Sunday, June 1, 2014

Skinny Sunday - Cool as a Cucumber

Welcome to another Skinny Sunday.

Sunday is our day to splurge and have breakfast out...
or more likely it's brunch by the time we get moving.
When the evening rolls around...
we're not super hungry...
but enjoy a light snack.

It's getting hotter and hotter...who wants to cook?
This is one of our favorite quick Sunday night cool bites.

Little Cucumber Sandwiches!

The platter you see is about 14" round...
Serving for Two...
If you are extra hungry...
you could eat the whole plate
and it would only cost you 4pp!

To prepare:
Wash and slice a large cucumber...
peel on...peel's up to you...
my slices are about 1/4" thick.
Arrange slices on platter.

Next we add the 'meat'.
Ok...I'm not a huge fan of processed lunch meats...
however they are quick...
I'm all about quick!
Hillshire Farms is our favorite.
Ultra Thin!
2 oz of these are only 1pp!

(Be sure to check the nutritional info tho...
other Hillshire Ultra thin hams..
such as the honey ham or brown sugar ham are 2pp for 2oz)

Divide 4oz of turkey or ham or go wild and use both...
place on cucumber slices.

have a laugh....Moo!
2 Wedges of the "Light" Creamy Swiss is only 1pp!
Divide 4 wedges evenly over your cukes/meat.

Add a little seasoning if you desire...

This would be a great little dish to bring to a picnic!

Speaking of Picnics...
(notice how I snuck that little segue in

Did you know there is
A Perfect Picnic Blog Hop
about to start?

Be sure to come back on Monday, June 2nd...
when the fun begins!

Hosted by Madame Samm from
and the
Princess of Picnics - our Cheerleader
get your picnic basket ready...
you're all invited!

Here is the full schedule:

Monday June 2

Tuesday June 3

Wednesday June 4

Thursday June 5

Friday June 6

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  1. What a cool idea for days when the nibble monster strikes! Thank you for posting this ... I'll definitely be using this "recipe" during the summer.


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