Tuesday, September 11, 2012

With Needle and Thread ~ Update

One week ago Monday, Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter challenged us to log in one hour a day of  "needle & thread" time
 - whether it be handquilting, handpiecing, applique....you get the idea...anything done with just needle & thread.
I took the challenge and posted a pic of my UFO "hand work" project box here. I had such "high hopes.... she had high hopes ....she had high apple pie in the skyyyy hopes
(yikes - now THAT tune will be in my head for awhile).

Well....I did get a few hours in. Actually 5hrs + 10 minutes in.
Finished the binding on my Mom's little wall hanging...yey!
I love mini quilts - they're so easy to 'hang' when you add in little corner "pockets" as you attach your binding.

But those pincushions? *sigh* Those pincushions....still don't look like pincushions...
And only got to "3" of them (still haven't counted how many I have cut out...I don't think I wanna know).
On the bright side....my sweet hubby (aka The Spouse)...snuck this quick little quilt on his longarm for me...
I attached the binding when it was quilted and with "needle & thread" I finished the binding while watching the Jaguars play on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes a simple little panel just needs to be quilted and bound...this one is called "Tool Time" from Northcott Fabrics.
Of course the quilt was NOT in my little project box last week...but I'm still counting it! And there is another little 'panel' wall hanging I've been finishing the binding on...that will count towards my 7 hours THIS week. [Hmmm....wonder if I still 'owe' 1hr and 50 minutes from LAST week? At this rate, by Christmas I will owe more than I've stitched - LOL]

All in all....I AM really enjoying keeping track of my handwork time...it's made me do a 'few more stitches' some nights when I would have normally done something not as exciting...like gone to sleep.
 With our big quilt show in just 10 days....I think I better make up that "lost" time from last week....besides, sleep is soooooo overrated (unless you're a cat) ...and there are those 'pincushions' waiting on me....."high hopes"...lalalala

Happy Stitches!
Lynn ~ The Thimblemouse >"<


  1. Ack! Sleep is not overrated! :) I've gotten zero stitchin' done. I'm not sure I even crossed the threshold of my sewing room. Sigh. Looking forward to QF with you both!

  2. Looks like you're getting lots of things done...or at least started!
    And with the big show looming, too!
    (love that Flying Pie!!!)

  3. Whoops there goes another rubber tree....lalala! Heehee! Love this post, and your mini is so cute! I LOVE sitting doing handwork while the football is on (keeping track of my fantasy players, doncha know?!).

  4. I think you have done great this week and I think that the idea to put the little corners on with the binding for hanging ease is absolutely inspired!

    Found you through Bonnie's linky.


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