Monday, December 3, 2012

...And Geese Gotta Fly - Another Week on Easy Street

Bonnie Hunter revealed step 2 of Easy Street on Friday and I was beyond thrilled - mainly because by Thursday night I had started two more versions of her wonderful mystery quilt.
Perhaps now is the time to come clean and admit I have a slight addiction to starting new projects. Finishing is another story...this will prove interesting.
I've also discovered I love the thrill of NOT knowing how this mystery will turn out...which prompted me to try some different color/fabric schemes. Below is my version 2 - perhaps I will call it 'A Visit with Jo on Easy Street' since it will be made with Jo Morton fabs.
I'd love to show you the 3rd four patches are at the quilt shop and I am at time, promise. I should note that I'm making version 2 & 3 'half size' - as in 'half the # of blocks" - I may be addicted...but I do recognize my limits. lol

If you are planning to play and haven't started strolling down Easy Street might want to stop reading now - lest you ruin the thrill of surprise! 
But there's a sweet little story "un-street" related at the end you might like. Just close your eyes and scroll down

 For those of you playing along or at least following the know what step 2 involves.
As I sit and write this post...let's just say my geese are pretty much still grounded. 
I'm playing with purples for my original plan... 
...and even tho Bonnie posted so long ago about supplies needed, I just plum forgot about her suggestion to use the Easy Angle and Companion rulers - as shown here in step 2. That's why you see my purples cut as 4-1/4" squares in preparation to make flying geese. This method is easy...and no waste... there are tons of sites out there that will show you how...Bonnie shows you  in her post today.
So far I have a whopping 32 geese finished...which sounds pretty good except we need 128 (oh dear, Bonnie...are you reading this? I'm NOT whining, really I'm not - just stating a fact - haha).
I will admit that tho the 'no-waste' method is easy to do I'm not really lovin' having to stop and mark guidelines on every black and white square. My machine at home is not 'adoring' this either - having some 'issues' with needle placement, I'll continue with the purples I've cut and then when I've used them all up - I will follow Bonnie's advice because Guess What?
(a little drum roll please)
It's my dear dear DEAR friend the RESCUE!
Lookie Look!!! We're holding the sacred rulers! Can you see me jumping for joy? Oh,'s a still picture, no video (gosh what you missed -  maybe that's not a bad thing afterall - lol).
Late one night - in the wee hours of the early morning actually, I was checking my facebook page one last time and spied Marcia in 'chat'. I am the night owl...Marcia is the early it was very unusual for her to be on her computer at 1AM
But...It was fate!
She was coming to the shop the very next day...later that morning and I asked her if she by chance had the rulers (Marcia usually has everything!). She said she would look. A little later she popped back up and said not only did she have the rulers - she had two of each!  So now guess who has her very own Easy Angle and Companion ruler? How lucky can one mouse get? Thanks Marcia!

A little side note...on another of my late nights of blog prowling...I happened upon a post by Bonnie - back in was one of her "You Might Like" dealies....I saw the word Florida and had to made me giggle and wiggle in my chair (again, no video..haha..and no pic for that grateful..haha)...but take a quick read HERE - the Marcia mentioned is none other than my friend above...and the 'quilt shop'...that's US! whoo hoo!

Meanwhile....I have quite a few friends that are on the way to Easy Street. They have no blogs - I invited them to send me their progress pics to share with all of you. I've received one pic from my friend Sandie who is just starting out...
She visited Lowes and mapped out her's a start.
I guess the others haven't hid the road yet.
Be sure to check out Bonnie's Linky Party HERE and see what everyone else has been up to!
* * * * *
Before I go, I have to share a Quilt Moment with you.
As I've mentioned many times, my Mom is 93 and lives nearby in an assisted living facility. She moved to the memory care unit almost 2yrs ago - same building. By the way - since her hospital vacation back in October, she is doing well - thanks for those of you who have kept her in your prayers.
For the last 2 years, on my way to visit Mom, I have passed by a room - the door is always open and I stop a moment every time to gaze upon this beautiful quilt.
I've often wondered who belonged to this quilt. A few days ago as I passed by the room, I finally saw a sweet little lady standing beside the bed. I walked a few more steps down the hall...stopped...thought about it...turned around and poked my head thru her door.
I introduced myself - told her my Mom was a 'neighbor' of hers...and told her how much I loved her quilt.
Her smile was SO BIG...she was truly surprised I think, that anyone would notice or even care about her precious patchwork. When I asked her if I could take a picture to share with my quilting friends - she was over the moon!
I learned that my new Friend made this quilt over 40 years ago. The fabrics used were scraps she had saved from clothing that HER Mom had sewn for my friend and her siblings as they were growing up - she was from a family of eight!
I mentioned that I've never made this block, but have longed to give it a try...and I will...and I will take it back to show my new Friend....perhaps she'll give me some pointers.
As I was walking away from our impromptu visit - I smiled when she followed me out into the hall and I heard her say to another 'neighbor' of hers passing by...."I was just showing her my quilt...have you seen my quilt...let me show it to you...."
And to think...I almost kept walking right by...instead I made a new Friend.
Try it.
Til Later
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. BTW, I have had those 2 rulers, since I think they came out! LOL. It is the way I've always cut my crazy triangles. I even use them when the directions call for sewing 2 squares together to make half squares. I just cut a square out of paper, cut it on the diagonal and see what size stripe I need to cut!

