Monday, May 27, 2013

Say it With Flowers Blog Hop - Day One

It's the first day of
and I am so thrilled to be among the first
to welcome you to this fabulous 
Flower Show!
I love the sweet scent of our Jasmine
Our Azaleas earlier this spring
This teeny little flower tells us a cucumber is coming soon
Thank you(s)
going out to...
who is no wall flower when it comes
to leading the Cheers!
Be sure to visit her frequently for the latest
bloomin' blog hop news!


a special HUG for you my dear...
the theme for this blog hop truly challenged me
to reach into my soul,
and inspired me to create something
very near and dear to my
Remember, the dear Madam also shows you
the great sponsor prizes...
prizes you might win
if you leave a comment on her page!

Before I show you what I did just for this hop...
(you know how I like to 'build up' to the grande finale)
I have to tell you, I really didn't think I was much
of a 'flower girl'
I thought I would show you a few
flowery things from my past...
(you might wanna fix yourself a cuppa something...
put your feet up...I got a little carried away)

I couldn't believe all  I've actually done
with flowers in mind...

My Mom loves flowers and I love my Mom, so....
One of the first of many little diddies for her wall.

This was a challenge in one of my FB groups
We had to use a word or a name...
had to include a hexagon and beads...
had to be framed with a hoop.

Mom loves PINK flowers
so the Spouse and I hung these outside her window
Yes...they are not
but the plus one has to water them.

I made her a little bouquet for her room

Hung these on her wall for Mother's Day
Mom always likes whatever I make her
(I think that is a requirement for being a mom)
But she really loves the tulips!

For Christmas I knit one of those lacey scarfy things...
(and I do not knit unless it's on giant needles)
since scarves aren't her thing...I turned it into a...
well...I guess a necklace...
and added a crocheted Flower!
That's Love!

Now for a few of my own flowery things....
I just fell in love with that foundation pieced potted flower mini.
I loved it so much...
I had to create another from my own head...
This was really made for Mom...
but shhh...don't tell...I'm still enjoying it.

I fell in love with "Jalousie" designed by
Alethea Ballard from her book
Maverick Quilts...
a most excellent use of large floral fabric

This is a little pincushion happened
when I had actually set out to make a 'pin'
I was also working on another pincushion at the same time..
(you do remember I admitted to being a bit ADD, right?)
I had made the little
'ball' too small...or too 'big'...I can't remember...
anyways...the 'ball' rolled over to the 'pin' I was also working on...
and it was love at first sight...
my favorite little flower pincushion was born.

Last month I participated in Whims and Fancies Spring Fling Blog Hop
and made this 10" foundation pieced block.
Inspired by our cat Marvin...
and a touching flower story...
feel free to make this block...
you can find the PDF download here

One last pic before the
Big Reveal
What could be better than...
working with flower fabric...
a kitten
while multitasking at the computer!

Now for the project you really came to see...
From the moment I heard the theme
"Say It With Flowers"
I knew what I HAD to do....
You see...
our dear little girl
was "Maggie" to her friends...
but her given name was really
Magnolia Blossom.
I have always wanted to make
special 'memory' quilts of our little furry ones
who touched our lives and our hearts...
but time passes and the quilts never seem to get
on the priority list...
Until now...

I am beyond pleased.
I am ecstatic!

I worked from pictures...the one below was taken only a few days before she passed on January 23rd of this year.

 I have never attempted anything like this before.

This picture was from last Christmas

I'm no artist...but I don't think my drawing is half bad.
I tweeked it a bit after this original sketch,
but forgot to take a picture of that.
Then I surfed the web to find some Magnolia images...
and combined the two just for an idea.

My flowers are not spot on...
but I still love them.

I still need to add some highlights to her eyes...
I used a blue Pilot Frixion erasable gel pen to write her name...
hand embroidered it with #5 Perle Cotton.
(fyi...if you are not familiar with the Frixion pens...they disappear once heat is applied...
however I was a bit disappointed 
because the blue ink did vanish...
 BUT .... left a white line in can't see it here and once quilted 
I don't think it will be noticeable...
but still....)

My original plan was to make this a simple small wallhanging.
I am probably going to stick to that plan...
and finish with another thin border of purple and then bind it with...
hmmm...not sure.
But I've put my heart and soul into this...
so I've decided to
live with her awhile
before I make the final decision.
I am sure in time...she'll speak to me.
And I will know.

Flowers can really say so much...
this lone little rose was waiting for me
to snap its picture.
Last week the bush was in full bloom.
It marks the 'resting spot'
of our sweet girl...
and was given to us by a dear friend
just for that purpose.

For those of you who have visited before...
I know you are used to giggles and whimsy from me.
I won't disappoint you...
I'll leave you laughing
(yes...I found one more flowery thing to share)
but I hope you've enjoyed the more
serious me
It doesn't happen too often...
but I'm sure glad it did this time....
I just LOVE my girl
oh yeh...and the flowers too!

Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy the hop...
Don't forget to take time to stop and smell the flowers
at all the awesome bloggers today...
and everyday until the hop ends on June 4th
The schedule is listed below

Now one last pic...
This hangs on the bathroom door
in our classroom...
Inspired by our little diva, Midnite.
A flower covered litter box...
surely you wouldn't expect anything
different from me, now would you?

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<

Today ~ May 27th

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st

June 3rd

June 4th


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    Thanks for sharing.
    regards InGa.

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    You are an amazingly creative busy bee!


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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Flower Power Rules!
    Gmama Jane

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    Greatings from Germany !

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    Your blog is always a delight to read!

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