Monday, May 6, 2013

MeOwZa MoNDay - Winners - Bird Watch

Welcome to another riveting
Mom and Dad "Mouse" are
re-cooping from a weekend quilt show...
where they 'say' they worked really hard...
but came home with
"other KiDee scents"
on their clothes!

We found this picture on Mom's phone....

We want their names and 'chip' #s!

In fact...until we find out just exactly who they were
two-timing us with...
us 'indoor' KiDees are going on strike!

Since that Midnite seems to have her nose out of joint...
I'm happy to announce the winners of the
April Showers Blog Hop and
Blog-A-Versary post.
If you see you name below...
be sure to email us with your
snail mail address
(our Mom won't let us write emails yet...
we're still in the learning computer skills stage)

Winner of the April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop

Winners of the Blog-A-Versary Party:

Congrats to All!

Meanwhile...I'm on "birdy watch" 
out here on the fence post...
we have heard that there will be some
sweet "Tweets"
passing by soon...
starting Tuesday May 7th.
Hosted by
!Sew We Quilt!
and head bird
I Piece 2 - Mary
just think of ALL those BIRDS!
KiDee Paradise!

Have a MeOwVah-lous week!


  1. OH BOY....OH BOY! I'm one of the lucky winners! I just sent you my address and want to thank you for the giveaway and for the fun posts! Thanks so very much!

  2. Congratualtions to all the winners. And thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.


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