  2. I just love the story of meeting your new friend that you met when visiting your mother! That is so special! Glad your friend had an extra set of the rulers. I found the flying geese block so easy to make with them.

  3. Just smiled all the time, while reading your story about the beautiful quilt and her maker. So great to hear about his much loved 40-year old quilt. The thought your new friend still honored her mother, with this quilt on her bed......
    It really touches my heart...
    Thanks for sharing!
    And great I found your blog through Bonnie's Easy Street......
    Love from Holland, Ria.

  4. I love your posts, Lynn! It feels like I am having a cup of tea and a "real" visit with you! I think you are very ambitious to do multiples of this quilt. I hardly have time for the one. You will be passing me by in no time at all.

    Sandi in TN

  5. Thanks for sharing your story about the lady who was so proud of her vintage quilt, it touched my heart. My DMIL lived in an assisted living here in FL before moving to one closer to her daughter in SC. She left us some beautiful quilts she made from scraps of clothes that my husband and DSIL remember wearing as children, they are treasured.
    I too am doing Bonnie's mystery and picked your link because you too were in FL.

  6. Lynn,
    Since you left such a nice comment on my blog Patriotic Quilter, I had to come over to "meet" you. Three versions of Easy Street?! Wow. I'm impressed!

    That is a lovely story about your new friend and her quilt! I'm sure that she would love to discuss it further with you.

  7. The Sacred Rulers :) Good one!
    Thanks for sharing the journey~
    Sharyn in Kalama

  8. Find the rules here, in Italy, was difficult but I did it, now they are mine!!!!!
    Great job your geese!

  9. Have you tried marking the squares in advance and just chain piecing the whole thing? That's what I'm doing and it goes really fast. Marking time is a good time to listen to quilting podcasts, it's pretty mindless and I don't feel like I'm wasting time for marking, or for listening. Just a suggestion! I adore your enthusiasm as more and more people are making several of this quilt. I'm thinking about making a half one too, maybe making it a baby size at the end. Can't wait to see your progress! How's that ruler working out for you?

  10. Thanks for your comments on my Easy Street! I just love Bonnie's quilts :) I also love your blog!! Happy Holidays!!

  11. I just loved reading your Blog postings this a.m. Nice to meet you! I can't imagine making three Easy Street quilts, but I'm anxious to see how you do with these projects. I also love hearing about the quilt in the care home where you Mother lives! It's beautiful, and I'm sure you brightened your new friends day! Thank you for sharing!:o)

  12. Wow...THREE Easy Streets? Can't wait to see the progress! Thanks for sharing that sweet story about your new quilting friend!

  13. I had two of the easy angle and one of the companion, but last month when I was cleaning I said to myself why do I have two of these and I put one in the giveaway box for my guild. Last Friday when I went looking for the rulers to start my FG, I realized I put the companion angle ruler in the box! Arrgh. Fortunately, JoAn's had a 1/2 off coupon and I got it back. Someone must have need my first companion angle quilt. On your new friend - how sweet - you made her day.

  14. Oooh, I'm loving your 4-patches made with Jo Morton's fabrics. You just HAVE to finish that one so I can see how it turns out. :) Funny story, I have a friend named Jo Morton, but she's not the fabric designer. It still makes me smile every time I see some fabric with Jo's name on the selvage though. Yes, I'm easily amused LOL.

  15. You have a gorgeous collection of purples there and it sounds like a good opportunity to compare, first hand, the different methods of doing geese and see which is more accurate. Congrats on the new friend - sounds like she really enjoyed your visit.

  16. I love the story about the lady and the quilt, very touching. I also very much like your countdown to Christmas from WiddlyTinks.

