Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flap Those Wings....It's For the Birds...Blog Hop

It's my day to Flap my Wings!
I had soooooooo many ideas for this blog hop that my little bird brain just about

Do I talk about my obsession with Flamingos?
I LOVE this fabric designed by Kathy Brown!

I wasn't even thinking about Flamingos...
until our Head Cheerleader for this hop...
started talking about her love of the
big PINK bird.

I'm a sucker for anything Flamingo!

My wonderful friends keep me flocked with Flamingos!

This Pink Cadillac fabric drove into the shop last week
and the Flamingos went nuts!!!
These are but a sampling of the 'flock'
(perhaps they need their own story one day)

I bet you think I made something with Flamingos, right?


I told you...I had a LOT of ideas when
announced this blog hop.

My first thought...
this pattern from Indygo Junction...
Not owls...but aren't they a hoot?
I ordered the pattern. 

While waiting for delivery...the next idea brewed....
to the sketch pad I went...
thinking about those cute birds...
and our cats...
I wasn't thrilled about my choice of background...
the cat head pops...but the bird gets a little lost.
Still in progress I'm afraid....
I guess we're all allowed a little flop when we hop...
now and then.

The bird pattern arrived...but so did this really fun book...
From C&T Publications by
"Piece O Cake Designs"
it's actually a coloring book with black and white drawings
by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.

Too Cute!

A couple more ideas were born
and joined the cat...
(I'm so easily sidetracked...
do you think I have Adult ADD?)

At least these were finished....

For my Mom....
The bird was supposed to sit on the cat's head...lol.
But she didn't want to...and I promised she could be in the hop!
I think she looks really sweet on the flowers I found in the book.

My quilting "Sista" Deanna lives in Idaho.
She is all about chickens.
The book had a chicken!
This one's for YOU Deanna!
Do you like the the little 'arty' turquoise corner?
Kinda cool huh?
It was an 'inspiration'.....
I could say it's the twinkling stars...
that still shine in the early morning hours...
when Deanna gets up with the chickens...
but now I'll confess....
On the way home after work...don't ask me how I did it...
but I spilled my coffee...ON the corner.
The appliques were only ironed on...
I hadn't stitched them down yet....
but it was on my "TO DO" list that night....
Inspiration born from
the Mother Hen of Invention...
Cluck Cluck!
I peeled back the applique...cut off the corner...
added the new fabric...voila!

I'll be sending this soon to Deanna...along with this really cute little tote
I found back in February at our local guild retreat
in the quilt sale room...made by my friend April.

but the Flamingos....
they're staying home with me.

As for the little stuffed bird....
I could say it flew away...
or the cats ate it...
but the truth is it's still in bits and pieces...
at the quilt shop...
where I'm not.
Maybe we'll see it down the line...
surrounded by 'flowers'...

or popping out of a 'bag'...

You'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Thanks again Mary for being
Mdm Samm's Right Wing
You've done a wonderful job
organizing us bird brains!
 Don't forget to visit Mdm Samm's at
for a chance at some really great prizes!

Time to Fly-On!
Other great Nests to Visit today
Tuesday, May 14th:

(you're here)

Sweet Tweets Everyone!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Yikes...I almost forgot...
Since we're talking about 'birds'...
Thank you Mdm Samm for the shout out about the
Chicken Fabrics
(ok...You Dear Samm called them "Lucky Ducks"...perhaps you hadn't had your coffee when you posted...we forgive you...lol)
The "ducks" have just about left the "Hen house"
but I have 4 fat quarter bundles left.
The cost is $20 and includes shipping
(U.S. Addresses....more $ if they need a passport)
Leave a comment below if you're interested and I'll get back to you.
I will invoice thru PayPal if that works for you.


  1. I love all your birdie projects! They are all wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cute ... cute ... cute. I love the way that you added the corner of turquoise when you coffee dyed the chicken wire fabric in the corner. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  3. I have enjoyed reading your post and you have certainly put a smile on my face today with all your birds. My favorite is the one with the little bird sitting on the flowers.
    Thanks for being part of this hop and sharing your creativity

  4. Lovely job. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  5. Very fun post, Lynn. Love all your birdie things. Still want to see the one that got away if you get it finished.

  6. Yes, confirmed: you are an adult with ADD. I know because that's me! But that's how you can get so much done. You did an awesome job and seeing so many pictures exhausted me (but I'm smiling!!) Clever, funny, and the flamingos? I want more (I have a set of yard flamingos in the back that I can see next to my bird feeder). You gave me a happy boost so early in the morning with all your fabulous creations! Thanks!

    1. I agree with you debbie I love all the birds and I am smiling too.

  7. You are definitely a quick thinker on your feet. Love that turquoise corner1 Your bird pieces are fabulous!

  8. Wow so many projects, and they're all fabulous! Don't feel badly about having adult ADD...I have it too!

  9. Love your projects and your recipients will be thrilled! Love the bird brain cat the best!

  10. Oh you are so creative and funny! I love your inspiration from desperation artsy save. I always find that goofs are the best way to stretch the creative process in order to make something work and it always seems to be what people love the most about the finished piece.
    All your creations are great and I love your flamingos they are fun too.

