Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm such a "newbie"

Welcome to my blog - or at least what will be my blog if ever I can learn 'how to blog'. Give me fabric and I can whip you up a quilt, a doll, a cute little diddy. But this whole blog 'thing' ~ as you can tell, I'm a little bit lost.

My awesome friend, Darlene from "Three D Style" recently gave up some of her precious spring break time to help me get started. She showed me how to get a background, add a title, add some links on the side, how to maneuver around...which was great, as long as she was there...with me...holding my hand....but once left on my own, it seems I've forgotten the 'lessons.'

Don't give up on me though, I'm sure I'll get the hang of things....hmmm, wonder when Darlene will have another vacation day to spend with me. Meanwhile I think I'll go back to my sewing room. I KNOW what to do when I'm in there :)

But before I go, let's see if I can add a little something to look at. I'd hate to think you came all this way, and only found "words" - we all love pretty pictures, right? So here's a little diddy I made for my 92yr old mom this week - inspired by this free tutorial from  . There's still time for you to make one up for Easter if you hop to it now.

(I'm holding my breath with fingers & toes crossed, hoping you see a pic, and that all the links work - if they do, just "maybe" I'll be a blogger yet!)

Lynn aka The Thimblemouse


  1. Oh, Lynn, Welcome. I know exactly how you feel. I still am not too confident. I love your page and the bright polka dots. You have a much prettier and colorful page than I did. Have you learned how to do a post as a draft and hold it until you have time to finish it? That's what I do most of the time. It takes me a long time to upload the pictures, etc. I will be a subscriber and a follower and keep up with you. I think you will have fun with it as time goes along.

  2. You did good will soon get the hang of it! Remember you can always delete those mistakes if needed. Picture looks great!

  3. This is an awesome first-timer blog! Thanks for inviting me there to check it all out! I just love it all! and hope to learn more as we go along. Sadly I don't have a blog but maybe someday when I have all the time on my hands.

  4. I agree......Great job on it.....we all know that you are the BRIGHT one!!!

  5. Your blog is bright and beautiful! I've had a blog since 2006 and never did add any thing to the white... Thanks for the comments and encouragement you left.
    Lovely stitched pieces you made for your Mom!
    Have a happy Easter.

  6. Happy Easter Lynn! Looking forward to your next blog! Have a great weekend! Eat Chocolate!

  7. You did it! I look forward to seeing what else you create!

  8. Welcome to Blogville! You did it. I know just how you feel. I had a similar experience when I started, had a friend give me a whole afternoon, if not more, holding my hand etc. So let's all hold each other's hands, cheer for each other, celebrate our accomplishments of all sorts and inspire each other. That's what makes the effort so worthwhile.
    Looking forward to more ... I'll ask nicely.... "Please, may I have some more?"


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