Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New FO Challenge - April

Where the heck did April go?
They say time flies when you're having fun....
If that's the case...
then I must have had a blast!
It was nice to have a month without
no middle of the night phone calls...
no hospital visits...
I'll gladly take another month like that!

We are busy busy getting ready for a Quilt Show this weekend...
one more day to get it 'all together'
of course I could really use another 'week'...
but it will all work out...
We're really looking forward to visit with some
of our out of town quilting friends!

it's time to link up with
Smitty and Barbara from
Cat Patches
(did I just give that fun furry feline top billing?
Well whadaya know...I sure did...
KiDee influence for sure! MeOw)

Here's a quick (oops, when have I EVER been quick?)
Let's start again...
And now for a wrap up of  April FO projects started
(some even finished)
where oh where to begin...

First of April I participated in a Covert Robin
handmade gift exchange...
made and sent this to my
secret robin friend...

Next up I got really excited to join the fun
with  Scrap Basket Sunday
and made....
just one so far.
I LOVE this block and had such high hopes
to play with my scraps and finally make blocks
for this quilt that I have loved since the book came out.
One Block.
At this rate...I'll have a quilt in 2015...
if I'm lucky.

The April Showers Blog Hop
resulted in these two Mug Rugs

I had soooo much fun creating those.
Can you tell?

Then came the
Spring Fling Blog Hop
and my 10" block foundation pieced offering

The "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop
ended up my month...
and I have to admit I think this little guy girl
is my favorite finished thing for April.
(check my previous post...this little mouse has quite a wardrobe!)

I finally started a quilt with
"The Googlies"
an oh so cute panel
from Benartex Fabrics.
It's in the 'binding' stage now...
but here's a pic in progress from a couple days ago.

Another panel I've been wanting to play with....
by Amy Bradley for Timeless Treasures...
I'm REALLY excited about this one!
I have finally come up with a pattern to adapt
with 'panels' like this.
Nice to know I will have at least ONE
started/finish for the next New FO!

oh wait...

make that two...
Just started this Monday
(which was still technically April - lol)
New Riley Blake fabrics!
Not the most exciting picture I give you that...
but OH how I LOVE what it's turning into!

Be sure to bee-bop on over to the
Linky Party @ Cat Patches
and see
Who has been starting What!

Florida Friends in the Gainesville area...
Tree City Quilters Show
Saturday and Sunday
May 4th & 5th
Hope to See You There!

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Oh my gosh. Your projects are absolutely precious. Love the galoshes and the kitty and the mouse and everything!

  2. Wow, I can't believe how many great projects you started! That pink and orange block ir really cool and I really love the mug rugs! Way to go.


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