  11. Love your post...you keep me laughing. Love your pieces too.

  12. Absolutely amazeing projects. Love them all. You are vey taletned and creative

  13. love all your projects. esp the cat with bird on its head.

  14. I love all these projects and look forward to seeing your stuffed bird :) so glad you shared today!!

  15. have I told you lately? I haven't well here it comes..YOU make ME SMILE from ear to ear...I can always count on you to bring your best game to the party...this time along with your flamingos which are pretty outstanding your bird projects are well shall we say so YOU and I love them...
    oh yes it is chicken fabric and duckies , and yes before my coffee...but you know how much I love this fabric...love it love it...

  16. Love the chickens...they always take me home as a child. Flamingos are very fun. Nice jib!

  17. :D what a fun visit to your 'aviary' this morning! :D
    Nice job on all of your projects!!!

  18. Wow, you have been a busy girl, Lynn. Such cute projects. Necessity is the mother of invention but that sky fabric adds such a pop of color to the chickens. We would have never known WHY! THX for sharing today. It helps to know the pattern sources of your inspiration.

  19. Loved all your super cute creations!! Those birds are adorable!!

  20. Your designs are adorable. I love the bird you are giving your Mom. So cheerful.

    Blessings always

  21. love your post and love your bird projects wonderful very creative.

  22. Your birdie projects are just too cute...I love the designs and colors! I think I have Adult ADD along with you. I always have 50 ideas that I'm sure I need to make, but I run out of time (or energy) to get them all done. I like the idea of just rolling them over to the next hop. LOL! P.S. "Lucky Duck" fabric arrived safely.


  24. Great job an all of them...even if some are still in progress!

  25. What a set of fun projects! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Loved all your wonderful projects. I'll keep my eye open for your little bird, to see where she pops up next.

  27. I really enjoyed seeing all your projects. The cat with the bird on its head reminds me of my cat so loved that one right away. ALl your other birds are great too and I love all those bright colors. (I don't use them often enough). I really liked your mistake corner. Before you said how that happened, I thought I would like to do that too. It was really pretty. SOmetimes these good ideas come from desperation.

  28. That is just the cutest post that you have ever done and the fact that I inspired the Chicken is fabulous!!! I love her!!! She is just the cutest thing ever!!!! I loved all of your other projects and I know that Mom Blanche is going to love her quilt!!! Sew Very Tweet!!! XOXOXO Deanna

  29. Oh my, those are the cutest birds!! I love your infectious flamingo love!!

  30. I love all of your many bird projects. Beaautiful!

  31. Wonderful work!!! I love the bright and cheery colors and I really like your quick fix to the coffee spill. It looks like it belongs there.

  32. Love your projects. Great fabrics and terrific designs. Congrats on being one of the chosen.

    If you still have the fat qtr bundle available, let me know!

  33. 1st Congrats on making top 2 with your cat & bird piece. You blog is nice & bright but also includes great pictures and storyline. Thank You for sharing all your lovely birds with us. They sure bring out a smile.


  34. Love your projects!!!!
    Great job! also love the design decision wiht the artys corner:) We gotta do what we gotta do:) ha ha!

  35. Oh Lynn, Love your work! and top two, way to go girl! and you know I love your fabric, especially because it is NOT ducks!

  36. You are definitely a woman after my own heart!@ Do love those flamingos!! You did a fabulous job with all your bird projects! Love them. Thank you so much for being part of this hop.

  37. omg...you are sooo cute :) I loved reading your post and of course I loved your projects. I so love whimsical patterns and now I want those books. Thank you so much for your post! I feel happier just reading it :)

  38. I love how you did your chicken one, and I don't think the bird on the cats head gets lost, it looks good.

  39. Wow, I want to be a bird in your house!! What fun little guys you have, and for me, I do LOVE the kitty with the bird on his head, the background is just perfect! Congrats on pick of the day...well deserved!

  40. What a post! So entertaining and fun to read, lovely pictures of super projects, thanks for showing and sharing!

  41. What fun you had! I love all your projects - especially the chicken!
    Thank you for sharing!

  42. I love your sense of humor and your projects. Congrats on a top pick, and it isn't finished? Wow!

  43. All of your projects are just adorable! I love the creative blue corner! Everything you did was cute!

  44. What wonderful projects, You did such a lovely job with all.

  45. Wonderful project, love them all!

  46. All just fabulous projects! I think I have ADD, too. That's so we can get so much done!

  47. Love all of your projects ... so very colorful. Nice save on the chicken quilt.

  48. Awesome is a good word for all of your wonderful projects......

  49. Always look forward to your fun posts - thanks. Lots of wonderful projects but I loved the chicken one for your sis. It's really nice to hear about "creative mistakes!"

  50. Hi!!! Wow!!! What fun!!!! All your little and bigger birds and chickens are wonderful!!! I love them all!!!! You can tell you really had fun!!!!

  51. Way fun projects! Love the chicken and your artsy intervention. Very clever.....

  52. I love all the bird projects. wow you did accomplish a lot and I do love the way you took care of the coffee stain. I am not sure if I am a no-reply blogger, (I hope not) my email is dianeswett7441@msn.com.

  53. What a wonderful view into your bird land. It is so bright and colorful and fun. Sew cheerful. Love the cat with the bird catching a ride.


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