Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wicked Little Peek...Eeeek!

Soma from "Whims And Fancies" is hosting a Halloween Blog Hop starting Oct.1st.
Every day for the month of October you'll be able to hop to a different blog on the list and grab a Halloween themed foundation pieced pattern designed JUST for this hop!  I hear there will be weekly prizes too! 
Can you say Trick or Treat? 
This will be my first time presenting my own free pattern for you to download and stitch. I thought this would be "wicked" easy - I design pp patterns for myself all the time. And I know how to make a PDF file. Then I realized I had not the first clue how to share the pattern with YOU.
Thanks to my awesome FB friend, author and fellow quilter... "Forest Jane"...that problem was solved when she shared her "PDF prepping and saving and posting" expertise with me! Thanks Jane!
I just finished my block last night and breathed a sigh of relief - my file worked - the size is right - it's really CUTE....alas I can't show it to you until my "day" which is Oct.23 (wow-that's my b'day as well...coincidence? I think not..haha)....BUT I can show you just a peek...
Here are my fabs and one little section of the pattern....did I mention it's CUTE? I can't wait to add some embellishments to the finished design. I think I'll turn my 10" block into a little wallhanging for my Mom.
I can't wait see what everyone else has designed.

Do you like to foundation piece? If you answer yes...then please leave a comment below and also include your 'guess' as to what you think my block will be. You can comment (just once please) until midnight Oct. 15th.  I'll let Mr.Random do his thing and pick one lucky winner on the 16th.  To that winner I will send a little packet of the fabrics I used  (same as the ones in the pic above) ~ just enough bits and pieces to make my 10" block...  (the pattern will not be included - the winner will have to print it out when it posts on the 23rd).'s time to feed our 'wicked' kids... 
(could that be a hint? maybe yes...maybe no)

Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. A kitty cat! You will need to remind me. Anna's fav holiday is Halloween also and she wants a Halloween quilt, so maybe......

    Mary Ann

  2. I'm guessin' it's gonna be a Halloween Kitty! thanks for the fun!!

  3. A spooky little kitty is what I see in my crystal ball.

  4. I think it is a cat and a pumpkin

  5. I can't wait to see the block itself, having seen the pdf. ;)

    And you're quite welcome! Always glad to share the expertise, it's a lot more fun learning from a friend.

  6. I too think this will be a wicked kitty.
    Just found your blog thanks to Stichin by the Lake's link to your cord holder - which I will be making.
    I had so much fun getting caught up on all of your posts. looking forward to new ones. Have fun at the quiltfest.
    Oh yeah have to thank stitch-n-frame for link to the Lake that got me to you.

  7. MMMM..... think it is a black cat with a wicked way about her!!!! I love to PP and am kinda surprised that I do lol. No usually fond of small pieces but it makes my points turn out awesome!!!! :-) and ((gentle hugs for your momma))

  8. Hehehe think it is a wicked little black cat that loves Halloween!!! ((gentle hugs to you and your momma))

  9. It has to be a cat..The picture of your cat gives it away!

  10. It has to be a cat.. your picture of your kitty gives it away!


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