Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Challenge"

Hi Friends,
For those who believe in the Easter Bunny, I HOPe  you had a wonderful Easter ~ mr.bunny brought us 2 raspberry cream eggs (how did he know they're my absolute FAVorite?) - but I loooove anticipation - so I'm keeping them chilled, just waiting for the right time to nibble and of course, I have to share one with the 'spouse'.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd be back here a lot sooner - yikes, it's been over a week! I'd planned to tell you a little about the Thimblemouse & Spouse - but that can wait, because I'm soooo excited - and here is why.

Remember I said, I'm pretty new in Blogland...but of course, I've been 'lurking' - eating up the goodies I see - planning to try some ideas, join in some challenges...getting SOMETHING done...and guess what? I finally did it!

I am in love with the blog, "15 minutes play" (a creation of BumbleBeans Inc., aka, Victoria Findlay Wolfe). Victoria recently posted a color challenge - each week she throws out a color - and we make a block. The first color was......"Mauve" - (moment of silence) - and I know what you're thinking but NO, we can NOT throw the color 'back'! Remember, that's why it's called 'a challenge'.

So I hunted and pecked and found a 'vintage' piece of oh so lovely "mauve" - and added a little bit of fun....

.....then I "made" some fabric - Victoria shows you how in a wonderful tutorial

.....then we do what quilters do best...cut up what we've sewn up....

....and put it all together in a block!

Now I had a few bits left over...what to do...what to do.... what quilters do second best...make another block of course. I love wonky and found another great little tutorial for this wonky star block, from The Silly BooDilly (omgosh, dontcha just love that name?) by Victoria Gertenbach 

Isn't it amazing, not only have I accomplished step one of a challenge - I've made new quilting friends as well! Please be sure to visit the "Victoria's" soon - they've got some exciting things to show you!

Until next time...thanks for visiting, and I promise, not to stay away so long 
Lynn - the Thimblemouse  >"<


  1. Oh Lynn, your happy, cheery post and blog has just started my day off right, and put a great big smile on my face. Thank you! I adore your positive energy, and your wonderful blocks!! xo

  2. Lynn, I love today's post and what wonderful sites you have found to share. Thanks!

    I love your blocks and that makes me want to go right now and make some "new" fabric to make blocks.


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