsey soon.
    Your ideas are great, your works perfect and you have made wonderful pictures,
    so well deserved that you are on the top of the hop today!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and for beeing part of the hop,
    as always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  19. There is no one, who can bring a smile like you can! What a delightful post. Your inspiration knows no bounds! Looks like I need to get busy. I see lots of fun things to do here! Hope you find your parcel soon!

  20. Love love love your post. You certainly brought a smile to my face this morning. 😄

  21. Oh Lynn....awesome post!!! Love and adore your projects and though the post office delayed delivery you know you have something fun coming in the mail. Thank you so much for sharing all of your projects and the links ... thank you thank you😀

  22. As usual, you have us chuckling this morning! What a nice way to start the morning! Your projects are all spectacular!!

  23. Wowzers! You really got busy and made some amazing creations that would make perfect gifts! I hope your package makes its way to you soon!

  24. Chihuahua! You been busy, girl! I just love mug rugs and small table runners. Thanks so much for the easy to understand dimensions diagrams! The drawstring bag happens to be a favorite of mine. I love to use them instead of paper to give my gifts in...and this past year for some reason I have gone a little coocoo about pincushions. I love that your hexie 'grew' up to be a pincushion! Thanks so much for sharing all you did! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

  25. Pincushions, mug rugs, and hot pads..... oh my! What an awesome array of gifts. Love all your fabric choices and your little photo vignettes are darling. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful projects. Hope your gift becomes un-lost soon. Enjoy your holidays.

  26. Where to start....oh my....everything is fantastic. There is such great holiday inspiration for us! I want to make one of everything. Fabulous job on your gifts. 26 years and they still can't find you???? Hmmm. Good luck.

  27. Wonderful gifties!! Thanks for sharing the pattern sizes also with us.

  28. You were telling the truth, you had a long post. But is was so fun to read through! You gave us so many different ideas for the holiday season! Very nice work. I'm sorry that your post office couldn't locate you....but I am sure that it will turn up soon and you will love it!

  29. A lot of inspiration for our holiday sewing! They all look so beautiful, my favorites are the pretty pincushions. I hope the gifts from Lindsey will arrive soon.

  30. Wow. You've shared so many lovely gift giving ideas that I'm suspecting that you're either one of Santa's elves or maybe Mrs. Claus! ;o) Thanks so much, Lynn for delighting us with your wonderful creativity. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed that Lyndsey's gift will arrive safe and sound.

  31. Lovely creations. Hope your package arrives soon!

  32. So many amazing creations! I especially loved the mug rug that wanted to grow up and be a pincushion instead!

  33. You have showed us so many different goodies... I don't know which one is my favorite!! I guess I'll just start and the top and work my way down.. Lovely! Merry Christmas, Lynn!

  34. Oh my goodness, Lynn. My eyes nearly popped out seeing all the beautiful things you made. Sooo many beautiful projects. I loved all of them. I hope Lyndsey's gift arrives to you soon. Thank you for sharing and for a sweet post.

  35. Lynn even though I haven't seen your gift yet either I know I love it too. :) But really, I am totally in love with those cats! They made the cutest potholders ever! blessings, marlene

  36. I think you win for the most gifts! You are ready for the holidays. Darling prints & projects. Happy Holidays!

  37. OK, when did you start? Maybe March? Have you got an inside line for the Hops? Seriously, I would have to have started in January to accomplish what you have, and probably wouldn't have had time to post. Great projects you have shared. Thank you

    1. LOL....thanks hon...you made me SMILE...an no...no 'insider' info...hahahaha.....I'm afraid if I told the TRUTH about when most of these goodies were made....well let's just say...deadlines increase the seriousness of my sewing time .... thankfully I have the most wonderful Spouse who doesn't mind cooking....or sometimes not even getting a meal if I'm 'in charge' (tho you would think by now on the nights he knows I have to write my post...he would think about "take out"...hahaha).

  38. Love it all! The retro cat fabric is pretty awesome. And yes, I do love those shakers, how funny that they used to meow! I like how you adapted the Night Sky pattern, it looks great. Thank you for sharing Lynn. Ooh, and watch your mail here soon, weather permitting you should receive your package from me by Monday. Hopefully you'll get your package from Lyndsey before then!

  39. Oh, friend, you make me laugh with your humor. Thank you for sharing all your awesome projects with instructions. Marlene as an elf is so sweet. She is the head elf for sure. You never disappoint with your choice of projects, fabric, and posts. I'm sure your gift will arrive someday but if not, I like your idea of just hopping the pond and picking it up.

  40. Whoa....I think you are on overdrive. Thanks for sharing all the fun projects...beautiful projects.

  41. Lyn you outdid yourself. You have a lot of great ideas, and now I want to dive in and try a couple. Thank you for sharing them.
    Thank you for the Row by Row as well. I have been working on them. Have about a dozen done so far. Happy Holidays.