  17. Oh Lynn, you had me almost in tears (of joy) after reading about your "new friend" and her quilt! I love that! So glad you walked back and spent time with her.

    I don't know you and I hope I don't offend you by saying this..........but.........ARE YOU CRAZY DOING THIS QUILT 3 times.?!?!?! LOL!! But I am looking forward to seeing ALL 3!!!!! Have fun!

  18. How sweet of you to stop and ask about the quilt! I bet you made her day. Glad your friend rescued you by having the rulers for the geese. Now I'm going to check out that link in FL.

  19. I had to order my rulers from Australia (I'm in New Zealand)and the postage was more than the rulers, but it has been so worth it. I love them and wouldn't muck around with other ways of making these FG. I'm glad you got your own now too.

  20. Thanks for leaving a comment on my Easy Street blog post. You are very ambitious to be making three versions of this quilt ~ I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. What a beautiful story of meeting a new quilting friend at your mom's assisted living home. It's a great reminder to listen to the small, still voice that sometimes nudges us to go outside our comfort zone. Too bad I don't live in Florida...from what I've seen on your blog, I would love to be a customer at your store :)

  21. I like the second version of colours you have chosen for your #2 Easy street, wonder what others are in that mix??
    I too made my geese with out the rulers as they arrived 2 days later.
    I have just finished up with the trimming than heaven and looking forward to step 3. Thanks for the comment on the almond bread. I am off to share with some of my guild friends this evening. HAve hidden the rest.

  22. What a wonderful story of that quilt!

    I'm impressed you are making 3 Easy Streets, but I understand the obsession. When I started I intended making only a half-quantity, but now I'm going for the full thing! I've never joined in one of Bonnie's mysteries before, just watched from the sidelines, but I'm really glad I jumped in this time. It is a wonderful experience, and fantastic to visit quilters' blogs all around the world. I'll look forward to watching all three of your quilts in progress.

  23. Thats was a really nice idea to help your friends that need dont have blogs and want to show off their work also.

  24. That was great that you stopped in to talk to her about her quilt. You made her day. I love that quilt.

  25. HUH?!?!??!

    It never really occurred to me to make a SECOND "Easy Street"....
    *looking at her blog page with that Deer-In-The-Headlight-Look*

    Hmmmmm..... food for thought, eh?

    Now, I just need to figure out what my 4 or 5 favorite colors are... all put together! LOL

    Hmmmm... and Christmas is coming and I have TONS of projects to finish, some to start up, even and finish... all for the 24th! Yikes!
    *slaps her head*

    BRAIN - STOP thinking about a 2nd Easy Street!!!!


    Love your blog, BTW!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  26. Oh Good Grief - You're making THREE of these!??!??!

    You'll have to forgive me. I only woke up 45 minutes ago and I'm still not quite awake. :-)

    And sorry, but even my brain didn't jump this time. He says three is really waaaay off our radar. Two perhaps... not three.


    Good luck with them!

    Rosa (once again)

  27. Lynn, your new friend's quilt really is fabulous. I love that it was made from real scraps! I also like your fabric choices in the photos you share of your Easy Street blocks.
    Nancy from joy for grace

  28. Nice story. I find I almost never regret taking an action to talk to someone instead of just walking on by.

  29. Your a brave soul! But I confess, I have no room to speak! I have 3 quilts in progress my own self! So many quilts, so little time! Glad you made a new friend! I envy you...wish I had a close friend to quilt with!

  30. "Sacred Rulers!" I love it! Thank you for that heartwarming story... quilts really do connect the generations, don't they? Best of luck with you three Easy Street quilts!

  31. wow! Looking forward to following your progress.....

  32. I have so enjoyed checking out your blog...such fun. Thank you for the comments you left on my blog a couple of days ago. On to Clue #3! :) :)

  33. Thank you for your kind comment on my wee blog. I just love your story of the quilt and your new friend! It brought tears to my eyes! My mother in law is in an advanced alzheimers ward now. Your kindness in visiting with this lady will bighten her world for days! I just love her scrappy quilt! I can't believe you are making 3 Easy Streets! Wowzers! Can't wait to see how they progress!

  34. You are so funny! The antique quilt is gorgeous. I thought I was mad making two Easy Streets, but three? Where's the straight jacket?

  35. I have so enjoyed reading this post. Three Easy Street quilts! Wow. Beautiful antique quilt.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Have a nice weekend.

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are brave to tackle 3 mystery quilts! Funny that your friend had two sets of Easy rulers.


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