Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take Me to Margaritaville

Guess what came in the mail this week? Dontcha just LOVE the shades? They were in my little surprise package as  part of my winnings from wonderful give away from the Amy Bradley Designs blog.
Pretty cool, huh? I'm ready the next time Jimmy Buffet hits Florida, baby! 

And lookie look...a new project to start! "Bountiful Beauties"...whoo hoo! 
Let the fun begin! Thank You Amy Bradley Designs!


  1. Hello Lynn, what a lovely bright shiny blog! I love the pink flowers and the white stars on the black. Your pink miniquilt on your first post is lovely - hope your mom liked it, why wouldn't she. Cats love to help, don't they, maybe she'll start posting too. See you over at 15 minutes on our next colour - I'm guessing some sort of blue.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Purrrr-leeze don't give Mia kit ideas - I do believe that's why she hangs around the computer - wanting her 2 cents in the posts - LOL. Yes, I'll see you at 15 minutes - having so much fun with the colors - you think a blue maybe - it will be fun to see


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