  42. Oh my yummy goodness! All your creations are fabulous!! Who ever is on the receiving end of any of these gifts is going to be one lucky duck. Great eye candy and lots of inspiration!!

  43. Holy cow! I lost track of how many things you made, girl! What a post! Whew! I am exhausted! Great job and soooo much fun to read. You are such a crazy girl!!

  44. Such a shame your parcel hasn't arrived but it will be all the sweeter when it does. Love what you made!

  45. A wonderful assortment of projects, indeed!

  46. What an enjoyable post you write; thank you. Loved all your special humor when it came to NOT receiving your gifts; I'll be watching for the big reveal when it arrives - we hope! What a lovely array of quick gifts to make; thanks for giving us measurements and insturctions. I do remember the shakers that Meowwed; in fact, as a kid, I used to sell S&P shakers and they had so many adorable designs. You did bring some tears to my eyes though...my mom had a Santa mug just like the one you featured and it just brought back memories; she's been gone for 8 years now. Thank you, too, for the Row by Row runner pattern. I remember reading your post about it and that it was part of a shop hop and thought I'd just not get the chance. Love that you're now making it available to those of us from "way off in the sky blue yonder"!! I love those packages all dolled up for the holidays and can see it make into a birthday runner, too.

  47. I think in a past life you were one of Santa's elves! Wow. So many lovely gifts. so creative, so talented. and so funny. Love reading your posts. Hope your parcel is found soon. Merry Christmas.

  48. What a great story. I truly enjoyed reading your post. Your projects are all adorable. I like your Mug Rugs and the fabric you chose for them. Thank you for sharing everything!

  49. Firstly,thank you for such a fun post,such wonderful writing skills you have! All of your numerous gifts are just way too cute,so glad I do not have to choose a favorite,as that would be a difficult task. The kitty shakers are adorable,even though they no longer meow! Thank you also for the measurements/ instructions. When your gift arrives it will have been well worth the wait!

  50. Really enjoyed reading your post, you have a great writing style. Your projects are superb and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Such a busy little mouse you've been! All that beautiful holiday fabric but I'm in love with the elephant drawstring bag, needle case, scissor holder, and pincushion. I love elephants. And no, they are not afraid of mice!

  52. So much to see! Yes, I'll need a cuppa and revisit all the lovely projects. You are very motivating.

  53. I had to laugh, you're like the info-comercial... "but wait there's more"... lol I love all the things you made. You HAVE been a busy mouse!

  54. Oh my goodness....you made so many projects! I don't even know where to begin to comment on them all. So I'll just say well done! Lots of pretties. Boo hoo on your gift from London not making it. Hopefully it will work its way back to you soon.

  55. You were sure a busy little mouse scurrying around making sew many great projects. I really love the cat table runner. It is purrrrfect! Have a very Merry Christmas little mouse! Of course, I should not forget your spouse! :).

  56. Oh gosh, what a lovely fun post to read - loved seeing all of them. So hope your parcel arrives soon or you get that ticket to fly........

  57. You are a Sewing Machine :) I"m tired and you are hired! How did you do get all that done ? All your friends, family and neighbors I'm sure find you to be a blessing. Well done little elf :) Cute projects. Thanks for sharing the how to dos. Merry Christmas! Janita

  58. Haha, WOW, Lynn! Somebody put in the quarter and turned the dial! I want to come to Florida and hang out with you in your little quilt shop. Thanks for the diagrams and tutorials of how to make your projects - the table runner is perfect for your vintage table. Oh, and Kittys!! The fabrics and story are just delightful. I like how your hexagon mug rugs grew up into pincushions - and thanks for all the pictures too - it's fun to see how your creative brain works! Merry Christmas!

  59. Ooooh Lynn, your projects are just lovely, my Diva black cat would be so pleased to look at your catty mugrufs,wonderful! Do you sell this fabric in your shop? I would be VERY interested to show these kitties Switzerland......
    And bad luck regarding your parcel from England, do you have a chance to get in back?

  60. You have certainly been in the gift making mode!! Nice little projects and I love the blue Christmas fabric on the drawstring bag!!
    Gmama Jane

  61. Wow lots of great projects. Cute pincushions.

  62. Love those drawstring bags. Makes me want to head right to my sewing space for them!

  63. You did a great job with all your projects! Whew. And thanks for the link for the "presents". I live in CA and wasn't going to make it Fl this year and I just loved your design, so thanks for sharing!

  64. Dearest Lynn...what a fun post...you made me smile for the first time in a week. I'm soo sorry I'm so late...I've had a week from H#$L!! There will be many more in the next few months, I'm sure!! I hope you know how much I love, love, love the sweet gifts you sent me!! That cute little mouse is sEw perfect. You have been a very busy elf. I love all your quick and easy gift ideas. I'll be checking out the scissor keeper tutorial. It is next on my list to make, just not sure when that will be. Thanks for sharing!! Huggggs and Happy Holidays!!


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