Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color Challenge Update

Every Wednesday at "15 Minutes Play" a new color is announced - this is week 3 - which means I should have at least two blocks finished. Well guess what? I have THREE! I'm so excited to actually be keeping up with this oh so fun weekly challenge. 
Last week was OCHRE. 
As my friend Gail always says ~  if you're galloping on your horse as you ride by your block from 25 feet away and you don't see your Oopsie ~  then you don't have to fix it. I didn't - fix it. It's there. But I'll just call this my humble pie block. We all must eat some humble pie now and then to keep us...well...humble.

This morning's color was announced - aaaaahhhhh...AVOCADO.
Here's my block

I really like it. Rather than repeat myself about HOW I chose the fabrics - just click HERE and take a trip to  15 Minutes Play, because after working with aaaaaahhhhh Avocado all day - I've suddenly got a yearning to make some guacamole
Thanks for stopping by - see you in a few days
Lynn aka The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. This does sound like fun, Lynn!

  2. Okay Lynn, you inspired me to sign up for the Color Challenge. I'll bring them in when I come for the border fabric of my therapy quilt.


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